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Professional End of Lease Cleaning Adelaide

We will beat any written quote


Do you want to have a stress free day during your end of lease inspection? Want to get your bond money back and have a stress free day? Have you ever Experienced with bad bond cleaners, who do a terrible job and you end up paying extra to your property managers to finish your bond clean? Reducing your bond even further.


We at Bond Cleaning in Adelaide make sure that you get an unmatched end of lease Cleaning service in Adelaide, we give 100% bond return guarantee that almost 95% of all other cleaning companies don't provide!


We have been in the bond cleaning industry for numerous years and are part of a company that operates Nationwide! All our cleaners are highly experienced, with some having over 5 years experience with end of lease Cleaning in Adelaide! Book your bond cleaning with us today and then sit back and relax for a stress free inspection.

Our Services

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    Bond Cleaning Adelaide

    Experienced Bond Cleaners in Adelaide, providing unrivaled bond cleaning services to all our customers. Highly experienced team available 24/7 for all your cleaning needs. Affordable bond cleaning services starting from just $40. Don’t wait, book your end of lease cleaning today and experience the services of professionals who love what they do and make sure that you are always 100% satisfied with all our services.

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  • smal-oven-cleaning

    Oven & BBQ Cleaning

    Are you vacating a property and want to make your oven look as good as new? Returning in to it’s original immaculate conditions? We provide unrivaled oven cleaning services, making sure that your oven and BBQ looks as good as new! We leave your oven sparkly clean making sure that it

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  • smal-office-cleaning

    Office Cleaning Adelaide

    We have devised new and improved cleaning techniques ensuring that your office is free from contaminants providing a healthy work environment, which return in good staff productivity. We use non toxic, safe and effective cleaning products. All our staff is Police checked, Insured and have numerous years of experience in the cleaning industry. at Bond Cleaning in Adelaide, we give 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for all our cleans!

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  • smal-spring-cleaning

    Spring Cleaning

    Our highly efficient staff is available 24/7 to provide an immaculate cleaning services that is not only affordable but provides quality value for your money. Our Cleaners are fully insured and police checked so that you can have a peaceful mind. All our cleaners are trained professionals who love what they do. So don’t wait, book your Spring cleaning services with Bond Cleaning in Adelaide and remove all the stains, dirt and grime built in to your house, making it look and smell as good as new.

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  • Just dropping a review to say how great the cleaning job was! Had no issues with the people who cleaned, and they were done with the job right on time!

    Karly Stuart -
  • Had no problems with this place!  Will definitely get them to clean for me again!

    Olivia Watson -


?Q. How much does it cost to do a bond cleaning in Adelaide?
Giving a proper quote for a bond cleaning is really hard. Usually on average we charge $280 for a normal 2 bed 1 bath unit, or $400 for a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom unit. We usually give quotes on hourly basis, we know that everyone's requirements are different. Just give us a call or send an enquiry to know more.
?Q. How to Book a Bond Cleaning?
Booking a bond cleaning is easy, you can either book online by sending an enquiry via "Request a Free Quote" or directly give us a call at 1300 599 644.
?Q. Is there a need for me to be at the property during the bond clean?
It's all up to you, most of the time our clients just leave the property open. Once our cleaners are about to finish, they will give you a call in case you want to see the new condition of the property.
?Q. Should i leave the electricity on in the property?
We do require access to electricity and hot water for the bond clean. However, we can still do the work by getting our own generators which can result in additional charges.
?Q. Do you guarantee your bond cleans?
At BondCleaningAdelaide, we guarantee all our bond cleans, if you property manager is not happy with the clean(Which doesn't happen 95% of the time), then our cleaners will re-visit the property again and rectify all the issues as soon as possible.
?Q. Should i leave my property empty while a bond clean?
It is recommended that you move all your furniture out of the property before the bond cleaners reach the property. Unless the property is furnished, in which case you can just leave it as it is.
?Q. Do you offer any other Services except Bond Cleaning?
Yes we do! We offer Oven and BBQ cleaning services, Commercial and office cleaning, spring cleaning services & carpet cleaning. Just give us a call and book today.
?Q. Do you contact my Property Manager or Landlord?
We usually don't contact your property manager or landlord, but if you require, then we can handle the inspection for you as well.
?Q. Do you use your own Cleaning Checklist?
We have worked with all the major Real Estate companies all around Australia, so we are quite familiar with their requirements. Our cleaning checklist is fairly simple, for a bond clean we clean everything inside the property! Not leaving a single spec of dust behind. If you want to check out our complete cleaning checklist then please visit our bond cleaning page.
?Q. What is the right time to book an end of lease cleaning?
It is recommended that you book in at least 7-10 days in advance. But if it is something urgent, then even that is not a problem! We have over 6 teams working with us, with our cleaners available 24/7.
?Q. How long does it take for a bond cleaning?
It's really hard to give a proper quote for a bond cleaning without checking the property. On average it can take anywhere between 8-10 hrs to clean a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house/unit. For a small 1 bedroom 1 bathroom unit it can take anywhere between 4-6 hrs on average.
?Q. Do you clean windows in a bond clean?
Yes we do, we at Bond Cleaning Adelaide clean windows from inside and outside. For the windows that are not reachable, as long as they are removable, they will be done professionally, without any streaks left.
?Q. Is it possible to assist your cleaners in order to save money?
Yes of course, if you wish to save money and do the cleaning yourself and require professionals just for a final touch up, then give us a call. For a price of $45/hr, you can save lots on a bond clean.
?Q. In which suburbs do you provide your services in Adelaide?
Currently We provide our services throughout Adelaide. Just give us a call and book your bond cleaning today!

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