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Best Home Organising And Cleaning Tips For Pet Lovers

Best Home Organising And Cleaning Tips For Pet Lovers
  • Jessica Williams
  • Jun 05 2018
Are you a pet lover? Do you have a pup at your house? Well, having a pet at home means messy rooms, dirty carpets, upholstery and clothing. It becomes quite challenging to keep the house clean and organised when your pet is wandering all around the house. From getting rid of pet urine from carpets to removing hair dandles, you have to manage everything to maintain the cleanliness of your house.

To ensure clean and hygienic environment inside your house, you should keep yourself updated with latest cleaning techniques, especially if you have pets. In case, you are moving out from your leased property; then you should hire an experienced end of lease cleaning company in Adelaide. They have the right tools and methods to deal with pet hairs, smelly carpets, dirty upholstery and other areas of your house with ease.

But if you want to perform DIY cleaning, then the following tips will assist you to a great extent:

1. Keep Basic Cleaning Tools Handy

When you have pets at a house, you have to keep the cleaning aspect of your home on the top of your list. Keep all the basic cleaning tools handy to get rid of pet hairs, dust from your floors, carpets or furniture. Place an old towel or cloth along with a small bowl in area where the pet sits.

This makes it super easy for you to clean the pet hair and other mess in seconds. Always keep your vacuum cleaner with high suction power, floor cleaning solution, mop and other cleaning products at one place if you have pets.

2. Remove Pet Hair From Rugs

Are you getting annoyed at seeing pet hairs on your rugs? How do you remove them? There is a great technique that will help you get rid of pet hairs from your carpets and rugs.

All you need is a vacuum cleaner with high suction power and a rubber rake. First, vacuum the surface in different directions to suck the loose hairs. Now, use a rubber rake to get rid of strands that are stuck deep between the fibre of your rug.

3. Keep The Paws Clean

When you take your pet out of the house, make sure you place a piece of cloth and water bowl just outside the main entrance. Before your pet enters the house, clean up his/her paws with water and make them dry using cloth. This is one of the best ways to resist dust and dirt from getting inside the house.

Tip: Use pet wipes to keep their paws clean and germ-free and maintain your pet's health.

4. Get Rid of Pet Hair From Clothing And Upholstery

Keeping the clothing and upholstery clean is a real challenge when pets are wandering around you. To get rid of pet hairs from clothing, use tape roller. Tie a ribbon through the handle and hand it from your doorknob inside your wardrobe. Just run it over your clothes to remove pet dandles.

If you want to remove hair from upholstery and furniture, then make use of vacuum cleaner. You can also use lint brushes – it can help you remove loose pet hairs from clothing and furniture in a breeze.

5. Carpet Cleaning

Does your carpet smell bad because of pet urine? If yes, then use the following trick to spruce up the bad odours from your carpet:
  • Use white vinegar and baking soda solution
  • Damp the cloth in the solution
  • Rub the area gently and let it sit for 10 minutes
  • Thoroughly dry up furniture and repeat the entire procedure.
For thorough carpet cleaning, hire professional cleaning company in Adelaide. They can scrub all areas of your house to help you host a neat and clean house.

6. Pet Mat is Important

It is good to keep a pet mat handy, especially during his/her eating time. For easy cleanup, allow your pet to always eat on a mat. Though it is an optional choice, you can do this to keep your house clean and mess-free.

7. Arrange Pet-Friendly Toys

Being a pet lover, it is your responsibility to give your pets a friendly environment at your home. Provide them with toys so that they can play and chew it. Through this, they won’t gnaw your other household item and won't create an unnecessary mess in your house.

8. Groom Your Pup

Well-groomed pet not only looks charming but also keep your house clean and organised. When you groom your puppy regularly by scheduling his timetable for bathing, and shampooing once a month, it will reduce the amount of hair fall all around the house.

9. Removable Bedding

You can use removable fabric for your pet’s bet for easy cleanup. This is one of the ideal ways as it can save your time while keeping your dog bet neat and clean.

10. Professional Assistance

If you are shifting to the new house and want your rental property to be spruced up thoroughly, then hire a highly experienced end of lease cleaning company in Adelaide.

A reliable company always holds years of experience in dealing with complicated house cleaning chores and can help you in getting your rental property cleaned by removing pet hairs, pet urine, dust and dirt to ensure 100 % bond back guarantee. Make sure you do thorough research before making your final decision.


Pets bring happiness in life, and they should be groomed well if you want to keep them healthy longer. Along with that, keep your house organised and cleaned on a regular basis with the help of the tips mentioned above. For professional cleaning, hire a reliable cleaning company in Adelaide that can provide you top-quality solutions within an estimated timeframe and budget.