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The Best Carpet Cleaning in Adelaide

Your Health is our priority!

There are a few things in life that hurt as much as an accidental spill of gravy or wine on a newly bought, luxurious carpet. Another bigger pain is when you are playing the perfect host, and the eyes of your guests keep moving to the coffee stain on the comfy rug under their feet. If you have been in such situations recently, it is time to call the best people in town to take care of your cherished floor coverings. Our carpet cleaners in Adelaide have ample experience of cleaning upholstery and hold a successful track record of satisfying clients with their skills and expertise.

Highly Professional Cleaning

We proudly service all types of carpets and soft floor coverings, including residential carpets, commercial carpets, expensive rugs, etc.

Competitive Prices

We offer affordable, professional and thorough oven and BBQ cleaning with zero hidden charges.

Advanced Machines

We are equipped with high end cleaning machines like a vacuum cleaner to deep clean your filthy floor coverings.

We Have a Great Expertise in Stain Removal!

Does your carpet needs a thorough cleaning? Give us a call and get rid of stains and dust in not time at all!


At Bond Cleaning in Adelaide, we recruit a team of experts who have years of experience in carpet cleaning for both residential and commercial properties.

Highly Trained

From dry cleaning to steam cleaning, stain removal to shampoo cleaning, our cleaning team is fully trained in thorough carpet cleaning.

Latest Carpet Cleaning Equipment

Our cleaning team keep themselves updated with the latest cleaning machines to give you professional cleaning at the best price.


We offer world class carpet cleaning with the aim to provide optimum results to give you a sense of relief and a promise of quality assurance.

Our Unique Process

Professional Carpet Cleaning in Adelaide

With hundreds of happy customers on our client list, we are proud to present ourselves as the best carpet cleaners in Adelaide. Our advanced techniques and modern tools allow us to provide the finest carpet cleaning service which removes dust from every inch of the floor covering. There is no denying the fact that a healthy home needs a neat and tidy carpet; thus we offer unique procedures for all kinds of dust laden rugs which can turn your house into a pleasant and wholesome space. We have specialised products for specific materials of carpets so that they maintain their form and colour after the clean up.

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Hire Our Professionally Trained Carpet Cleaners in Adelaide!

Why Choose Our Carpet Cleaning Service?

Our professional and police verified carpet cleaners arrive at your doorstep on your preferred date and time for a thorough cleaning.

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Specialised Carpet Cleaning Solutions

Our packages are inclusive of a pre-cleaning inspection, deodorising, grooming and post-cleaning screening. You can pick your preferred choice of cleaning process from our range of procedures such as dry cleaning, steam cleaning, hot water extraction and carpet shampooing. Our eco-friendly products are the highlight of our services as they are safe to be used around pets and kids. We revive your old and worn carpets like magic and make sure that you are satisfied with the end result. If we do not meet your expectations, we will conduct a re-clean.

Superior Steam Cleaning in Adelaide for Carpets

Steam cleaning is the chosen procedure for most customers as it involves deep cleaning that extracts all kinds of allergens, dust and oil-based stains from the carpets.

Our team arrives with a heavy duty vacuum that comes with a powerful suction function to clear the surface of all the debris. It is followed by spraying of non-toxic solution for removal of stains using specialised products and use of a rotary machine to loosen the soil. Hot boiling water is then injected into the layers of the carpet under pressure, which results in superior cleaning performance. Call us now to experience thorough carpet cleaning at the most reasonable price.

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What our clients are saying

Just dropping a review to say how great the cleaning job was! Had no issues with the people who cleaned, and they did a fantastic job right on time!

Karly Stuart

Had no problems with the property inspection phase! The cleaners thoroughly cleaned the property and also helped me in getting my bond amount back. Will definitely get them to clean for me again!

Olivia Watson
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Our Fully Trained Staff

We have a team of skilled and experienced staff who can clean homes and offices with perfection.

Chemical Free Cleaning Products

We remove stains, grease, grime, mould and mildew using environmentally approved cleaning products.

Our Efficient Customer Service

We believe in providing quick and precise service to our extensive customer base all across Adelaide.

Cleaning Tips

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