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8 important End of lease…

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8 important End of lease cleaning tips to remember

Sep 08, 2017

Moving out of your rented property and want your security bond back? You have to hand over the property to the owner/agent in the same condition in which you found it when you moved in. For this you have to clean the property to the best of your ability to match the standards set by your landlord. This is called End of lease cleaning and if you fail to do so or your agent is over critical, you may not get your bond back in full. To avoid any such situation make sure that the property is cleaned thoroughly, here are 8 important End of lease cleaning tips in Adelaide, to clean your property and prepare it for inspection.

Start caring from day 1

It is not only when you have to make a move that you think of cleaning or repairing the property. Care should be taken from the very first day to keep everything intact. If you find any spills or stains anywhere in the house, deal with it immediately. Don’t let it set in as it would become tough for you to remove them and it can cause discolouration also. You can also hire professionals like Bond cleaning in Adelaide, if you are dealing with difficult items like carpet or any piece of furniture.

If you find anything which needs a repair, inform your landlord immediately. On the other hand if you wish to make any changes to the property, ask for written permission from your landlord. If the changes are temporary, your landlord may readily agree but for permanent changes he can be reluctant.

Compare the present condition to the original condition report and identify problem areas

It is very important to refer to the original report of the property with the present condition to get a clear view of areas that need attention. Make a list of such things which may include any damages to the property, things needing repair, condition of carpets etc. However, normal wear and tear is accepted but not major ones. Try to bring things back to their original condition with the help of professionals.

Basics of cleaning for any room

Gather all the supplies and keep them in one basket to save time. Dust out everything or use a vacuum cleaner to remove dry waste before using a cleaner or a damp cloth to it. Now, clean the surface with the action of first top to bottom and then left to right, in order to cover all the area. If you have pets, be extra careful about their hair etc; it is best to get the property fumigated in such case.

Cleaning the exterior

The exterior of the property includes patio along with all the outdoor furniture, pool, lawn, garage and the BBQ. Start with removing all the dust and cobwebs from the windows and walls. Clean and check the outdoor lights and ensure they are in working condition. Mow the lawn and clean the pool. Garage should also be cleaned well and checked for oil marks. Finally clear all the bins and wash them properly.

Cleaning the interior

The interior of the property includes all the rooms, furniture and all the appliances and electronic items. Start with cleaning the cupboards, wardrobes, shelves and drawers. Dust them thoroughly and disinfect them with the help of cleaners available in the market. Ensure that all the hinges and handles are in proper working condition. With the help of a glass cleaner clean all the glasses including window glass, mirrors, globes and lights. Ensure all the light fittings are in working condition and all the switch boards are clean.

Wash or dry clean all the curtains and hang them again after cleaning the windows inside out. Clean the air conditioner, wash the filter and dry it with vacuum cleaner and clean the vents. Ceiling fan should be cleaned well with cleaners available in market. The furniture should also be cleaned thoroughly before handing over the keys. You can always hire professionals from Bond cleaning in Adelaide for this as they have a good experience for this job.

Cleaning the kitchen

The first thing in kitchen which requires maximum attention and time is your oven. To remove all the grime and grease, make a paste of baking soda with water in the ratio of 3:2. Apply this paste inside the oven (avoiding the elements) and leave overnight. Clean it with a damp cloth in the morning. For tough stains spray vinegar mixed with water and then wipe it clean.

Next, clean the dishwasher with baking soda mix. You can also add some bleach while you operate it to make it germ free. Remove all the stains from stove, sink, microwave and fridge. Check all the drains and get them cleaned, if needed. Wipe all the cupboards inside out, all the benches and counter tops. For your sink you can use mineral oil to clean it and get back the shine. Clean and clear the garbage disposals with lemon and salt. Don’t forget to vacuum your exhaust fan.

Cleaning the bathroom

Bathroom is the area where you need maximum cleaning due to the presence of moisture. Start with cleaning showers, basins and toilet sheet. For the shower you can use vinegar in a bag and tie it around its head. Leave it overnight for best results. Use baking soda and vinegar paste to clean doors and shower glass walls.

Clean the tiles and floor by scrubbing them with cleaners available in market. For tough water stains and mould, use bleach and scrub. Towel holders should also be cleaned properly. Check the basin for any blockage and get it fixed. Ceiling fans should also be cleaned thoroughly. Disinfect the bathroom properly to get it ready for inspection.

Keep cleaning products ready on the day of final inspection

Bring your cleaning equipments and products like vacuum cleaner, sponge, broom and cleaners on the day of final inspection. In case your agent finds any flaws with your property and a touch up is needed, it can be done there and then.

Although with these tips you can clean your house to some extend but it requires a lot of hard work and time. So, it is a better idea to hire professionals from Bond cleaning in Adelaide, who not only clean your premise with perfection but also guarantee to get your bond back. Contact us and leave all your End of lease cleaning worries to us.