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Cleaning Tips

Are you looking for effective and useful DIY cleaning Tips? We, at Bond Cleaning in Adelaide, bring you a Cleaning Tips page to share some of the fantastic and time saving tips for house and office cleaning. Our cleaning tips are great for those who want their place to be cleaned with ease. Have a look at our knowledge centre:

young couple enjoying while sprucing up their house

9 Ways To Make House Cleaning Fun

  • Jessica Williams
  • 3 December 2021

For most people, house cleaning is a stressful, time-consuming and boring chore. It is one of the main reasons why you neglect the dusting, scrubbing...

How To Clean Walls? Do's & Don'ts

  • Jessica Williams
  • 11 November 2021

Walls are the most important aspects of a home for structural integrity and appearance. But, these surfaces are often neglected when it comes to cleaning,...

young woman with a bucket full of spray bottles and cloth mops wiping a wall
woman disinfecting a household surface

9 Ways To Get Your Home Sparkling Clean This Christmas

  • Jessica Williams
  • 8 November 2021

The moment you think about Christmas, the first thing that strikes your mind is a thorough house cleaning. This time of the year is all...

The Importance Of Deep Cleaning Your House Before Christmas

  • Jessica Williams
  • 2 November 2021

Many people overlook the significance of pre-Christmas cleaning and prefer to perform the dusting and scrubbing only when the holidays are over. By avoiding this...

young kid holding a vaccum cleaner sprucing a house for Christmas
cropped picture of a person removing pet stains from a carpet

How Often To Clean Carpets With Pets: A Pet Owners Guide

  • Jessica Williams
  • 29 October 2021

It is always good to have pets because they minimise the stress level and keep you happy all the time. Therefore, almost two in every...

How Do You Clean Your House In The Right Order?

  • Jessica Williams
  • 25 October 2021

When people clean their house, they generally start with any room randomly and then move to the next one without any planning or reason. This...

young couple wearing gloves sitting on the floor