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How to Get Rid of Bedbugs: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Get Rid of Bedbugs: A Step-by-Step Guide
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  • Aug 27 2019

Treating bedbugs is not as easy as removing spider cobwebs from walls. They are smaller in size, smart and reproduce quickly. The worst part is that bedbugs know where to hide and can live for months between meals. In short, these tiny bugs can wreak a lot of havoc inside your home, and if they get into the bed, they can suck your blood, cause infections, leave red and itchy marks all over your body.

Getting rid of bedbugs can take weeks to months if you don’t follow the instructions step by step. In case you are at your end of tenancy phase and want to get rid of bedbugs, consider hiring trained end of lease cleaners in Adelaide. Professional cleaners know how to spruce up the premises and remove all the dust, dirt, bacteria and germs including bedbugs using safe and sound products.

Well, you can also treat them yourself with the help of the following guide. Make sure you follow the instructions carefully because the entire process could take some time as well as elbow grease. So, be prepared!

1. Find all infested areas in your home

They usually hide into tiny spots such as the folds of curtains, mattress, pillow covers, couch, etc. So, don’t forget to inspect the following areas:

  • In cracks of bed frame
  • In furniture joints
  • Under loose wallpaper
  • Under the tags of the mattress and box spring
  • Inside switchboards
  • Between couch cushions, etc.

With the use of a torch and magnifying glass, identify all these areas and get rid of bedbugs for a clean and hygienic house.

2. Spot Bedbugs: How they look

Since you haven’t seen bedbugs before, you may find difficulties in finding them. To make your work easier, we brought you some common characteristics to help you identify bedbugs quickly.

  • Live bedbugs are red or light brown in colour and about ¼ inch long.
  • They are wingless
  • Have a flat, oval-shaped body
  • Have six legs

After finding the bedbug, you can treat them by putting it in a sealed jar which is filled with 1 teaspoon of rubbing alcohol. This is one of the best tricks experts recommend for instant solution.

3. Run the Vacuum Cleaner

Once you get an idea where the bedbugs are, you need to keep them contained. One of the easiest ways to trapping bedbugs is using a vacuum cleaner. All you need to do is to run the vacuum cleaner over the hiding places to trap bedbugs such as carpets, bed, dresser, mattress, etc.

Don’t forget to pack all your affected clothes as well as your linens in plastic bags until you clean them. Wash them in hot water and disinfect as soon as possible.

Tip: Ask your hired cleaning company in Adelaide to assist you in cleaning chores and help you get the full bond money back.

4. Prepare before Treating Bedbugs

After sealing up your affected clothes, bed linens, drapes and rugs, clean up the areas where bedbugs are hiding. Remove books and magazines under your bed and floors before treating bedbugs.

Caulk cracks on walls, furniture and around baseboards. Also, fix your loose wallpaper ad tape up open outlets of electrical appliance.

Tip: Don’t move stuff from an infested area as you could spread the bugs all-around your home.

5. Get Rid of Bedbugs

Instead of using chemicals, you can try the removal process using the homemade natural cleaners and techniques. You can kill them with high heat (115 degree F) or extremely cold (32 degree F). For this, you need to do the following things:

  • Start by washing your bed linens and clothes in hot water for half an hour. After that, put them in a dryer on the highest heat for 15-20 minutes.
  • You can make the use of a steamer on couches, mattresses, and other bedbugs-breeding areas.
  • Seal up all infested items in black bags and keep them outside on a sunny day or in a closed car.

Once you have treated all visible bedbugs, clean up the entire place and put bedbug-proof covers over your mattress. Don’t forget to zip bed covers so avoid new bugs breed inside your mattress.

6. Remove using Chemical as well as Non-Chemical Methods

If the above methods fail to deliver results, you can look for the following insecticides in the Adelaide market to kill bedbugs:

Pyrroles: It is a colourless volatile liquid that disrupts bedbug’s cells to kill them. Apply them on all affected areas where bugs reside.

Desiccants: They are substances that have the potential to destroy bedbugs’ outer coating in seconds. Though it is a chemical, you can use it to kill all types of bugs, including the bedbugs.

Pyrethroids and Pyrethrins: These are the most common chemicals used to destroy bedbugs.

Plant Oil Based Products: You can invest in these products to kill bedbugs because they are comparatively less toxic and work wonders in treating bugs.

7. Hire Professional Pest Controllers

If you fail in removing bedbugs on your own, it would be ideal for getting the professionals involved. Look for the most experienced and reliable pest control service provider in Adelaide that can assist you in an estimated budget.

They come up with best products, insecticides and other treatments to kill bugs from tiny areas and make your home bedbug-free.


These are some brilliant steps you can follow to destroy bedbugs from your home. Apart from this, you can also hire professionals for the best end of lease cleaning in Adelaide for your rental premises. They not only spruce up your property but also disinfect all the affected areas to kill the breed of harmful germs, insects and bacteria. So, hire them and witness a safe, sound and seamless cleaning experience.