How To Prepare Your Home for Move-Out Cleaning in Adelaide


How To Prepare Your Home for Move-Out Cleaning in Adelaide

By : Jessica Williams

Moving out of a rental property is easier said than done. The process can be taxing and time-consuming because you must pack the entire house into boxes and move them to a different location.

Besides the backbreaking packing and transportation, you must ensure the house is spick-and-span when you leave. It is the only way to get your bond back in full, so you cannot neglect this aspect of moving out.

Since packing and moving eats up all the time of tenants, they prefer hiring professional bond cleaners in Adelaide to ease their burden. It can cost them a few dollars but gives them much-needed peace of mind. However, if you decide to clean the house yourself, you must make arrangements for it.

Here is a move-out cleaning checklist that will help you prepare for the move. It will ensure you cover everything and get your bond back as well.

Declutter and Pack Up Everything

When you are moving into a new house, it is best to donate or resell the items you do not need anymore. It helps to reduce the packing load and organise the move efficiently. Begin the process by getting rid of unnecessary stuff or things you have not used in the last year.

The next step is to carefully pack all necessary items in labelled boxes to avoid damage. Pack the breakable items with extra cushioning and label the boxes fragile. Keep essentials in a separate box that will be opened first in the new house to avoid confusion and chaos.

Remove Furniture and Boxes

After the packing is over, move the furniture, boxes, and appliances to the new house. Prepare the appliances for the move by unplugging them and taking out the removable parts to be packed separately.

Use the original boxes of the appliances and disassemble heavy furniture for easy moving. Stack everything carefully in the moving truck and gather the cleaning supplies for the next task.

Start Cleaning From the Top

Woman in yellow top and red gloves holding a bottle and a cloth in her hand

Following the right cleaning method or technique is crucial when preparing your rental property for the final inspection. It is always good to clean one room at a time and cover all nooks and crannies. So, begin the process from the ceiling and then come down to the windows, shelves, cabinets, doors, and finally, the carpets and floors.

This can be a physically-exhausting process, especially if you want to juggle between different move-out tasks. So, it is good to hire experts for a cheap end of lease cleaning Adelaide. They follow a pre-approved cleaning checklist to clean all surfaces, hidden spots and hard-to-reach areas using proper tools and methods. They can help you secure the full bond money without any dispute.

Cover Areas That Get Neglected

Some parts of the house often get neglected because of the placement of furniture or appliances in the rooms. So, make sure you clean light switches, skirting boards, doorknobs, ceiling fans, windows from outside, cupboards from inside, lamps, air ducts and vent covers and marks on the walls.

Professional end of lease cleaning Adelaide service providers are equipped with the right tools and supplies to take care of every surface. The meticulous cleaning of experts ensures the satisfaction of the property manager on the inspection day.

Pay Attention to the Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the dirtiest spaces in the house because of the constant splatters, oily grease on appliances and grunge stuck on the granite and tiles. The kitchen cabinets, sink, and garbage disposal are equally filthy. Daily frying, chopping, grinding, boiling and eating make the place stained, greasy and filthy.

Thus, you must use baking soda like eco-friendly bond cleaners in Adelaide to cut through the grime and shine up the surfaces. Use vinegar and lemon juice to spruce up the oven, refrigerator, stovetop, and dishwasher. Don’t forget the range hood and the faucets. Wipe everything with a clean cloth to remove marks and increase shine.

Sanitise the Bathrooms

Besides the kitchen, the bathrooms are the filthiest spaces in the house. Usually, renters get their bond cut because of dirty toilets and shower areas. Thus, you must clean the showerheads, shower glass, mirror, cabinets, tiles, lights, faucets, and tank.

Use baking soda to remove stains and odour from the toilet bowl, washbasin and bathtub. Scrub the floor and clean the grout to remove all dirt. Sanitise the bathroom to make it ready for use by the new tenants.

Clean the Garage, Patio and Garden

Most renters forget about the garage and outside areas. However, the property manager notices these first. Cleaning the property from inside and outside in a limited time can be arduous. Thus, hiring budget end of lease cleaners in Adelaide can reduce the workload and ensure the bond is returned.

However, if you wish to complete the task on your own, sweep the garage and clean the walls and shelves. Get rid of weeds and dried leaves from the garden and mow the lawn after pruning the plants. Sweep the patio and wipe the furniture for a clean outward appearance.

Prepare Your Home for Move-Out Cleaning

Info on How To Prepare Your Home for Move-Out Cleaning in Adelaide

Wrapping Up

Move-out cleaning is the most strenuous part of relocating. It is better to hire professionals and use the time to focus on setting up the new house. It will ensure the refund of the bond money that can be used to cover the moving expenses.