Post-Barbecue Cleaning Tips for Aussies


Post-Barbecue Cleaning Tips for Aussies

By : Jessica Williams

Do you know that around two-thirds of Aussie homes own a barbecue? Along with beaches, sport and beer, the barbecue has become integral to Australian culture and lifestyle. According to a recent study, South Australia has come up as the highest-density barbecue-owning region in the nation.

Indeed, setting up a barbie in the backyard of your home in Adelaide is a great way to enjoy a feast with your family and friends. It is a perfect appliance for preparing delicious streaks, fish, sausages, chicken and burgers for house parties.

Unfortunately, grilling and cooking can accumulate a thick layer of gunk, grease and oil splatters on your BBQ. It could become hard to tackle built-up gunk and grime later on. So, it is good to spruce it up as quickly as possible by strictly adhering to Barbecue safety.

Today, we are sharing post-barbecue cleaning tips to help Aussies maintain their much-loved kitchen appliance for years. The best part is that you don’t need fancy products or gadgets for attention-to-detail cleaning.

Let’s Get Started!

1. Vegetables to Rescue

This cleaning hack may sound unusual to you, but it can help clean the grills or grates of your BBQ.

Onions to Remove Grit:

When the grill is hot, cut an onion in half and rub it over the grates using a fork. This will dislodge stuck grime.

Potatoes to Tackle Rust:

Slice a potato into thick pieces and place it over your grates. Spray vegetable oil and coarse salt to scrub the surface with the potato slice. This will help you remove rust and grime with ease.

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2. Brush off Food Particles From Grills

Be cautious when removing loose food particles when your BBQ is warm but not scorching. Wait for 10-12 minutes, but ensure the grill is still warm when removing accumulated food particles, burnt debris, and gunk with a wire brush.

This is one of the best hacks to avoid baked-on grime and stubborn stains that are difficult to tackle later.

3. Degrease using Salt and Lemon

You can switch to green cleaning  products to clean your kitchen appliances. Here is a quick hack to degrease your BBQ grates.

Cut a lemon in half and dip it in salt. Now, rub the warm grates with the lemon. The combination of the duo will help remove grease from the surface.

4. Soak Grills/Grates in Hot, Soapy Water

Grills tend to collect a lot of grease and fat build-up during cooking or grilling. This requires proper products and intense cleaning to break down stains.

After brushing off loose particles, remove the grills and soak them in warm, soapy water for 20-30 minutes. Add ½ cup of vinegar for tough oil splatters and grease.

Leave it for a few minutes and scrub using a 3-sided Grill brush or an old toothbrush. In the final step, rinse your grills and let them dry.

5. Wash Hotplates in Dishwasher

Woman in yellow gloves holding a basket filled with tools and products.

This hack is perfect if you have a mini to medium-sized BBQ. The hotplates can fit easily into the dishwasher- saving you time and energy.

Make sure you set it to a pot wash cycle to remove gunk, grease and stuck food particles.

Tip: It is good to clean hotplates when warm (not scorching) to achieve sparkling results.

6. Use Baking Soda to Clean Drip Trays

Instead of using expensive cleaning products that contain PFAS, clean drip trays of your BBQ using baking soda. It is a powerful cleaning product that removes stuck grime, burnt particles, grease and stains without causing any damage. All you need to do is to:

  • Remove loose debris from the trays using a brush
  • Spray warm, soapy water to dislodge stains and gunk
  • Sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda and leave it for a few minutes.
  • Scrub using a soft-bristled brush. Cover nooks and crannies.
  • Rinse and wipe it off with a clean cloth.
  • Tip: Line your drip tray with aluminium foil to trap fat and food spills when grilling your food.

    7. Clean Burners with A Vinegar Spray

    Allow your appliance to cool down completely before cleaning burners. You can use a white vinegar solution to remove grease and stubborn stains from the burner.

    After a few minutes, scrub the burner tube with an old toothbrush. You can also use a paperclip to unclog the burner tube holes.

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    8. Scrub The Exterior of Your BBQ with a Brush

    Do not forget your barbecue from outside when sprucing it post-grilling. Use warm, soapy water and spray it over the affected area. Leave it for a few minutes until you scrub with a non-abrasive brush or sponge.

    You can use white vinegar spray to tackle grease and oil stains effectively. Make sure you wipe down the handles and other components with a damp microfiber cloth.

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    9. Wash Utensils

    Make sure you wash cooking utensils and grilling tools using a vinegar solution. You can also soap them in hot, soapy water.

    10. Clean the Patio Area

    Dispose of briquettes and charcoal after the post-BBQ party. Remove dirt and grime from the tables, chairs and floors to keep them clean and organised.

    Don’t allow food spills and oil drips to sit post-barbecue. You can use paper towels or a damp microfiber cloth to wipe them immediately.

    This will save you a lot of time and energy.

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    Post-Barbecue Cleaning Tips

    Info on Post-Barbecue Cleaning Tips

    Wrapping up

    The barbecue is a pivotal part of Aussie homes. So, follow these post-barbecue cleaning tips in mind and keep your BBQ grills, grates, hotplates and exterior body gunk-free and shiny using natural cleaning products.