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How to Remove Pet Hair From Your Carpet?

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How to Remove Pet Hair From Your Carpet?
  • Jessica Williams
  • Mar 05 2018

If you have pets at home, then it’s apparent that your carpet is filled with pet hair. Animals have fur, and that fur is going to get into the carpet undoubtedly. While you might be regularly vacuuming your house but the pet hair gets very tricky to remove once gets embedded in the fibre.Carpets are prone to clinging on to the pet hair as it has the grain which attracts these hairs into it.
After all, they bear a lot of dust and dirt, and if you have dogs in your house, then you will always find your mats entrenched with pet hair. Carpets complete the look of your room, but it’s sad that it tends to absorb dust and dirt very often.

We all love our pets dearly, but pet hair becomes very frustrating when we find it everywhere in our clothes, carpets or even furniture. Instead of avoiding our pets, a better option is to find ways to get rid of these hairs. Best suggestion is to take professional help from the end of lease cleaners in Adelaide. DIY tips may work, but some people end up damaging the whole carpet.
Here are some of the best methods of getting pet hair out of your carpets:

Wet cleaning - Rub with a moist hand

Rubbing the carpet using wet hands is the most common technique used. It will let the hair gathered in a ball kind of thing. However, many people feel reluctant in using this method because their hands get dirty in the process. Hence take precaution and do it only if you feel comfortable.

Using a sponge mop

You can take a clean kitchen sponge. However, use to for this purpose only so that it doesn’t transfer soil to the carpet. You have to begin with vacuuming the area. Move the mop gently across the carpet and the pet hair will get clumped and can be swept or even picked up using hands.

Fabric softener

Fill one-third part of eco-friendly fabric softener in a bucket of water. Fill it in a spray bottle and mist the floor lightly with the solution. Let it dry afterwards. Vacuum it. The pet hair will begin loosening up, and it will get easier to remove.

Cleaning pet hair with baking soda

Baking soda, not only helps in cleaning the carpet but also removes the pet hair from it. Sprinkle the carpet with baking soda and let it sit for some time (10-15 minutes). Vacuum the floor after that. One advantage of using baking soda is that it also deodorises the room.

Carpet Rakes

Carpets rakes are very common and are being used for long now. A carpet rug or rake has thin plastic or metal bristles that break through the root of the carpet fibres. The technique remains the same, you just have to move it over the carpet, the pet hair will get collected in the bristles, and you can remove the hair from the rake. This is the best thing to use if you want to ensure the deepest clean possible.

Pet hair Vacuums

Vacuum cleaners are an essential part of everyone’s cleaning kit. Today most of the vacuum cleaners companies are offering models specifically designed for pet hair. Hence make sure that you buy such a vacuum if you have pets.

Rubber Squeegees

Not many people know, but rubber is somewhat of a hair magnet. Squeegee helps in gathering the pet hair which is deeply trapped in the fibres of the carpet. Rubber has natural gripping properties, which makes a squeegee much effective as compared to an adhesive. All you need to do is stroke the carpet and gather the hair at one point from where you can easily vacuum it up.

The best part of using a rubber squeegee is that its gentle on fabrics, doesn’t damage the carpet at all and it doesn’t leave any residues behind. It may require efforts, but it will all be worth it in the end. For carpets, use rubber squeegee with a long, broomstick-type handle. An alternative of the squeegee is a rubber broom.

Rubber Gloves

Using rubber gloves is also a useful method to use for removing the pet hair from the carpet. Make sure you buy the heavier gloves and not the thin latex gloves. The small bumps in the heavier gloves will give extra surface area which will remove hair more easily. These gloves will be very easy to use for getting into corners and areas that are hard to reach and areas that are hard to sweep or vacuum.

These gloves are similar to squeegee. The technique is same here; you have to give sweeping strokes to the carpet which will gather the pet hair into piles, and then you vacuum up the heap.


A Plain hairbrush works great on the pet hair in your carpet. Start brushing with a brush having stiff metal bristles. It is the most comfortable method. However, this technique is best used for stairs and other high traffic areas. One important thing to note here is that avoid your furniture while using a hairbrush for cleaning because it can damage it through its sharp bristles.


These are some of the best methods that you can use to get rid of the pet hair from your carpet. However, if you don’t get satisfied by these methods, you can contact a professional carpet cleaner like Bond Cleaning in Adelaide for a deep clean. They are experienced in cleaning the carpets and making it dirt free. They have the latest equipment and techniques which are eco-friendly and affordable.