Simple Fixes to Prevent Costly Deductions at End of Lease


Simple Fixes to Prevent Costly Deductions at End of Lease

By : Jessica Williams

It is a fact that houses are quite popular properties to rent in Australia. Due to the high prices in many cities, most people have no choice but to rent. This typically means that rental bonds need to be paid.

Unluckily, few people have felt the wrath of precisely what a rental bond was established to do: safeguard the landlord and protect the property. Basically, a rental bond serves as a form of financial protection for the landlord in the event of any breach of the agreement.

In case there is any breach, there will be deductions when the tenant is nearing the end of tenancy and needs the bond money back. It can happen from things like property damages, unpaid rent, remaining utility charges, etc. To get your bond money back in full, you will need to do some important things, such as hire expert end of lease cleaners Adelaide.

Here are the simple fixes to prevent costly deductions at the end of lease. They will help you get the most of your bond money back.

Handle Damaged Fixtures

Leaving the fixtures in damaged or broken condition won’t help your situation when leaving your rental property. You will need to replace them. The fixtures include blinds, light bulbs, cabinet hardware, curtain rods, etc. Confirm that all the faucets, lights, and appliances are in adequate working condition. If you spot any issues, handle them immediately.

Remember to tighten the loose bolts, screws, or handles to reduce the chances of further damage and guarantee stability. Proactively dealing with repair work and maintenance tasks will be ideal if you want to minimise the deductions from your bond money.

Deep Clean the Home

Although many tenancy agreements have mentioned that the residence must be cleaned professionally before vacating, many tenants still forget about it. An untidy and dirty home is the simplest way to allow your landlord to deduct money from your rental bond. Here are some issues that will have a negative impact:

  • Stained countertops and carpets
  • Dirty appliances and stovetops
  • Scuffed walls
  • Showers with scum
  • Dirty cabinets and light switches

There are many more such problems that you must tackle. Fortunately, you do not have to handle all the hectic tasks by yourself as you can hire professionals who do budget bond cleaning Adelaide. Ensure the one you hire will use green cleaning products and have the necessary skills and experience required for the job.

Ensure the Walls are in Good Condition

Woman in shirt and jeans cleaning wall with a pink cloth.

It is best recommended to utilise patching paste or putty to fill any cracks or holes in the walls, guaranteeing a smooth surface. Next, sand down these patched areas till they merge smoothly with the nearby wall. If needed, you can also repaint it so that it matches the original colour and texture.

To achieve a professional finish, using the highest quality paint would be best. Dedicating adequate time to repair wall damage correctly will help you reduce the chances of deductions from rental bonds. Additionally, during the professional end of lease cleaning Adelaide, make sure the walls have been cleaned as well.

Maintain the Outdoor Areas

Outdoor areas hold major importance when it comes to the appearance of a property. So, you should keep them tidy at all times.

  • Mow the lawn
  • Eliminate weeds from garden beds
  • Trim the overgrown vegetation

Doing these things will be helpful. Also, do not forget to sweep the driveways and walkways to get rid of leaves, debris, and other litter. Trimming bushes is also essential to stop overcrowding and foster healthy growth. It is also recommended to plant colourful flowers for aesthetics. Keeping outdoor areas well-maintained will help you further reduce the chances of rental bond deductions.

Look for Pest Infestations

Check the entire property for signs of pests, including nests, dropping, or chewed wires. Keep the entry points or cracks sealed to stop the pests from entering the property. You can either use weatherstripping or caulk as required.

Get in touch with a licensed pest control professional if you find any conclusive evidence of pest infestation, including rodents, ants, or termites, to handle the issue effectively. Promptly dealing with pest issues is always the best thing to do, and in this situation, it will help you increase the chances of getting your bond money back in full.

Pay the Remaining Utility Bills and Rental Payments

In many cases, this should not be a problem, but it is still worth mentioning since many homeowners fall victim to it. Before you hand the property’s keys to the landlord or property manager, ensure all the bills are paid, such as electricity, gas, water, and internet bills. Also, let all these concerned parties know that you won’t be living at this property anymore.

Finally, you will need to make all the remaining rent payments. Doing this and making sure your home is clean with the help of cheap bond cleaners Adelaide will help you get your bond money back in full.

Prevent Costly Deductions At End Of Lease

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Wrapping Up

When you are nearing the end of your tenancy, the biggest concern will be whether or not you will get your rental bond back. Not keeping your property in great condition won’t help at all. Follow the tips mentioned in this article to prevent costly deductions at the end of lease.