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5 Ways To Clean Chocolate And Candy Stains

5 Ways To Clean Chocolate And Candy Stains
  • Jessica Williams
  • Dec 02 2020
It is no secret that all kids love chocolates and different types of candy. However, being a parent, it can a challenging and frustrating task to clean the chocolate and candy stains from different household surfaces.

Removing such stains from leather couch, carpet, or upholstery can be risky. A little bit of negligence during the cleaning process and cause some serious damage to a delicate surface. Thus, along with the right tools and products, you also require a little know-how.

If you are moving out of the rental property and want to remove such stains, hire seasoned cleaners to get the best end of lease cleaning in Adelaide. They have expertise in removing all types of stains, and that can impress your landlord.

They thoroughly clean the property and improve your chance of getting back the bond money. However, if you want to remove such stains using DIY methods, you will need some guidance.

Read on to know more about different ways to clean chocolate and candy stains.

1. Carpet or Upholstery

Removing chocolate and candy stains from your costly carpet and upholstery can be a massive challenge. Do not use any abrasive scrubber to remove any stubborn stains as it can damage the surface. Follow the procedure mentioned below.

  • First, remove the chunks of the candy or chocolate from the carpet or upholstery carefully and toss them into the dustbin.
  • If the stains have become hard, moisten the spot with cold water.
  • Then prepare a cleaning solution by mixing liquid hand detergent (quarter teaspoon) and warm water (one cup).
  • Now blot the stain with a clean rag. Start from the edges of the stain and move inwards.
  • After blotting the spot, use a wet rag to rinse the area properly. While blotting adjusts your rag continuously to make sure you are not reapplying the stain on the carpet.
  • Allot the spot to get air dry and avoid stepping on the spot.

2. Leather Couch

Kids often drop chocolate and candies on the leather couch. Try to remove it as soon as you notice because fresh stains are much easier to remove. Any harsh chemicals can damage the leather while an abrasive scrubber can leave behind scratch marks.

  • Scrape the excess chuck of the chocolate or candy from the leather surface.
  • After that, prepare a solution using mild soap and lukewarm water. Apply the solution on the leather surface.
  • Then use a clean rag to blot the surface properly and remove the stains.
  • At the end, use another dry, clean rag to buff the area, so the area looks perfectly clean.

3. Concrete Floor

Getting rid of the chocolate and candy stains from concrete floor is not as difficult as other delicate surfaces, but still, you need to follow the right procedure. Otherwise, you won’t be able to clean it completely.

  • First of all, saturate a rag or sponge in hot water. Take it out and wring it properly. It is advisable to wear rubber gloves to protect your hands from hot water.
  • Now, place the wet rag over the sticky mess and press firmly. Keep it like that there until the rag loss all of the heat.
  • Repeat the process couple of times, and you will find that the sticky stuff has started to loosen due to the heat and moisture of the rag.
  • Eventually, the sticky stuff will become soft enough so you can easily wipe off with a piece of clean rag.
  • Once the chocolate and candy stain are removed, make sure your dry the cleaned area completely.

4. Wood Floor

People often make the mistake of using a sharp object or abrasive scrubber to remove stubborn candy stains from the wood floor. It can leave behind scratch marks on the wood surface. To remove the candy stains from wood floor, you can follow the same approach that used for the concrete floor. The heat and moisture will help to remove the stains.

However, water is not suitable for the wood so you can try a different way. Follow the process mentioned below to remove the stains without causing any damage to the surface.

  • When you have a hardwood floor, chances are that candy or chocolate pieces get stuck in-between the floorboards. Use a butter knife or any other dull scraper to remove the sticky mess from the crack.
  • If you find the candy stain on the plain surface then you can use a blow dryer.
  • Turn on the blow dryer and hold it just above the stained area. After a few minutes, you will see that the stain has melted and loosened.
  • After that, use a rag to wipe off the surface.
  • If you want to save your time and clean the floor of your house perfectly, contact professionals who offer reliable end of lease cleaning in Adelaide and opt for their additional services. They are experts in cleaning all kinds of stains.

5. Kitchen Countertop

Removing candy stains from kitchen countertop is not as a difficult as it seems. All you need to do is to react quickly and follow the step mentioned below. If your countertop is made of natural stone, no not use any cleaning solution that contains acid.

  • First, scrape as much residue of chocolate and candy as you can from the surface.
  • Then prepare a solution using liquid dish soap and warm water.
  • Apply the solution on the surface of the kitchen counter and scrub with a soft sponge.
  • Then wipe the surface with a clean rag.


Removing chocolate and candy stains from various household surfaces is a challenging task. However, you can make the task a lot easier by following the ways mentioned above.

If you have a busy schedule, then your contact skilled end of lease cleaners in Adelaide and opt for their additional services. They can effortlessly remove all kinds of stains from your house to make it look sparkling clean.