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How To Create A Realistic House Cleaning Schedule

How To Create A Realistic House Cleaning Schedule
  • Jessica Williams
  • May 03 2021
Cleaning your home is a challenging and time-consuming task. Most people try to clean their entire home at once on the weekend, and get completely exhausted and frustrated. This approach is not correct because you not only get extremely tired, but your home also doesn’t get the cleaning it deserves.

That is why you need to make a schedule that can make things a little organised for you. When it comes to cleaning, every house has some unique requirements. So, before you prepare a schedule, understand it. Following a schedule will make the dusting and scrubbing a lot easier.

If you want to clean the rental property thoroughly at the end of tenancy, you should avoid DIY methods. Instead, you should look for experienced professionals to get the best end of lease cleaning in Adelaide. They will make sure that every nook and corner of the property look perfectly clean.

However, if you want to keep your home spick and span, you need a proper schedule. The biggest confusion that people face is how often the household surfaces should get cleaned.

Read on to know more about how to create a realistic house cleaning schedule.

Daily Chores

There are some areas in your home that accumulate dust and dirty very quickly. Therefore, you need to take some time out to clean such spots.

  • Make Bed: The first task you should perform every morning is, make your bed. It can immediately change the appearance of your bedroom.
  • Wipe Stovetop: After cooking your meals, you should wipe your stovetop every day. It will prevent the deposit of spills and grease.
  • Wipe Furniture: You should also keep your furniture clean. Wipe your bed, bookshelf, wardrobe, dining table, chair, etc., regularly with a microfibre duster.
  • Sweep & Mop Floor: It is also essential to keep your floor clean. Therefore, you should regularly sweep and mop your floor. It will hardly take 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Disinfect High-Touch Points: Do not forget to disinfect frequently touched spots regularly. Such spots include doorknobs, light switches, handle of appliances, TV remote, phone, etc.

2 to 3 Times a Week Chores

Several places need dusting and scrubbing on a regular basis, but it can be challenging, particularly for the working professionals. If you want to save your time, clean the spots a couple of times every week.

  • Wipe Kitchen Countertop: Your kitchen countertop accumulates dirt, stains, germs, spills, etc. Therefore, you need to clean the surface at least two times a week.
  • Clean Mirror: Your bathroom mirror collects soap scum and water drop spot, so you should give it a proper cleaning with the help of a vinegar-water solution and a soft sponge. Finally, wipe with a squeegee.
  • Remove Soap Scum From Shower Glass: Like your bathroom mirror, your shower glass also gets dirty quickly as it accumulates hard water stains and soap scum. Follow the same methods to clean the surface.
  • Vacuum Carpets: The frequency of the vacuuming carpets depend on factor like whether you have kids and pets or not. If you have, then you should vacuum the carpets regularly or at least twice a week.
  • Polish Faucets: You should also clean the faucets in your bathroom and kitchen a couple of times a week, so they look sparkling clean.

Weekly Chores

Weekly cleaning tasks basically include those particular chores that are time-consuming so cannot be performed regularly. Ideally, you should perform the task on weekends, but you can also do it on a weekday as per your convenience.

  • Scrub Bathroom & Kitchen Tiles: You should give the bathroom and kitchen tiles proper scrubbing to remove dirt and grease.
  • Clean Toilet and Drain: Scrub your toilet and clear the gunk present in the drain. If you want to clean your bathroom professionally, hire a company that offers reliable end of lease cleaning in Adelaide.
  • Kitchen Appliances: Your kitchen appliances, particularly the oven and dishwasher, get quickly dirty. That is why you should properly clean them from the inside.
  • Vacuum Upholstery: The upholstery also collects dust, dust mites, dirt and pet hair, so you should also vacuum the surface once a week. It will keep them in perfect condition.
  • Wash Window Glass: You should include the dusting and washing of window glasses in weekly chores. Properly scrub the glass with a soft sponge before wiping with a squeegee.
  • Scrub Sink: Whether it is your bathroom sink or kitchen stainless sink, make sure you scrub the surface properly at least once a week.

Monthly Chores

Some household spots take more time to collect dirt, dust and stains than other areas. You don’t need to clean them every day or week but do not overlook such spots for too long. Give them a thorough dusting once a month.

  • Clean Ceiling Corners: Remove cobwebs and dust from the ceiling corners. Use a long-handled broom or a vacuum cleaner with an extendable hose.
  • Wipe Ceiling Fans: The blades of the ceiling fan collect a lot of dust, so make sure you get rid of all the dust. Wipe with a wet cloth to remove stubborn dirt.
  • Remove Dust From Light Fittings: The light fitting of all your rooms get dirty, so they need a thorough cleaning at least once a month. If required, remove the light fittings and wash them.
  • Remove Limescale from Showerhead: First, remove the showerhead and place it inside a plastic bag. Then fill it with vinegar, tie the bag to secure the vinegar and leave it for a few hours. Then take the showerhead out, scrub it and wash properly.

Take Away

Removing dirt and dust from your household surfaces can be stressful and overwhelming at times. However, you can make things easier for yourself by following the schedule that is mentioned above. If you want to save your valuable time and energy, contact the professional end of lease cleaners in Adelaide. They will accomplish the task in the best possible manner.