10 Best House Cleaning Tools and Products 2022

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10 Best House Cleaning Tools and Products 2022

By : Jessica Williams
Cleanliness has always been a priority in a home with kids and pets. Regular dusting and proper sanitisation prevent the spread of germs, bacteria and viruses.

According to a survey, around 79 per cent of Aussies clean their homes at least once a week while only 32 % clean a home twice a week. They spend, on average, 1.9 hours with a sponge, dusting cloth or a vacuum in hand.

However, frequent cleaning is still a topic of discussion, primarily when you have leased property in South Australia. Most tenants prefer hiring trained people for a detailed end of lease cleaning in Adelaide, while others do it themselves.

If you want to maintain a clean and organised home like a pro, stock up on all the necessary tools and products. These will help you achieve sparkling results in less time.

Here is a list of 10 best house cleaning tools and products 2022 to let you maintain a tidy abode efficiently.

Let’s Get Started!

1. Furemover Broom with Squeegee and Telescoping Handle

Do you have a furry friend at home? If yes, keeping floors, carpets, and upholstery furniture clean is impossible. Traditional brooms can’t help you eliminate pet hair and fur.

You can buy this flexible and innovative cleaning that has created a lot of buzz around the cleaning market. This multipurpose rubber broom makes it easy to remove fur or pet hair from rugs, floors, carpets, windows, and tile.

It comes with flexible bristles that collect specks of dust and fur easily from surfaces. Plus, it has a squeegee to remove spills and splatters from hard surfaces.

A telescopic handle makes it easy to adjust the length of the tool as it extends up to 60 inches.

You can buy this fancy house cleaning tool from Amazon at the most reasonable price.

2. 25 Piece Cleaning Drill Brushes Set

Are you tired of cleaning your juicer, mixer or tiles? Try this super-effective and smart tool. It comes with a set of drill brushes to remove dust, stains and grime from tight spaces of kitchen appliances and other surfaces. All brushes have dense bristles that allow you to eliminate stubborn grease stains from surfaces with ease.

This multipurpose cleaning set comes with 8 different purpose drill brushes, 2 piece scrub sponge, 13 pieces of scouring pads with 3.9-inch backer and 1 piece of the extended handle.

You can easily purchase this cleaning tool on Amazon and make your home look clean and shiny.

3. Oxo Microfiber Delicate Duster

Dust-laden surfaces can harbour germs, bacteria and various other respiratory diseases. With the help of this duster, you can remove accumulated dust particles, pollens, grime and allergens from almost all surfaces. It is one of the best selling dusters on Amazon because of its compact look and super-absorbent dusting feature.

Many professionals who offer end of lease cleaning in Adelaide use such tools to spruce up rental properties before the final inspection to safely retrieve the bond amount.

You can also buy this tool and prevent dust from accumulating from your cupboards, picture frames, window blinds, sills, and other hard surfaces.

4. Spin Mop and Bucket Set

You can witness the cleaning revolution when you bring this tool to your home. This spin mop and bucket system eliminate the tiring wringing process. The spin technology automatically wrings wet mop, and the best part is that it requires only half a gallon of water to mop the floor- making it eco-friendly.

You can also use baking soda or natural deodoriser to get rid of most common stinky smells in your home in Adelaide.

5. Window Blind Cleaner

Removing accumulated dust from window blinds can be tricky. Luckily, this handy tool lets you clean window blinds in a go. It comes with three slates and four easy-to-replace microfiber sleeves to help you pick up dust particles, pollen and allergens.

6. AIRROBO + ROBOT Vacuum and Mop

Do not miss an opportunity to buy this modern-age robot vacuum and mop cleaning tool. It has a lidar navigation feature and 23 sets of sensors that fetches tiny dust particles and prevents falls.

It smartly learns and maps your entire home to decide the best way to vacuum and mop the floors. The best thing is that the tool comes with a 3300mL dust bag that collects up to 45 days of dust and debris.

The Max 2700Pa suction power makes this machine deep clean the delicate carpets, rugs and upholstery furniture with ease.

You can buy a AIRROBO + ROBOT Vacuum and Mop machine on Amazon and save time and energy.

7. Clorox Bleach-Free Disinfecting Wipes

The requirement for disinfecting wipes has increased during the COVID-19 pandemic. People are getting more concerned about clean and germ-free surfaces around them. This has raised the need for these bleach-free disinfecting wipes.

These thick, super-effective and durable wipes can kill 99.9 % of germs and bacteria. Use these wipes and sanitise your home after being sick.

You can buy this product and disinfect almost all surfaces, including granite surfaces, finished hardwood and stainless steel.

8. Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner

This super-affordable and cute tool allows you to clean a filthy microwave in a few minutes. You just need to add white vinegar, a tablespoon of lemon juice and water and let it microwave for five to ten minutes. It will break down the built-up grease, grime and other stains from your microwave.

9. Mr Clean Magic Erasers

These thin and flexible sheets allow you to deep clean hard-to-reach areas. This eco-friendly cleaning product is ideal for scrubbing tough stains, greasy stovetops, hard water stains, grease, mould and mildew. Mr Clean Magic Erasers works on almost all surfaces and helps you achieve sparkling outcomes.

10. Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

From fetching dust particles to picking up spills and splatters, microfiber cloths are affordable, absorbent and durable house cleaning tools.


Make your house look cleaner and shiner by stocking up on these efficient, modern-age and super-effective house cleaning tools and products 2022 to maintain a healthy home. If you are at the end of your tenancy, book a company that specialises in quality end of lease cleaning in Adelaide to help you get the full bond money back without any dispute.