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6 Household Items For A Sparkling Clean Bathtub

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6 Household Items For A Sparkling Clean Bathtub
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  • Jun 05 2019

A relaxing warm bath in a sparkling bathtub accompanied with aromatic candles and soulful music is all that you need to tend to those tired muscles. After all, it is the best way to feel pampered! However, when it comes to scrubbing the tub to enjoy the experience, people often dump the idea.

You may not feel like putting in the effort, but it is required for a clean and hygienic bathroom. It not only makes the environment around you healthier but also provides you with the much-needed safety. For instance, if you have a clean bathtub, it will be less slippery, and thus will reduce the possibility of a fall.

People often contact reliable bond cleaners in Munno Para West for deep cleaning of bathrooms and kitchen as they have a lot of experience and modern cleaning tools. However, you can also do it on your own with some common household cleaners. Here is a list of the items that can help you get a sparkling clean bathtub.

How Often to Clean a Bathtub?

Keeping a bathtub tidy largely depends on the frequency of your cleaning. Do you know how often you should clean your tub? If four members of a family are using a bathtub daily, then it should be cleaned more often than a bathtub used irregularly by a person who lives alone.

If you are using the tub daily, then you should clean it once every week and it requires deep cleaning once every month. Let’s look at the different household items that can help you get a sparkling bathtub:

1. Baking Soda

You can get the dirt off your bathtub as well as sink with baking soda. Prepare a thick paste using two parts of baking soda and 1 part of hydrogen peroxide. Now apply the paste on those areas of the tub which are dirty and let the paste settle down for around 30 to 40 minutes.

Then, use a scrubber to give it a gentle scrubbing before washing it properly. The best thing about this paste is that it will also clean your drain when it washes down.

2. Cream of Tartar

This is another excellent option to clean your bathtub. First, make a simple paste using cream of tartar and hydrogen peroxide. To prepare the paste, fill a small and shallow dish or cup with cream of tartar and then add hydrogen peroxide drop by drop to make a thick paste.

After that, apply this environment-friendly cleaner on the stain and allow it to become dry before removing it. Once it is removed, you will see that the stubborn stain is also gone.

3. Oven Cleaner

If you have got a ring around the white porcelain tub or any other stubborn stain, you also have the option to use oven cleaner. You can either contact the professional bond cleaners in Munno Para West or try this option.

Take the oven cleaner and spray it correctly on the specific areas where it is needed. And then, allow it to settle down for a few hours, before giving it a thorough rinsing.

Note: You must not apply any oven cleaner oven on coloured porcelain tubs because it can cause fading. Also, keep the shower curtain away from such cleaners as it can damage both fabric and plastic.

4. Salt

If you can see yellow spots on your bathtub or sink, you can try salt on them. You can reduce such marks by preparing a blend of turpentine and salt in equal proportion.

First, wear the rubber gloves, and then take this mixture to rub on the discoloured area. Once you are done with the rubbing, wash the specific area thoroughly. Do not forget to ventilate your bathroom while cleaning it.

5. Shampoo

If you want to clean your bathtub quickly before the guests arrive, you can use one of the most common items – your shampoo! Take some shampoo and apply it on the bathtub and scrub it properly before washing it thoroughly.

You will get a sparkling bathtub in no time. Make sure that you have removed it properly and the surface is not at all slippery. Otherwise, you can slip and get an injury.

6. Vinegar

If you want your sinks and bathtubs to get the shine that they deserve, you need to give them a good scrubbing with white vinegar. After that, you can give a proper wash with cold water. Vinegar can be very useful in removing the hard-water stains from your tub and help you clean the house in record time.

After the end of the lease agreement, people often witness the problem of dirty bathtubs and hire bond cleaners in Munno Para West. However, you can use household items to clean them regularly.

You need to pour 3 cups of white vinegar under the hot running tap water and allow the tub to fill up with water over the stains and let it soak for a couple of hours. Once the water is drawn out, you will find that scrubbing off the stains has become easier.


A bathtub is the most common place where we see the marks of soap scum, grime, mildew, and stubborn stains caused by hard water. If you want to keep the tub germ-free, you have to clean it regularly or hire professional cleaners in Munno Para West for the job. You don’t need chemical-based cleaners to clean the bathtub. Use the household items mentioned above and get a sparkling bathtub instantly.