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6 Vintage Cleaning Tips That Work Better Than Anything

6 Vintage Cleaning Tips That Work Better Than Anything
  • Jessica Williams
  • Aug 31 2020
From using baking soda to Castile Soap, there are plenty of vintage cleaning tips that will help you in getting rid of tough stains from your house without the exposure of harmful chemicals.

Some conventional hacks work wonders in bringing back the lost shine of your living space. Whether you have dirty carpets or mouldy bathroom walls, having the right cleaning products and tools  can make a huge difference.

Proper cleaning skills and knowledge can help you a lot, especially when you are at the end of your tenancy. That’s the reason why most tenants prefer hiring professionals for a reliable end of lease cleaning in Adelaide. It is because they have years of experience in cleaning all types and sizes of residential properties in and around Adelaide.

However, if you are looking for some brilliant cleaning hacks for your messy and grimy home, then keep on reading the article.

Here is the list of six vintage cleaning tips that work better than anything:

1. Clean Top to Bottom

This is one of the traditional and effective cleaning hacks that can transform your cluttered home into a clean and organised glory without even wasting your time. It is always good to start from the top of your room to remove accumulated dust, dirt, grime and other debris.

First, dust up your ceiling fan and then make your way down towards table surfaces, windows, doors and carpet. Make sure you mop and sweep your floors last.

Even professionally-trained end of lease cleaners in Adelaide follow the same hack to give the best outcome in less time. They clean according to the approved checklist and cover every nook and cranny of the premises in a systematic manner.

2. Use Vinegar Instead of Store-Bought Cleaners

You can create sparkling surfaces without even using chemical-based cleaning products. Whether it is a tough stain on your kitchen floor or mould spores on your bathroom surface, you can try this vintage cleaning hack.

All you need to do is to mix one part of distilled white vinegar into two parts of water and a teaspoon of lemon juice. This is one of the best natural cleaning agents that can cut through stubborn stains and grime from your hard surfaces with ease.

White vinegar is a brilliant cleaning product, especially when it comes to breaking down grime from different surfaces around your home. For better results, you can use hot water in the cleaning solution to bring back the sparkling look of your floor surfaces.

3. Olive Oil and Lemon for Wooden Furniture and Floors

You don’t need to use toxic tins of polish that are available to polish wood floors and furniture. Instead, you can use olive oil and lemons to make your wooden surface look new and shiny. Combine one part lemon juice to three parts of olive oil and apply it on the surface to get rid of grime and polish it without even harming the environment.

4. Use Borax Powder

Borax powder is a traditional cleaning ingredient that can help you clean a variety of surfaces around your house. Today’s cleaning experts in Adelaide also use borax to offer you green or environmentally-friendly service at the best price.

You can mix the borax powder with hot water and apply it on faucets, sinks, cabinets and tiles. Leave it for a few minutes to let the mixture break down all tough stains before wiping with a damp cloth. It is one of the best cleaning products that can fight against mould and mildew with ease.

5. Clean Rugs and Carpets with Baking Soda

Keeping soft floor coverings clean and intact is a challenging chore, especially if you have kids and pets at home. The spills, splatters and pet accidents on your carpets and rugs can make them look dirty and nasty. Most people overlook cleaning their floor coverings or use harsh cleaning products to remove stubborn stains.

Rather than using chemicals and toxic cleaners, use baking soda to get rid of carpet and rugs stains without even damaging the surface. Sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda on the affected area and let it sit for at least 15 minutes. After that, vacuum the residues of the baking soda, dust, dirt and bad odours.

If you are preparing your rental property for the final inspection, hire professionals for the best end of lease cleaning in Adelaide. They can return the premises in a flawless condition to help you get your bond back.

6. Spruce Up As You Go

Never leave your cleaning chores to pile up because it will only create a mess at the end of the day. It is always good to de-clutter and clean up your rooms as you go. This will reduce your cleaning hours and help you in maintaining the pristine look of your living space.

For example, make your bed every day in the morning, clear the mess around your living room, do your dishes after your meal, wipe off your kitchen counters after prepping, and much more.


These are some excellent vintage cleaning hacks that will keep dust, dirt, stains, mould, and bacteria at bay and keep your home environment healthy and hygienic. If you are at the end of your tenancy, then prefer hiring professionals for a thorough end of lease cleaning in Adelaide instead of doing it yourself in order to pass the final property inspection.