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7 Cleaning Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

7 Cleaning Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier
  • Jessica Williams
  • Feb 26 2020
Cleaning your house is a challenging and time-consuming task. Sometimes it seems like the chores will never finish. This is one of the main reasons why people don’t like to perform the cleaning task. To make things easy, people purchase expensive vacuum cleaner or hire professionals who perform end of lease cleaning in Adelaide.

However, there are also other ways to clean your house without spending too much time or efforts. Here are some cleaning hacks that will make your life easier. Have a look!

1. Do Multi-Tasking To Save Time

One of the best cleaning hacks is to do multi-tasking. This will save a lot of time. Nobody wants to spend their entire day in cleaning. Multi-tasking can help you to focus more and finish the task quickly. For instance, if you are cleaning the toilet, try to clean it along with the sink and the bathtub.

In most of the cases, these three things are made of the same materials so you can use the same method to clean them side by side. Also when you are cleaning the walls, wipe off the baseboard right away. There are many more things that you can do at the same time.

2. Choose Spray Bottle over Bucket

If you want to make your life easy while cleaning the house, you need to follow some smart tactics that can reduce your effort and get the job some faster. One such move is to use a spray bottle over a bucket. If you want to make a specific surface wet before start scrubbing, never use a bucket. It will be a lot heavier and difficult to move within the house.

Carrying and using a spray bottle would be a much easier option for sure. It will save your time and efforts. If you hire professionals who perform end of lease cleaning in Adelaide, you will notice that they also use spray bottles.

3. Use Your Dishwasher to Its Maximum Potential

People usually don’t use their dishwasher to its maximum potential. They only use it to clean the dirty dishes, plates, cups and glasses. And this is where they make a mistake. Your dishwasher can clean way more things than you can imagine.

Apart for bowls and dishes, you can also clean your plastic hairbrushes, combs, headbands, barrettes, gardening tools, plastic baby toys, fake plastic flowers, microwave trays, light fixture globes, baseball caps, sneakers, crocs, sandals and many more things. Cleaning all these things in the dishwasher can give them not only a deep cleaning but also save your time and efforts.

4. Use Baking Soda to Deep Clean Your House

Do not waste your time and money on commercial cleaners. They are expensive and have harmful chemicals. Instead of buying these products, use baking soda. This is a natural cleaning agent that is easily availed everywhere and quite cheap.

The best thing about baking soda is that you can use it to clean several places/things in your home like the trash can, stainless steel sink, stovetop, oven toilet, carpets, silverware, no-wax floor, and many more things. Professionals who perform eco-friendly end of lease cleaning in Adelaide always use baking soda.

5. Purchase Innovative Cleaning Tools

There are several innovating cleaning tools in the market. Purchase them so that you can save your efforts and time. This is one of the best cleaning hacks that will make your life easier. Go for the following equipment:

Angry Mama Microwave cleaner

This is an essential cleaning tool to clean your microwave in the most effective, quick and easy manner. Get rid of the spills, dirt, and burn food in the best ways possible.

Magic Silicone Scrubbing Gloves

This tool is perfect for anything or any place that require a lot of scrubbing. It is a perfect mix of gloves that will protect your hand and scrubber, which will save a lot of time.

The Sanitizing Wand

This wand acts like a magic wand! Experts believe that this tool has to be one of the best innovation in the cleaning industry. It uses advanced UV-C technology to kill the germs and bacteria that cause bad odour.

Super Sticky Cleaning Gel

You must have this tool in your home. It can quickly and effortlessly absorb dust and dirt. It can be perfect for cleaning things such as your dashboards, car vents, keyboard, speaker, cell phone, printer, computer screen, camera, small cabinets, and so on.

6. Declutter Your House From Time To Time

Removing irrelevant things from your home is a good habit that you should develop. People accumulate numerous things at home, which lose their value with time. It doesn’t make any sense to have those things because the more things you will have in your home, the more it will be challenging to clean the house.

So declutter it from time to time and remove stuff like old shoes, clothes, books, magazines, gym and sports equipment, electronic items, small appliances, showpieces and so on. To give your home a perfect cleaning, hire professionals, who perform end of lease cleaning in Adelaide, immediate after you declutter your home. This makes your future cleaning task a lot easier.

7. Prepare Home Made All-Purpose Cleaner

People use different types of cleaners to clean different surface. Purchasing so many different products is undoubtedly expensive. Moreover, they have harmful chemicals that are harmful to your health as well as the environment.

To make your cleaning task safe, quick and cost-effective, prepare a homemade all-purpose cleaner. Pour vinegar (1/2 cup) into a spray bottle. Then add water (2 cups) castile soap (1 teaspoon) and lemon essential oil (20 drops) into the bottle. Screw on the lid and shake it properly.


Cleaning chores can be very stressful as it demands a lot of time and efforts. However, if you know some cleaning hacks, things will get a lot easier. So, the next time clean your house, apply the smart tactics as mentioned above. These tips will help you to achieve your cleaning goal without getting stressed out.