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7 Ways to Avoid Losing Your Security Deposit at the End of Tenancy

7 Ways to Avoid Losing Your Security Deposit at the End of Tenancy
  • Jessica Williams
  • Nov 21 2019

Even the most friendly landlord-tenant relationships can take a U-turn at the end of tenancy. And this happens due to the involvement of the security deposit. While the tenants want to get back the entire amount, the landlords look for opportunities to deduct a significant part from it. And this clash of interests leads to disputes. If you also live in a rental property and are planning to move out, you should know how to avoid losing your security deposit.

People usually contact a reputed company that offers end of lease cleaning in Adelaide. This is undoubtedly one of the best ways to avoid losing the bond money. However, there are several other factors that play a significant role in getting back the deposited amount. Here are seven ways to avoid losing your security deposit at the end of the tenancy. Have a look!

1. Prepare and Follow a Checklist

The first thing you need to do is prepare a moving out checklist. In this list, you need to mention everything necessary before moving out of a rental property. By following this checklist, you can ensure that you are not skipping anything important that can cost you the security deposit.

There are also several websites to download this checklist. Include all your cleaning tasks, pending bills, and repair work of the entire house. You should prepare this checklist as early as possible so that you can get enough time to think and mention all the essential tasks. Making this list at the last moment can create confusions.

2. Focus on the Bathroom and the Kitchen

When you are preparing for end of lease cleaning, pay special attention to the bathroom and kitchen as these are way dirtier than any other place in your entire house. So, make sure that you clean them properly so that your landlord does not get a chance to deduct money from your bond.

Clean one place at a time to accomplish the cleaning task perfectly. People often hire professionals who perform end of lease cleaning in Adelaide. This is because these places have different surfaces that require different treatment. But if you have enough time in your hand, gather information from the internet and clean it on your own.

3. Maintain the Essential Spots

There are some essential spots in your house that the landlord carefully examines. And if you don’t maintain them, it can be a challenge to clean them perfectly for the final inspection. Such spots include the following:

Oven: People use this appliance almost daily but often ignore the cleaning. The dirt, remaining food particles, spills etc. burn continually and become stubborn stains. And later, such stains can be tough to remove. Your oven is something that the landlord examines thoroughly. So, if you want to avoid losing your money, make sure you clean it frequently.

Carpets: Dirty carpets are a common factor for dispute between the landlords and the tenants. The surface of the carpets accumulates dirt, pet hair, and food particles over time which makes it look dirty. And red wine and coffee spill make things worse. Inappropriate cleaning methods can further damage the carpets, so it is advisable to contact professionals who perform end of lease cleaning in Adelaide. They have advanced tools like a steam cleaner to clean your carpets perfectly.

Windows: Your windows also play an essential role during final inspection. So, it is essential that you clean all the dust, dirt and stains from the windows and keep them spick and span. A little effort for a few times months is enough to have clean windows. Do not forget that it is one of the first things that grab attention when you enter a room.

4. Take Photographs Before You Move In

When people move into a new house, they get so excited that they forget to do the important things, which cost them dearly at the end of lease. Before you move into a rental property, it is essential to take a picture of the entire house and keep it as proof. This way, your landlord cannot hold you responsible for the damages that are already there.

If you find any problem, let your landlord know about it. This is a fantastic way to avoid losing your security deposit at the end of tenancy. Take pictures not only at the time you move in but also when you are moving out. But before you take the final images, make sure that you hire professionals who perform end of lease cleaning in Adelaide. Take the pictures of a clean house so that you can compare the moving in and moving out images.

5. Ask For Permission Before Making Any Changes

First of all, you should not make any changes in your residential rental property. However, if the modifications are significant, make sure that you take permission from your landlord, in writing if possible. Not only that, but you also need to ensure that once the lease period is over and you are moving out, the property should look just the way it was.

This way, you can save your security deposit. Modifying your rental property without permission can upset your landlord, which can lead to a deduction in your bond.

6. Read Your Rental Contract Carefully

You should always read your rental contract carefully. This is because there are numerous things that your landlord might not inform you verbally but include as a clause in the agreement. So, before you commit to something, you should be well aware of what exactly your landlord is expecting. The contract will inform you if you need to serve notice before moving out and what should be the notice period.

Many landlords smartly include some clause in the contract that will automatically extend the lease if you fail to move out on the last day. And if you move after that, you are likely to lose your bond. If you read your rental contract carefully, you might also get an idea of whether you can make modifications in the property or have a pet in the house. Knowledge of all these things can avoid losing your security deposit.

7. Contact Professional Cleaners

Substandard cleaning of the rental property is considered as one of the most common factors for losing the security deposit. This happens because moving is a complicated process where the tenants need to focus on a lot of things at the same time. So, cleaning the house often gets neglected. If you want to avoid such a situation, you should contact a reputed company that offers the best bond cleaning in Adelaide.

Their experienced staff has the technical knowledge and advanced tools to clean the property perfectly. They make sure that they deep clean the entire property and help their clients to get back the bond. They will not only perform the job way better but also save your time and effort. While they clean the house, you can focus on other aspects of moving.

The Bottom Line

Getting back the security deposit at the end of tenancy is not as difficult as you think it is. All you need to do is some planning and give priority to those factors that can provide a chance to your landlord to deduct any amount. The strategies mentioned here will help you to get back your bond without any disputes with the property manager.