9 Ways to Evaluate a Cleaning Service Before Hiring Them

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9 Ways to Evaluate a Cleaning Service Before Hiring Them

By : Jessica Williams
Over the years, more people are taking the assistance of professional cleaners to deep clean your home or perform bond cleaning at the end of a tenancy. Various factors like lack of expertise, a demanding job, small children/pets, and many others influence the need to hire house cleaners or experienced end of lease cleaners in Adelaide.

Owing to the increasing demand, you can find a host of residential cleaning services boasting of giving the best solutions at affordable rates. Due to the mushrooming of businesses, it is challenging to choose the right cleaning service out of so many. Here are nine ways to evaluate a cleaning service before hiring them. Have a look.

1. Industry Experience

Often people opt for a cleaning company for its extensive industry experience, as it is a key factor that helps determine a cleaning service’s reliability and credibility.

Therefore, to find good cleaners, make sure to ask the establishment year of their company. If you like a new cleaning business, see if they are a venture by a reputed parent or sister business.

2. Market Reputation

Check whether a service has maintained the same company name over the years or changed it multiple times. A cleaning service only changes its company name repeatedly to get away from debtors and hide its bad market reputation.

3. Services Offered By A Company

Most reputed companies have a network of in-house and contract cleaners that enables them to offer a plethora of cleaning services all year round. Thus, you can quickly get customised solutions for house cleaning.

For example, you can choose to a full-service house cleaning or get individual rooms sanitised by experienced cleaners, as per requirement.

When ending a tenancy, you must look for a one-stop destination offering end of lease cleaning service in Adelaide and additional services for pest control, carpet cleaning, pressure washing etc.

4. ASIC Registration Status

Businesses registered with the Australian Securities & Investment Commission need to have a registered office, maintain a business name, share financial records and abide by the Australian Law.

Therefore, you must check a cleaning business’s ASIC status to confirm it is registered or was never registered or deregistered. Avoid hiring a cleaning company without registration, as it is easier for such businesses to disregard ethics, impose hidden charges and even scam unsuspecting clients.

5. Booking Cancellation, Rescheduling & Refund Policies

To evaluate the reliability and credibility of a cleaning service, always ask about its policies for booking cancellation, rescheduling and refund. Reputed end of lease cleaning companies in Adelaide and businesses offering house cleaning services are flexible and reschedule cleans without much hassle.

Additionally, they have a booking cancellation policy to provide clients ample time to reschedule or cancel a job to get a full refund of the booking amount. Be wary of hiring a cleaning service in Adelaide that refuses to reschedule or give your money back when you don’t want to avail of their service and notify within a reasonable time.

6. Insured, Verified & Experienced Cleaners

Another way to evaluate a cleaning service’s reliability is to ask about its cleaner’s insurance, verification and experience. Good companies provide good insurance coverage to their cleaners for their safety and ensure clients can hire them without apprehension.

The insurance helps cover any cost in case the cleaners get injured or accidentally damage something in a property during a job. Inquiring about the verification and experience of the professionals that will come to your house is important to establish your trust.

7. Bond Back Guarantee

When choosing professionals for performing end of lease cleaning in Adelaide, you must ask about their bond back guarantee. It is the assurance a reliable cleaning service provides to ensure you can claim a complete bond refund after ending a tenancy.

You can ask the professionals for re-cleans at no costs during the guarantee period, which is usually valid up to 7 days after a clean. If a service doesn’t have this guarantee, it is best to look for ones that do to avoid hassle and stress.

8. Read Reviews & Feedback

One of the best ways to ascertain a cleaning service’s popularity and credibility is to read reviews and feedback from people who hired them. Besides checking client testimonials on a company’s website, make sure to explore reviews by customers on independent platforms like Google, Facebook, Yelp etc.

If you are hiring a local cleaning service, see if you can get offline feedback from friends, neighbours or family members who hired them.

9. Get Quotes

To select the best company for house cleaning or end of lease cleaning Adelaide, you must get free and no-obligation quotes for the services you want to avail. These quotes are necessary for ensuring you can afford to hire cleaning professionals and negotiate to get a good deal. You can get quotes on call and email by discussing your requirement with the representative of a cleaning service.

The Bottom Line

Hiring a cleaning service for sanitising your house or rental property is a wise and practical solution when you don’t have the time, expertise or experience to clean yourself.

Thus, use the ways mentioned above if you have never availed of a house cleaning or end of lease cleaning service in Adelaide before and need guidance for evaluating professional cleaners.