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What Could be Causing Your House/Unit to Smell Like Sulphur? How to Fix it?

What Could be Causing Your House/Unit to Smell Like Sulphur? How to Fix it?
  • Jessica Williams
  • May 29 2018
While cleaning and sanitisation is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle, killing the unpleasant odour coming inside the house/unit is equally important. The sulphur like smell could be the reason for the noxious environment. The smell may be originated from a sulphur compound, known as hydrogen sulphide – caused by microorganisms and bacteria available in the sewer pipes, appliances, water tank, water heater or clogged drain pipes. Whatever the reason is, it is your responsibility to deal with it and get rid of ‘rotten eggs’ smell as soon as possible.

In fact, it becomes imperative if you are moving out of the leased property. You have to return the property in the well-maintained condition in order to secure your bond amount. For that, you should hire a professional end of lease cleaning company in Adelaide who are well-versed with techniques of killing all types of odours from your house/unit. But before getting rid of the sulphur smell, you have to detect where it is coming from. To help you track down the pungent smell in your house, we bring you some of the points of origination that will make your work easier:

1. Gas Leakage/Odours

If you feel the sulphur like smell throughout the house/unit, there could be a good chance that it is originating from the heating and cooling system. The source could be anything- your air conditioner, heater or even a leakage in your gas pipe. If you smell something like this, then make sure you check the systems thoroughly.

How to fix it:
  • Immediately turn off the heating system and call the gas company.
  • Don’t light fire or strictly avoid smoking.
  • Try to get it fixed as soon as possible
  • Use air purification system to get your house free from the pungent stench. It is one of the most powerful ways that can help you get rid of gas odours effectively. But make sure you buy the best quality of air purification system if you want to combat the unpleasant smell.

2. Infected/ Contaminated Water

Bacterial breakdown of sewage and infected water are one of the significant sources of sulphur odours. The presence of bacteria in the water is harmful and could cause sulphur-like smell in your house/unit. When you smell something like that make sure you treat the containment water as it could cause some serious diseases.

How to fix it:
  • Throw away the infected water as quick as possible
  • Eliminate the amount of hydrogen sulphide using the white vinegar and baking soda solution. Both the ingredients can work wonder when it comes to killing bacteria and other organic waste.
  • Use only fresh water and try to avoid storing contaminated water.

3. Odours From Toilet

Tacking down the origin of “rotten eggs” fume in the house/unit can be annoying. It might be your central cooling system or gas pipe. But most of the people forget about the failure of wax ring seal in the toilet. Blocked vents that are forcing sewer gas to get through the P-trap could be the source of sulphur-like odour inside your toilet.

How to fix it:
  • Make sure you check whether the vent pipe is blocked or not.
  • Use baking soda and vinegar solution to remove dust from the vent pipe.
  • Use a plumbing auger to get it cleaned thoroughly.
  • Keep your toilet clean and sanitised.

4. Hot Water Heater

When you track down the smell particularly from the water heater, it probably means the water is contaminated. The high level of sulphur dioxide in the water produces bacteria, and it becomes important for you to keep it clean and disinfected on a regular basis.

If you are facing this issue in your office, make sure you hire the best Commercial Cleaners in Adelaide who can resolve this problem as quick as possible. They have the right tools and techniques to help you get rid of the sulphur-like smell from your water heater and other affected areas.

How to Fix It:
  • Switch off your heater
  • Flush all the contaminated water from the tank
  • Add 1 to 2 pints of hydrogen peroxide inside the water heater tank and also into the T&P valve opening.
  • Leave it for 2 hours
  • Open all the hot water faucets and let the solution clean the pipes thoroughly.
You can also hire professional cleaners in Adelaide who can provide you thorough cleaning solution at the most reasonable price.

5. Blocked Drain Pipes

The sulphur-like smell could be originated either from the blocked drain popes or the sewer. You might notice the rotten eggs smell in the basement. The presence of microorganisms in the drain pipes could be the reason for this pungent smell.
How to fix it:

  • Plug the sink and fill hot water in it
  • Add bleach and let it sit for 2 hours. The bleach will kill the microorganisms available in the pipe.
  • Boiling water down the drain to get rid of odours.
  • Now, mix vinegar and baking soda (equal parts) and pour it down the drain
  • Follow it with hot water and let it sit for an hour.
  • Run with fresh water. This will kill both bacteria and rotten eggs smell quickly.


Once you notice the source of “rotten eggs” smell in your house, find out the relevant solutions to get it fixed as soon as possible. Whether it is coming from sewer gases or contaminated water tank, you should have the right solution to get rid of it.

If you are still not able to deodorise your house correctly before the final move out, hire a well-recognised end of lease cleaning company in Adelaide. They can help you in bringing back the shine and pleasant smell in your leased property before the final inspection.