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End of Lease Cleaning Tips to Ensure You Get Your Rental Bond Back

End of Lease Cleaning Tips to Ensure You Get Your Rental Bond Back
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  • Mar 20 2019

Once the rental tenure is over, you have to take care of several things before vacating the property, and on top of all the preparation, you need to make sure that the property is clean. Otherwise, you might have to leave the place without getting the bond money back and would be the last thing a tenant wants.

That is why people opt for professional end of lease cleaners in Adelaide as they are aware of all the specific requirements and provide high-quality cleaning service. However, if you want to perform the bond cleaning, here are some useful tips that can help you get the entire bond amount back. Let’s have a look.

Things You Can Do During Your Stay

The preparation to get your bond back begins right from the time you enter the leased property. Here are some essential tips for the same:

1. Take pictures at the beginning

Before you move to a property, you should have the complete record the property condition. And for that, you need to take photos of different rooms and the facade inside the property.

This is essential to make sure that the property manager/landlord cannot overcharge you with unnecessary penalties in the name of those damages that have nothing to do with you.

2. Resolve the Issue Immediately

You should do the necessary cleaning of moulds, stains and spills right away. The reason why you should act immediately because the longer they will be untouched, the harder they become to remove.

So try to remove them as quick as possible. If you are unable to get rid of the moulds and stains despite making every possible efforts, it is advisable to contact a professional end of lease cleaning company in Adelaide to tackle such issues.

3. Make cleaning a habit

If you make cleaning a habit, then you won’t face any major problem while cleaning the property at the end of your lease. All you need to do is to follow a few simple things like removing shoes outdoor before entering the property, do not smoke inside the property dusting on weekends and so on.

4. Discuss with the property manager about your pets

Many property managers refuse their tenants to bring along a pet to the property. If you are also facing the same scenario, you should not have a pet in the rental property.

The landlords often follow this strict pet policy because they fear that the pets can cause some damage and the rooms can be a little stinky. Moreover, carpets with inadequate cleaning and dirty floors will make the property less appealing to new tenants.

5. Do not hesitate to contact your landlord

you have moved to a rental property and find that some specific things are not working or already damaged, get in touch with the landlord or property manager immediately. Always remember that fixing such damage inside the property is your landlord’s responsibility. If you don’t do that, the inspection agent can use that specific problem to keep some percentage of your bond money in future.

6. Understand the Lease agreement properly

It is essential for you to understand the terms and conditions of your lease agreement. If you study the terms of the lease properly, it will help you a lot to save your bond money. Some terms disallow pets in the house while doesn’t let you smoke inside the premises. You can stay accordingly and get back the security deposit at the time of leaving. However, if neglect these terms of the lease, you are most likely to pay the damages for violating the terms.

End of Lease Cleaning Tips:

1. Clean Your Kitchen Properly

When it comes to kitchen cleaning, you need to focus on those places and appliance that belong to your landlord and the property and, not you. For instance, clean the walls, floors, oven, chimney and drain of the dishwater, rather than your utensils and refrigerator.

Tenants often overlook the fact that the kitchen is the place that inspection agents like to have a look at the beginning to analyse the standard of cleanliness in the entire property. Most of the time the cause of dispute has been the inadequate cleaning of oven. Thus, it is crucial for you to leave the kitchen flawlessly clean just like the way you found it when you moved in.

2. Give Special Attention to Windows

Windows cleaning has its significance as they are also an essential part of the property and the landlords keep a close watch during the final inspection. However, you need to be careful enough if the property is in a high-rise building. In such a scenario, experts always ask to contact a professional end of lease cleaning company in Adelaide.

This is because window cleaning requires some specific techniques and advance cleaning equipment. Tenants usually don’t have these things at home. Crystal clear windows is a step closer to get the bond money back.

3. Do Not Neglect the Living Rooms and Carpets

Cleaning the living rooms and bedrooms are also equally important and might need more efforts than you think. We spend most of our time in these rooms and do not clean that often. The light colour carpets, in particular, become filthy even before we realise.

So, you need to scrub those dirty wall bases, clean the tiles, cover the holes on the walls and vacuum all the dirt particles from the carpets and every corner of the house. You can also hire professional cleaners for carpet cleaning because it is a tricky job but directly related to the chances of getting back the bind money back.

4. Bathroom Needs More Cleaning Than What You Think

A bathroom is a place that gets dirty frequently. Thus, it deserves special cleaning from time to time. Things like scrubbing the tubs, sinks, showers and toilets make bathroom cleaning a challenging task, but not that tough if you have professional cleaners in Adelaide. Their specialists are expert in cleaning the bathroom comprehensively, and they always use eco-friendly cleaning products and techniques.

5. Contact Professional Cleaners

A lot of hard work, planning and smart strategies are involved in making the house sparkling clean. So, if you are engaged in multi-tasks at a time and don’t have the luxury of time. Experts always recommend hiring vacate cleaning professional in Adelaide. They work dedicatedly to assure that you get the bond money back from your property agent without any disputes.


Tenants usually go for bond cleaning in Adelaide as it saves their precious time and gives them the guarantee of getting back the bond money without any dispute. However, if you have sufficient time, proper equipment and enough helping hands, follow the tips mentioned above and provide cleaning the landlord wants.