How Often To Clean Carpets With Pets: A Pet Owners Guide

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How Often To Clean Carpets With Pets: A Pet Owners Guide

By : Jessica Williams
It is always good to have pets because they minimise the stress level and keep you happy all the time. Therefore, almost two in every five families in Australia has a dog, and nearly three out of ten homes own a cat.

However, the biggest drawback of having a pet is it becomes very difficult to keep the household surfaces clean, particularly the carpets. It accumulates pet hair and pet accidents that become difficult to remove.

However, you cannot delay this task because the hair, dust and allergens that get trapped in the fibres can cause respiratory infections and other health issues. Therefore you should keep your carpet clean. However, the question is, how often you should clean carpets when you have pets? Well, that entirely depends on the type of pet you have, and their numbers.

Pet hair on carpets can be a matter of dispute at the end of the lease period. So, before you move out, hire professionals who offer the best end of lease cleaning in Adelaide. They have expertise in cleaning all types of carpets and rugs without causing any damage to them. If you want to clean the carpet on your own, you need some guidance.

Here is a pet owner’s guide on how often to clean carpets with pets.

How Often You Should Clean Your Carpets

One of the most common dilemmas that pet owners face is how often they should clean their carpet. The frequency of vacuuming the carpet entirely depends on the type and number of pets you have.

For instance, a person who has two Golden Retrievers or two German Shepherds need to clean the carpet more frequently than the person who owns one Labrador or just a cat. You can clean your carpet in the following ways.

Clean Twice a Week: Ideally, you should clean your dirty carpet twice a week. Most of the people, who have one dog, clean their carpet once in every three or four days.

Clean Alternate Days: If you have more than one dog or a pet type that has big fur, then you might need to clean it every alternate day.

Hire Professionals: If you have a busy schedule, take the help of the professionals who offer thorough end of lease cleaning in Adelaide, South Australia. They have expertise in cleaning carpets perfectly. You can hire them every fortnight to make sure your carpets stay perfectly clean.

How to Remove Pet Hair from Carpets?

If you want to clean your carpets by following DIY methods, you need to follow some particular ways. You will be able to remove the pet hair from carpets in a stress-free and hassle-free manner.

Vacuum Cleaners: The best way to clean the carpets and remove the pet hair is by using a vacuum cleaner. For better results, run the machine horizontally and then vertically. You must follow such cleaning tips when moving out of a rental property.

Lint Roller: It is another excellent way to get rid of pet hair and other visible dust particles. All you need to do is, grab the roller and wipe it from one corner of the carpet to another corner. Repeat it until it traps enough hair and dirt.

Wet Gloves: Put on rubber gloves and wet them slightly. Then simply run your hands over the carpet surface, and you will notice that the pet hair is sticking to the gloves.

Baking Soda: If you find that the pet hair is difficult to remove from the carpet, use baking soda. Sprinkle a sufficient amount of soda evenly on the carpet and leave it overnight.

It will weaken the grip of the hair from the carpet fibre and also absorb the bad smell of hair and pet accidents from the surface. The next morning, use a vacuum cleaner to remove the pet hair, the bad smell and residue of the baking soda.

Preventive Measures to Keep Carpets Clean

Your clean carpets can quickly get dirty, so it is important that you take some preventive measures to keep them clean for a longer period.

Brush Your Pet Regularly: If you want your pet to shed less hair, then you should brush your pet regularly. You can also contact a nearby pet groomer in Adelaide. It will make their skin and hair healthy and remove the weak hair. So, they will shed less hair and the carpets will remain clean for a longer time.

Cover Favourite Spot of Your Pet: If your furry friend spend a lot of time on the carpet and prefer a particular spot, then you can cover it with something that is easier to wash.

Wash Feet of Pets before They Enter Home: Your pet, particularly dogs, bring soil and mud from outside and make your carpet dirty, which can ultimately lead to bacterial infections. Therefore you should always wash their feet when they come from a walk.

Take Away

Keeping your carpets clean when you have pets is a stressful task, but the task becomes easier when you know how to clean the carpet, how often you should clean and what preventive measures you should take. If you want to clean the carpets professionally, you must contact reliable end of lease cleaners in Adelaide. They will accomplish the task perfectly.