How to Choose The Best End of Tenancy Cleaning Company

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How to Choose The Best End of Tenancy Cleaning Company

By : Jessica Williams
The end of a tenancy is stressful for tenants with a fixed-term lease agreement and the pressure to secure a complete bond repayment. Besides keeping and leaving the rental property with fair wear and tear, you have to ensure it is in a reasonably clean condition during the final inspections.

Your chances of getting your bond back in full are slim without sanitising the premises thoroughly. Since bond cleaning is different from regular cleaning, you can experience anxiety and stress while managing it on your own. It is a practical solution to avail a professional end of lease cleaning in Adelaide.

Thus, to help you choose the best end of tenancy cleaning company, here is your complete guide with useful tips by industry experts.

Ask About End Of Lease Cleaning Inclusions & Exclusions

Assuming the cleaners would perform a task without conforming it with them first is a common problem. Before booking an end of lease cleaning company in Adelaide, inquire about inclusions and exclusions.

Usually, professional end of lease cleaners manages carpet vacuuming, deep bathroom cleaning, kitchen sanitation, standard blind cleaning etc. They thoroughly clean every nook and cranny of the rental premises to make it presentable before the final inspection.

However, if you want to get pest control, upholstery cleaning, pressure washing, extensive carpet cleaning and other services, they are not included in the end of lease clean. You have to avail of them as separate services.

Look At Local Businesses First

To avail end of lease cleaning service in Adelaide, prefer a local business because they are more invested in maintaining their reputation. Verification of end of lease cleaners in Adelaide near you is easier to manage for tenants. You can visit the registered office and get honest feedback from people who hired them.

Moreover, local businesses know what landlords, realtors and property owners in their service areas expect from professional bond cleans and deliver the desired results.

Inquire About Bond Back Guarantee

One of the prime reasons tenants hire professional bond cleaners is to get a complete rental bond repayment after ending a tenancy.

Thus, while choosing an end of lease cleaning company in Adelaide, inquire about the bond back guarantee. It is an assurance businesses provides to ensure you can get your rental bond refund.

Besides cleaning the property adequately, the professionals offer to re-clean in case the tenant or landlord is not happy with the work during the guarantee period. If you hire good end of lease cleaners, the requirement for re-cleaning is rare.

ASIC Registration Is Important

To hire a reliable end of lease cleaning company in Adelaide, make sure it has an ASIC registration. The Australian Securities & Investments Commission is a government regulatory body that ensures a business registered with it abides by the law. It means the company needs to have and maintain a business name, share financial records, have a registered office and complete other obligations.

Companies not registered or deregistered with the ASIC can scam clients since they can change their business names repeatedly to hide their bad reputation. Additionally, scammers don’t need to have a set place of business because it is easier to run with unsettled debts.

Company Should Have Relevant Insurance

One of the best things about hiring professional cleaners is you have no liability or need to pay for overhead costs. Good end of tenancy cleaning companies have public or general liability insurance to protect their professionals and clients in case of a mishap.

The coverage is necessary for a business to gain clients’ trust because if a cleaner breaks a fixture accidentally or gets injured, the company has the policy to pay for these issues. Thus, before booking an end of lease cleaning company in Adelaide, always ask if it and its employees have insurance.

Ensure The Cleaners Use Checklists

End of lease cleaning is a demanding and crucial task that requires planning, organisation and focus.

Thus, reputed end of lease cleaning companies in Adelaide provide a detailed bond cleaning checklist to their cleaners. It outlines the tasks they must perform, and the tasks are sorted according to importance and urgency. A good and reliable company uses a REISA-approved checklist since it knows what property owners and managers expect from the end of lease cleaning.

Before booking cleaners, you must ask about their process for cleaning and share the list with you to get a better idea of the services you can get through them.

The Bottom Line

Choosing the right cleaners is an important task because it decides whether you get your security deposit back in full or not. Thus, follow the tips shared above to select the best end of tenancy cleaning company in Adelaide for you and get your rental premised cleaned professionally.