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How to Clean Different Types Of Bathroom Countertops?

How to Clean Different Types Of Bathroom Countertops?
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  • Jan 04 2019

A neat and fresh-smelling bathroom not only makes you happy but also keeps you and your family healthy. As it is the most humid place in your house, the moisture can lead to the growth of mould and mildew. This can prove dangerous for people suffering from asthma or allergies.

Moreover, your bathroom is the breeding ground for bacteria and viruses which cause flu and stomach problems. Thus, you should keep your bathroom clean to reduce the risk of illnesses and infections. That is why end of lease cleaners in Adelaide are in high demand because it takes a lot of effort and time to keep the bathroom sparkling clean.

The professionals not only have experience and technical knowledge but also advanced tools to provide an excellent bathroom cleaning service. When it comes to cleaning the bathroom, the countertop in the bathroom is the most important place as it has stores so many things like soap, brushes, lotions, and so on. A clean bathroom makes everything look organised and appealing.

Basic Cleaning

First of all, you need to remove any item that is making the shelves untidy. When you are done, fill the bathroom sink with warm soapy water. Take a sponge and properly wipe out the entire countertop. Then use a clean piece of cloth and wipe the place dry.

When you are cleaning and sanitising a bathroom countertop, make sure that you are aware of the material used in the countertop because different materials require different treatment. Sometimes, it becomes a little difficult to take care of a particular type.

Here, a bond cleaning company in Adelaide can play a crucial role. Their experienced professionals have the technical knowledge and advanced tools to clean all types of countertop materials including laminate, glass, stainless steel, wood, marble and granite. Let’s have a look at the types of countertop and their cleaning processes one by one.

1. Laminate Countertop

If you have a laminate countertop and you want to clean it, make sure that you are using a soft sponge or a rag. Rough materials like steel wool can leave permanent scratches across the smooth surface, and that will look bad. To remove stains, you can simply apply a paste of baking soda and water on it and keep it for a few minutes. Then rinse the area with water.

2. Glass Countertop

This type of material is gaining popularity in the market for its classy look and attractive design. You need to use glass cleaners regularly to keep it in top condition. For any spills and stains, use soapy water and paper towels to clean the surface. Avoid using chemical laden cleaners for your home as it can have an adverse effect on the health of your family members.

3. Stainless Steel Countertops

Although these are usually placed in the kitchens, people also like their look in the bathrooms. The problem is that water is one of the worst enemies of this material. If it is left unwiped for some time, the water droplets can leave spots on the surface.

So, it is advisable to hire professional cleaners in Adelaide as they have technical knowledge to clean all kinds of countertops. They use special stainless steel cleaners to give you sparkling clean bathrooms.

4. Wood Countertops

There is no doubt that wood gives a classic look, irrespective of the place where you use it. But when you use it as your bathroom countertop, it requires a lot of maintenance.

If water spills over it, make sure that it is wiped up immediately; otherwise it can damage the material. When you want to clean the surface, use a sponge and special wood cleaner. Do not use abrasive cleaners or bleach as it can damage the wood.

5. Marble Countertops

This material is one of the most common types of countertops people use in the bathroom. To clean it, spray water-based cleaner on the surface and then use a sponge or soft wet cloth. Strictly avoid acidic cleaners like vinegar as it will damage the surface of the marble.

6. Granite Countertop

It is another common type of countertop people use in the bathroom. To clean a granite countertop, make sure that you are using warm soapy water and a soft rag or sponge. Never use vinegar, lemon, ammonia, bleach, or any other acidic cleaners.


Cleaning different types of bathroom countertops can be confusing as it involves using different ingredients in different proportions. Taking profession help is always the right decision as they are fully equipped with advanced tools and technical knowledge. End of lease cleaners in Adelaide can not only make the bathroom countertop clean and bacteria-free but also maintain the beauty of its materials.