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Move-In House Cleaning Tips To Remember

Move-In House Cleaning Tips To Remember
  • Jessica Williams
  • Nov 06 2020
Moving from an old home to a new one seems like an overwhelming process. No matter how well you prepare a plan, some tasks are left to give you a headache. Cleaning a new house is one of those chores. Even if it looks clean and dust-free, there could still be some areas where dirt, germs or grime might be lurking.According to some experts, it is always good to inspect every corner of the house before moving in. This will help you know how much cleaning is required, and you will create a checklist accordingly.

However, most people often forget to spruce up their new abode because they have to return the rental property in a pristine state as well. This happens because a part of bond money is always at stake, and tenants don’t want to lose their hard-earned money. In such a scenario, you can contact the best company for an impeccable end of lease cleaning in Adelaide.

They will transform the entire rental apartment and help you focus on the other important tasks, such as move-in house cleaning. You can even ask them some useful cleaning tips for a stress-free experience.

Despite creating a checklist, there are some hidden areas that are easy to overlook. Here are some useful move-in house cleaning tips that will help you achieve sparkling outcomes in a streamlined manner.

1. Ceiling Fans

A ceiling fan is one of the most overlooked areas in a room while sprucing up a house. The blades of a ceiling fan tend to accumulate a thick layer of dust particles, dirt and grime that can circulate polluted air in your rooms.

Make sure you begin the move-in house sprucing process from the top. Vacuum the little openings around the fan and do not forget to wipe off all the blades. Use an old pillowcase, wrap it around and wipe the blade to grab collected dust and grime without letting it fall on the floor.

2. Light Fixtures and Fittings

Make sure you wipe your dirty light fixtures and fittings before the final move-in to make your house look bright and intriguing. You can remove the parts of light fixtures, such as domes, globes and covers while removing dust and dirt. Wash them in soap water and let them dry.

You can also wipe down using a dry microfiber cloth. It is one of the super-absorbent, affordable and reliable cleaning tools that allow you to fetch tiny dust particles with ease.

3. Light Switches

Light switches are one of the most frequently touched surfaces in a house. Make sure you clean and disinfect them properly using a natural cleaning product. Since germs love to grow on dirty areas, be sure you include light switches in your move-in house cleaning checklist.

Use alcohol-based products while disinfecting light switches and other high-touch areas. You can also use disinfecting wipes because they come handy and saves you a lot of time.

4. Door Handles of Cabinets and Drawers

These are also considered as high-touch areas of a house. While disinfecting the light switches, make sure you pay attention to these areas as well. Check all the rooms, doors, doorknobs, handles of cabinets and drawers in the kitchen, bathroom and a living room.

You can make a cleaning solution at home using vinegar, dishwashing soap, warm water and 10-15 drops of a lemon essential oil. Pour this mixture into the spray bottle and apply it on all high-touch surfaces. Let it sit for a while before wiping with a clean microfiber cloth.

Professionally-trained end of lease cleaners in Adelaide also use biodegradable cleaning products while treating tough stains, grime and grease because they care for the two- you and the environment.

5. Kitchen

It is obvious to expect a new kitchen in a pristine condition, but you will be preparing meals from now, so play it safe. It is good to spruce up your entire kitchen, including the countertops, pantry cupboards, sink, faucets, range hood, stovetop, walls, floors, etc.

Use the same homemade cleaning solution and wipe down all the surfaces using a clean cloth. Check all the cabinets inside and outside, clean them from the top. Also, focus on kitchen appliances so that you can cover all the areas in your kitchen before storing and cooking your food.

6. Bathrooms

Bathrooms can never be overlooked because people inspect them thoroughly before moving in. However, most people don’t think about disinfection. Cleaning is not enough because potentially dangerous germs and bacteria can harbour even the surface looks clean or shiny.

Apart from removing visible dirt and dust, make sure you disinfect all the areas, such as showerhead, bathtub, toilet seat, counter, faucets, towel rail, doorknobs, walls, and floors.

7. Carpets or Other Floor Coverings

If carpets and rugs have installed in your new home, make sure you vacuum them to get rid of hidden dust particles, allergens, and pollens. This is an important tip if you want to keep your home clean and germ-free. You can use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to fetch embedded dust mites, grimes and other loose debris from your delicate floor coverings.

8. Floors

The final step is sweeping and mopping the floors. Whether you have a wooden or a linoleum floor, make sure you clean it thoroughly- covering all nooks and corners to remove dirt and debris.

Mopping the floor with warm soapy water can be an ideal way to make them look sparkling as well as germ-free.


Cleaning is something that requires a lot of energy, right methods and proper tools. With the help of these move-in house cleaning tips, you can enhance the overall look and feel of your new abode without a hint of stress.

If you are still planning for a move out from a rental property, prepare everything ahead of time and don’t forget to hire experts for a thorough end of lease cleaning in Adelaide. They will spruce up everything and help you pass the inspection with ease.