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Tips To Clean Your House The Feng Shui Way

Tips To Clean Your House The Feng Shui Way
  • Jessica Williams
  • Jul 23 2021

De-cluttering and sprucing up an entire house is one of the best ways to incorporate positive vibes and energies into our lives. A clean and organised living space also promotes a hygienic indoor environment by keeping germs, viruses and diseases at bay.

In the past few years, people are getting fascinated by the Feng Shui method to clean a home. This particular philosophy teaches that the more you nurture, brighten and feed your home with greatness, the more your abode will support your dreams.

Being the oldest practice of China, Feng Shui has achieved a lot of attention all around the world. It embarks the perfect blend of science and art to let you explore the ways to balance the energy in your house. It is also a strong belief that cleaning  space in the Feng Shui way can bring happiness and wealth into your home, which is blocked by dirt, pollens, clutter and dust.

If you are planning a move-out cleaning, make sure you cover all nooks and crannies in order to pass the rental inspection. You can take professional assistance for a high-quality end of lease cleaning in Adelaide. They follow a proven checklist to help you get the bond back.

For a positive and energetic living environment, you can consider the following cleaning tips in a Feng Shui way.

Let’s Get Started!

1. De-clutter Your House

Getting rid of unnecessary stuff in the house is the most effective way to bring a flow of positive energy into your life. Mess around the home attracts negative energy, which can also make you feel depressed.

So, start by de-cluttering your rooms before eliminating dust, dirt and germs from different surfaces.  You can consider the following Feng Shui practises to make your house look more organised:

  • Toss stained, outdated, empty and ripped items, such as clothes, food items, broken appliances and other unwanted stuff.
  • Pile all dirty clothes and take them to the laundry room.
  • Compile all credential documents in a folder and manage all the important papers.
  • Clean and organise your cupboards, shelves, drawers and wardrobes.
  • Donate items that are in working condition.

Fun Fact: Feng Shui is practised through balancing five elements, including fire, wood, metal, earth and water in your surroundings.

2. Keep Your Windows Clean & Shiny

A direct sunlight and fresh air inside rooms can bring positive energy and keep you feel productive. So, make sure you keep your windows clean, curtains and blinds clean on a regular basis.

Wash your curtains twice a month. You can clean the window sills, frames and glasses using white vinegar and warm soapy water. Spray it on the surface and wipe it off using a squeegee. This will remove excess water and residue with ease. You can also wipe off the window glass using a microfiber cloth. Clean inside and out if accessible.

You can vacuum clean the blinds once every two weeks to achieve best possible results.

Fun fact: Feng Shui offers a good flow of energy within an abode to sustain harmony between the family members.

3. Spruce up & Organise your Kitchen

According to a belief, a clean and organised kitchen has the potential to bring prosperity and good health.  Consider the following cleaning tips for better outcomes:

  • Get rid of expired, broken and empty food containers, unwanted items, etc from your cupboards, shelves and fridge.
  • Wipe your kitchen countertops, stove gas, sink, faucets, backsplashes and other hard surfaces.
  • Clean kitchen appliances inside and out.
  • Keep your pantry organised.
  • Consider the Do’s and Don’ts when cleaning your cabinets.

Fun Fact: You will stay mentally healthy if you have Feng Chui energy within your abode.

4. Deep Clean Your Bedroom

Feng Shui is a wide concept and practising it on a regular basis can bring a good change in your life. De-cluttering and keeping your bedroom clean is one of the best ways to generate energy. It is good to deep clean everything from top to bottom, including your wardrobe, windows, blinds, curtains, bed sheet, a mattress, a carpet, rugs and floors.

Do not forget to create symmetry by organising your bed so that you can clearly see the door.  There is also a belief that putting lamps on both the sides tables of your bed.

Fun fact: Feng Shui is not about a particular belief or religion. It is a strong methodology to create a happier and positive world around you by arranging your assets within your abode.

5. Pay Attention to Hidden Areas

There is no denying the fact that negative energy resides in dirty and messy areas that are often out of our sight. That’s the reason why most of the professional cleaners in Adelaide focus on hidden or hard-to-reach areas while sprucing up the house.

If you are cleaning your house in the feng shui way, then get rid of accumulated dust from the top of your cupboards, shelves, beneath the kitchen appliances, furniture, door tracks, behind the fridge, etc. Use a microfiber cloth to grab tiny dust particles quickly and easily.

Fun Fact: Chi energy flows with the wind and merges with the water. This means energy can be transformed according to your thought process.


Believe it or not! Sprucing up the entire living space generates positive energy, brings happiness and good health in the family. Feng Shui also focuses on clearing clutter, dirt, and germs as it act as a barrier in producing the good flow of energy in the home.

If you are prepping your rented house for an inspection, hire trained people who can perform a thorough end of lease cleaning in Adelaide and help you get the bond back without any dispute.