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End Of Lease Cleaning Tips To Ensure 100% Bond Back

End Of Lease Cleaning Tips To Ensure 100% Bond Back
  • Jessica Williams
  • Jul 15 2021
Finally, you packed the clothes, de-cluttered your rooms and signed the papers. What next? Make sure you perform a thorough end of lease cleaning before the final move. It is good for both parties, especially for you as a tenant or renter.

It is a responsibility of a tenant to return the rental property in a flawless condition for the hassle-free retrieval of a bond amount. A half-baked cleaning not only gets into the rental dispute but also delay your move-out process.

If you want to impress your landlord, then hire trained people for the best end of lease cleaning in Adelaide. It doesn’t matter how big or small is your property, professionals will take care of your specific cleaning needs. They bring all the necessary cleaning supplies and a standard checklist to help you pass the rental inspection with ease.

You can also get your 100 % bond back by considering the following end of lease cleaning tips:

1. Checklist is Important

End of lease cleaning is different from regular house cleaning.  It should be performed according the REISA-approved checklist so that you can cover all the corners before the final inspection.

The standard checklist includes all the areas, such as a living room, a kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, a laundry room, garage, balcony area, etc. You should follow this list and get the job done on time.

Tip: Do not forget to cross check the Property Condition Report that you filled when you moved into the rental property. This will help you know what you need to fix or clean before leaving the premises.

2. Deep Clean Your Kitchen

A kitchen is undeniably a breeding ground for harmful germs and bacteria that can lead to foodborne diseases and other health-related problems. If you want to pass the inspection, then deep clean and sanitise your kitchen from top to bottom. You can consider the following cleaning hacks:

  • Remove grease, grime, burnt food particles and tough stains from oven and microwave using white vinegar and mild dishwashing solution.
  • Remove dust from the filters in the range hood
  • Clean the cupboards, drawers and shelves
  • Clean the dishwasher and fridge inside and out.
  • Wipe countertops to get rid of food splatters, spills and stains
  • De-grease your stove top
  • Clean and sanitise sink and faucets
  • Unclog the kitchen drain
  • Empty the trash can
  • Mop the floor.

Do not use chemically-laden cleaning products because this can cause harm to the environment. Instead, use eco-friendly products, such as baking soda, white vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, etc.

3. Clean the Walls Thoroughly

Most tenants in Adelaide forget their walls when sprucing up the property for the rental inspection. Do not forget to remove insect marks, cobwebs, scuff marks and stubborn stains from your walls.

This will not only help you get the bond back but also enhance the overall look of the premises. All you need to do is to wet a microfiber mop and spot clean to get rid of tough stains.

Begin from the left and make your way towards right for sparkling outcomes. You can also rub the white chalk on the greasy stains and wipe it off using a microfiber cloth.

4. Wash Your Windows

Thorough cleaning of windows allows natural light to penetrate inside your house. However, with time, window glasses become dull due to dust, dirt and stains.

Before moving out of a rental property, make sure you wash windows using natural cleaning products.

First, remove accumulated dust and dirt from window sills, frames and glasses using a microfiber cloth.

Spray the white vinegar and warm soapy water and wipe it off using a squeegee. Move the tool in the downward direction to get rid of excess water and soap residue. This won’t leave streaks behind while cleaning your windows.

5. Clean & Disinfect Bathrooms

Do not forget to clean and disinfect your dirty bathroom surfaces, such as walls, tile grouts, shower head, curtains, bathtub, toilet, counter and faucets. You spruce up every nook and cranny using the best products. Make sure you start from the top to eliminate dust, dirt, rust stains, calcium stains and grime.

Also, disinfect germ-laden areas, such as toilet seat, doorknobs, counters, taps and towel rails. A clean bathroom can help you get the bond back after passing the rental inspection.

You always have an option to hire professional end of lease cleaners in Adelaide for a stress-free move-out experience.

6. Sparkle Clean Your Carpets

Delicate floor coverings can make your house look visually appealing. However, daily wear and tear can make them look dull and old. If you are prepping your rental house, make sure you bring back the lost shine of your carpets and rugs naturally.

You can get rid of dust particles, pet hair, and other loose debris using a vacuum cleaner. For tough stains, apply the white vinegar solution using a microfiber cloth and blot it gently. Do not rub the carpet as it can damage the fibres and make it look dull.

Also, sprinkle baking soda to get rid of stains, bad smell and kill germs. Leave it overnight and vacuum clean the next day for better results.


It is important to follow these great tips that will help you get your deposited security back without any rental dispute. If you want to increase the bond retrieval chances, then hire professionals for a detailed end of lease cleaning in Adelaide. You can take assistance from an experienced company that can give you a 100 % bond money guarantee at the best price.