Useful Disinfecting Tips To Kill Household Germs And Bacteria

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Useful Disinfecting Tips To Kill Household Germs And Bacteria

By : Jessica Williams
When you clean your home, you remove dirt and impurities from the surfaces and objects. It also reduces the number of germs and chances of infection but doesn’t kill the germs and harmful bacteria.

For that, you need to disinfect your household surfaces. It is an advanced process that destroys germs completely. So, disinfecting a surface after cleaning improves the overall hygiene of the house, which helps you to keep allergies, diseases and bacterial infections at bay.

However, it is essential that you disinfect your home in the correct way. People with busy schedules often hire professionals who offer thorough end of lease cleaning in Adelaide. They have expertise in cleaning and disinfecting a house so they complete the task perfectly. However, you can also accomplish the task on your own by following some guidelines.

Read in to know about useful disinfecting tips to kill household germs and bacteria.

Always Disinfect a Surface after Cleaning

One of the most common mistakes people make is disinfecting a surface without cleaning it. These two approaches function in separate ways on dust, dust mites, dirt, and germs.

If you haven’t removed the dirt from a surface, then it will promote the growth of germs even if you disinfect the spot. Always remember that both the methods have their importance so you can replace them with one another.

Do not Wipe Away Disinfectants Immediately

You spray the disinfectant solution on a surface and wipe it away quickly when cleaning your household surfaces. You need to understand that disinfectant needs at least a few minutes to work. So, if you want to kill germs and bacteria, spray the solution on the surface and wait a few minutes before wiping it clean.

Avoid Store-Bought Products

If you are using store-bought disinfectants, then you are making a mistake. Most of these products are loaded with harmful chemicals that can pollute the indoor air and lead to skin and eye irritation, allergies, etc. Therefore, you should also use eco-friendly products.

Professionals, who offer eco-friendly end of lease cleaning in Adelaide, usually prefer hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol to disinfect a surface or object. These are cheaper and equally effective against microbes. There are many more reasons to make the switch to natural cleaning products, and you should be aware of them.

Do Not Use Disinfectant in Excess Quantity

People have the misconception that applying disinfectants in excess quantity is beneficial because it will kill more germs. However in reality, it is only a waste of the time, energy and resources. Disinfectants kill germs and bacteria when used in the correct proportion. So, when disinfecting your home, follow the instructions on the products.

Focus on High-Touch Points

One of the most effective ways to kill household germs and bacteria is by disinfecting the high-touch points of the house. These spots include the doorknobs, kitchen countertop, stove knobs, handle of the appliances, drawers and cabinets, faucets, light switches, toilet flush lever and so on.

These spots allow the virus and bacteria to spread from one member to all other members. So, make sure you clean and disinfect the spots regularly.

Use One Product at a Time

Many people use different disinfectants available in Adelaide market at the same time and expect it will destroy the germs and bacteria more effectively. However, this is not how things work.

The ingredients present in different products can cancel out each other’s effectiveness if you use them simultaneously. Also, different chemicals can react inappropriately and cause a lot of harm. Therefore, you should always use one product at a time.

Wash your Hands before Disinfecting a Surface

If you want to get the best possible result, make sure you wash your hands properly after completing the cleaning and before disinfecting a surface. It is essential because the dirt and germs get on to hands when you clean a surface.

Then when you disinfect surfaces, the grime and microbes get spread to other surfaces. So wash your hand with soap after cleaning to ensure there are no germs on it. After disinfecting your household surfaces and objects, rewash your hand to ensure no solution residue is present on your skin.

Disinfect with Clean Supplies

Before you disinfect any surface, ensure that the duster, sponge, brush, etc., you are using to sanitise your abode is free from dirt and germs. Otherwise, the tools will only spread the dirt, germs and bacteria from the last cleaning. So, after completing the task each time, make sure you thoroughly clean and disinfect all your tools.

The Bottom Line

Disinfecting your home doesn’t have to be stressful if you follow the tips mentioned above. It will help you to complete the task in a hassle-free manner and improve the indoor air quality. If you want to avoid the hassle of cleaning and disinfecting your entire house, hire experienced end of lease cleaners in Adelaide. They will give you the best possible result.