What Is Property Condition Report & Its Purpose?

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landlord and tenant inspecting a property at the end of lease period

What Is Property Condition Report & Its Purpose?

By : Jessica Williams
A property condition report is the document that tenants receive from their property owner at the start of the lease period. The report states the condition of the rental living space in detail.

After reading it, tenants get to know about the condition of every single spot like toilet, fixtures and fittings. If you had received a similar document when you moved in, it is essential to keep it safe because you will need it at the end of the lease period. The property condition report becomes the reference point when you move out of the property.

It will be used to check whether any damage caused during your stay. If there is any damage, then it is your responsibility to repair or replace it. Similarly, if you have received a clean and shiny property, you also need to clean it thoroughly before moving out.

Otherwise, the property owner can deduct a hefty amount from your security deposit. That is why tenants prefer to hire professionals to get the best end of lease cleaning in Adelaide. They use advanced tools and the latest methods to get the job done perfectly.

Read on to know more about the property condition report and its purpose.

Why Property Condition Report is Important

This report is important evidence at the end of the tenancy, in case there is a dispute regarding cleaning or damages in the property. Therefore, as a tenant, you must spend some time checking the report and make sure that it precisely reflects the property condition.

It is advisable to take photos of the property before moving in and providing a copy to your property owner as a record of the condition. If it is not possible for you to visit the property, make sure that the property manager performs the inspection and sends you a written report with relevant photographs. Before you sign the report, it is essential that you and your landlord agree on the same report.

Most Common Areas in Property Condition Report

Different report documents include various major and minor spots of the property. However, there are some common areas that are more or less same in every report. You must clean them properly before moving out.

Ceiling Corner & Fan 

One of the most common areas mentioned in the report is the ceiling corner & fans of all the rooms. So, make sure you clean before moving out! Remove the cobwebs from the corners with a long-handled broom before removing the dust from the blades of the fan. Remove the stubborn dirt with a wet cloth.

Light Fittings

The light fitting is another important spot that is always mentioned in the report. To clean them properly, remove them and wipe them with a microfibre duster. If it still looks dirty, clean it with a damp cloth or wash it in the dishwasher. Finally, wipe with a clean, dry cloth and put it back in its place.

Kitchen Appliances

You also need to clean your entire kitchen but spend more time on the kitchen appliances, particularly the oven. It is one of those spots that landlords carefully examine during final inspection. To remove the grease, dirt, food stains, etc., from the inside of the oven, you can either use oven cleaner or natural products like vinegar and baking soda.

Kitchen & Bathroom Tiles

Another vital spot that is generally included in the report is the tiles of the bathroom and kitchen. The tiles collect all sorts of dirt, grease, dust, etc., over time. Cleaning such a spot can be an overwhelming task at the end of tenancy, but you can make it easier and more effective by hiring experts who offer reliable end of lease cleaning in Adelaide.

Toilet & Sink

The toilet and bathroom sink are also mentioned in the report, so clean the spots perfectly. Make sure that you remove all the stains from your toilet and sinks, and the faucets look sparkling clean. To clean the toilet, you can either use a commercial cleaner or natural cleaning ingredients like vinegar and baking soda. 


The windows of the property should also look immaculate. If there are any damages then first, you should repair it or replace it. To clean the surface thoroughly, spray the vinegar-water solution on the glass and scrub with a soft sponge. Finally, wipe with a squeegee.


One of the most common factors for the rental dispute between the tenants and property owner is the substandard cleaning of the carpets. If you want to get back your bond money without any conflict, make sure you clean the carpets perfectly. If required, contact professional cleaners and opt for the best carpet cleaning in Adelaide.


Another common spot mentioned in the report is the wall, so you need to make sure that it looks clean during the inspection. So, first, remove the dust with a duster and then remove crayon stains and scuff marks. If it is too dirty to clean, paint the wall properly.

Take Away

If any issue arises regarding the cleanliness or damages in the premises, the property condition report is used as evidence by the court to decide who is liable. So before you move out, make sure to repair or replace the damaged spots and clean the property as per the report. Hire professional end of lease cleaners in Adelaide to clear the final inspection without any stress.