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5 Essential Spots You’re Forgetting To Vacuum And Clean In Your Home

5 Essential Spots You’re Forgetting To Vacuum And Clean In Your Home
  • admin
  • Jul 02 2019

We all know how important it is to live in a clean house that is free from harmful germs, dust and grime. However, when it comes to cleaning, we always take a step back due to laziness and shortage of time, and try to finish it half-heartedly. And that is where we make a mistake! In the process of cleaning, we overlook a lot of places that we cannot afford to miss.

As these places stay dirty, the dust keeps accumulating. Hiring professional bond cleaners in Mawson Lakes is the best option to clean your homes thoroughly. However, with little patience and know-how, you can easily maintain the cleanliness of your house with the help of basic cleaning equipment.

Here is a list of places that people often forget to vacuum and clean. Know about these essential spots so that you can deep clean your home next time. Let’s have a look.

1. Under The furniture

We often notice dust and grime when we look under a bed or sofa and quickly capture it with the help of a vacuum or dust mop. But when was the last time you looked for dirt at the bottom of the furniture? This is an essential spot that people in Mawson Lakes usually neglect during the cleaning process.

You will be surprised to find the amount of dirt and cobwebs at the bottom of bed frames, table braces and chair seats. Use a proper cleaning equipment like dusting wand or a vacuum cleaner to get rid of the dust, spider webs and eggs and other harmful germs. Thus, you should always do a deep clean at least once a month.

2. Walls And Baseboards

If you think that vertical surfaces do not get as dirty as the horizontal ones, think again! If you open the curtains and allow the light to spread on the wall, you will be surprised to see the amount of dust and dirt on the wall. In case you have textured wallpaper, your walls are most likely to attract more dust.

And when you do the cleaning of your home, this is another spot that stays unnoticed. Cleaning walls is quite easy and not at all time-consuming. Start at the top of the wall and work your way down with a duster that can absorb dust particles.

Do not forget to clean any soil or stray marks that may be around the door knobs and light switches. Once you are done with the walls, pay attention to the baseboards, which are usually dirty. People often miss this spot during the cleaning process. A lot of dust can get deposited on those tiny ledges.

If you are leaving a rental property and forget to clean the baseboards after end of lease cleaning or overlook the mould in your house, your landlord can deduct a hefty amount from the bond money. Thus you must wipe the baseboards down using a damp cloth.

3. Top Of Picture Frames, Doors And Cabinets

Take your time when you are cleaning your home because if you are in a hurry, you might miss places like the top of picture frames, door and cabinets. If you haven’t cleaned these places for the last couple of months, you will find way more dirt and dust than what you are expecting.

Thus, cleaning the top of door frames, ceiling corners, tall storage cabinets, and picture frames should be a part of your daily cleaning regimen. A cleaning duster with a long handle is the best cleaning equipment for capturing the dust and spider webs from these places.

4. Closet Floor

When shelves are piled high, things fall on you when you open the closet door and clothes are crammed together, it’s time to clean the closet! But what is most appropriate to clean the floor of the closet? This specific area – particularly when they are carpeted – can get dusty and dirty in the blink of an eye due to the dirt and soil that comes along with the shoes.

If you don’t clean the carpet for an extended period, it can become a breeding ground for mould and mildew. Moreover, insects like carpet beetles can damage your favourite clothes. Thus, it is essential that you clean these places using a vacuum cleaner thoroughly or hire bond cleaners in Mawson Lakes.

5. Vacuum Cleaners And Cleaning Tools

We continuously use our cleaning tools to remove the dust and dirt from various spots and items but do not realise that these tools need cleaning too. If you have used an equipment for cleaning the bathroom and are using the same dirty cleaning tool, you are spreading the dirt and germs around.

Thus, your vacuum cleaner, scrubbing brushes, duster, and mop must be cleaned from time to time. Most of these items can be cleaned in hot, soapy water and then allowed to get dry in the air. There are also some filters that could be washed or changed.


When your life gets busy, keeping your house clean can be a challenging task. Factors like shortage of time, lack of interest and inadequate knowledge about cleaning do not allow your home to look clean and organised. Although a bond cleaning company in Mawson Lakes is the best option, knowing where exactly you are lacking can also help you to get the result you want. The list mentioned above enlists all the essential spots that people often miss during the cleaning process. However, make sure that you don’t overlook any of these places.