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5 Kinds Of Oil Stains Found In Every Home And How To Tackle Them

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5 Kinds Of Oil Stains Found In Every Home And How To Tackle Them
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  • Jul 18 2019

When we clean our homes, we successfully get rid of the dust, dirt and germs from all the surfaces. However, the oil stains are a challenge to remove. These stains often get overlooked as they do not leave behind a bright coloured stain such as the ones created by coffee, ketchup and red wine.

The oil stains are just a little darker than the surrounding fabric. Like any other stain, the most annoying thing about the oil stain is that the longer you leave it unattended, the darker it will become. And if you keep it like that for too long, it can become permanent.

People opt for reliable bond cleaners in Blakeview to tackle such stains on carpets or in the kitchen. However, if you have enough time in hand and are aware of the correct ways of resolving the issue, you can give it a try. Here is a list of the oil stains that are usually found in every household and the best ways to tackle them. Let’s have a look:

1. Oil Stain on Clothes

Whether it is a stain from your meal preparation or grease from the bike, oil stains look pretty bad on the clothes. However, it doesn’t mean that you need to get rid of your favourite top or trousers. Most of the people find it challenging to clean it but getting oil out of the clothes is not impossible.

How to Tackle?

Take a drop of shampoo or dishwashing soap on a clean dampened sponge and consider it as a pre-washing stain remover. Gently use it on the mark to loosen the stain before you wash it. This makes it easier to remove oil stains from clothes.

If the oil stain is still visible, take a paper towel or a clean cloth and press the stain on both sides. This will absorb the excess oil. At last, wash your clothing in the washing machine.

2. Wooden Floor Oil Stains

In case you don’t know, wooden floors can absorb oil and other liquids that touch the surface. A little bit of oil is fine as it polishes the wooden surface, but a big spill is most likely to leave a stain. However, there is an excellent way to absorb oil and clean the wood.

Here is How to Tackle It

First, you need to pour a sufficient amount of absorbent powder like baking soda or sawdust until it becomes a thick layer (around 1/4 inch) and leave it for overnight. Next morning, you must vacuum up the powder. If you still find a stain, repeat the step as many times as you want to remove it completely.

After that, mix a small amount of water and dish liquid within a bowl. Use the solution and a scrub brush to remove the stain. Be gentle, or it can scratch the surface. Then use a dry cloth to get rid of the oil and soap residue.

3. Carpet Oil Stains

Carpets not only give your feet an exceptional feeling but also improve the beauty of your room. But when it comes to cleaning stains, it is one of the worst surfaces. An oil stain on carpets is like a nightmare.

Despite all the efforts to maintain cleanliness, your carpet becomes the victim of spills, drops, accidents, and so on. Dirty carpets are highly responsible for the deduction of bond money of the tenants during final inspection in Blakeview. Thus, you should always keep them clean.

How to tackle?

To get rid of oil stains, mix dishwashing liquid ¼ (teaspoon) in lukewarm water (1 cup) but make sure the liquid you are using doesn't have bleach or lanolin in it. As these can damage the surface or fade its colour.

Apply the solution with a sponge onto the stain. Blot the specific area of the carpet until the stain is no longer noticeable. If you can still see the mark of the stain, hire professional bond cleaners in Blakeview as they have the right tools, experience and technical knowledge to do the job.

4. Kitchen Oil Stain

When you are cooking your meal, particularly frying something, the oil is most likely to spread around the pan. So, oil stains on kitchen countertops are quite common. But if you keep it for long time, it can get stubborn and become difficult to remove. Most of the people use granite or marble countertops in the kitchen where they witness oil stains.

How to Tackle?

Properly mix baking soda and water (both 1 cup) and prepare a thick paste. Now, apply the paste on the stains and cover the area with a plastic wrap. Also, you should tape down the edges for maximum effect. Allow it to settle down for a couple of days before you wash off the paste. If the stain is still visible, repeat the process once again.

5. Cement Floor Oil Stains

Oil stains on cement floors are a common scenario in garages. Although cleaning the stains is not difficult, you should always try to prevent them. Experienced homeowners in Blakeview usually keep sheets of cardboard to catch the spills and protect the floor when mixing oil with gas or changing the oil.

Always remember that the oil stains not only diminish the beauty of the floor but also make it slippery, increasing the chances of an accident. Moreover, if these stains are not removed in time, they can become a cause for deduction in your bond money at the end of the tenancy. So, you should clean it the moment you notice it.

How to Tackle?

When there is an oil stain on the cement floor, scrubbing can be a bad idea as it will make the stain only bigger. You need to make efforts so that the spills can get absorbed. Sprinkle a layer of talcum powder on the oil stain and allow it to settle down overnight.

Next day, get rid of the powder and use a paper towel to absorb the remaining residue. Now, as you have taken out almost the entire oil from the floor, apply laundry detergent or dishwashing liquid on the stain and use a brush. Then, rinse with hot water and repeat the procedure if you are not satisfied with the result.


Removing different types of oil stains can be a difficult task but not impossible once you get motivated to clean. With a little know-how, you can make sure that your home is free from oil stains and other dirt and dust particles. You need to remember that irrespective of the type of oil stain, you should try to clean it at the earliest. Otherwise, it will turn into a stubborn stain. You can hire bond cleaners in Blakeview, especially for carpet and kitchen cleaning, but first, try the methods mentioned here to get rid of oil stains quickly, permanently and in a hassle-free manner.