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6 Bathroom Items You Should Clean or Replace ASAP

items in bathroom that need to be sanitised or replaced
6 Bathroom Items You Should Clean or Replace ASAP
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  • May 21 2019

Considering the utility of bathrooms in our everyday lives, let us agree that they deserve special attention and proper cleaning. You might be cleaning the tub, toilet, shower glass, and sink once in a while, but there are plenty of items in the bathroom that are probably neglected. And these particular items can make your bathroom look untidy.

You can contact professional bond cleaners in Glenelg to deep clean your home, especially the bathroom. However, if you want to clean the bathroom for an extended period, you need to give importance to the minute details in the bathroom. Here is a list of bathroom items that you should clean time to time, and if required, it must be replaced at the earliest. Let's look at the things one by one.

1. Look At Your Hairbrush

An average person sheds around 100 strands a day, and the hair accumulates in your hairbrush. And when you don't make an effort to clean it, the hairbrush attracts dust, dirt, oils, hair products, and even dust mites.

This is not something that you would want to deposit on your clean scalp every day. Thus, you need to clean your brush at least once in two to three weeks by gently washing in warm and soapy water, before placing it back on the bathroom counter-top. Use a clean toothbrush or your fingers to scrub the base of the bristles.

2. Check Your Bathroom Mats

The frequency of cleaning the bath mats depends on how many people in Glenelg are using a bath mat and how often they are using it. The more time your bathroom mat remains wet, the more regularly you need to clean it.

This is because the moisture and the warmth in the bathroom make it a breeding ground for mould, fungi and mildew. You can simply put the bath mat in the washing machine with a couple of bath towels - and if the bath mat is coloured, the water should be cold. In case it has a rubber back, you can air dry it.

3. Check Your Loofah

We all love scrubbing with loofahs but do not realise that these loofahs can be an ideal environment for mould, bacteria, and yeast as it accumulates all the exfoliated dead skin cells that you have rubbed off in previous washes.

That is why, most of the experts in Glenelg recommend you to replace loofahs once every three to four weeks with natural sponges and if you have the plastic material, every two months would be perfect. To keep them clean and bacteria-free, dry them after each use and do not use them immediately after you shave.

4. Clean Your Toilet Brushes

Toilet brushes undoubtedly have one of the dirtiest jobs of all and the brushes usually go uncleaned. You must clean it by soaking the toilet brush in a bucket full of hot water and do not forget to add a sufficient amount of bleach. After an hour or so, remove the brush from the bucket and rinse it properly with hot water. This will help to remove grime, bacteria and faecal matter.

5. Clean The Toilet Flusher

People usually clean their toilet bowl, but the flusher, which everybody touches before washing their hand at the sink, often gets overlooked and stays dirty and unhygienic.

Thus, to stop the spreading of germs, bacteria, and faecal matter, you should give the toilet handle a proper wipe-down whenever you clean the toilet bowl. People often hire professional cleaners in Glenelg for deep bathroom cleaning. However, you can take care of these small things to keep the bathroom neat and clean.

6. Replace The Expired Medication

The expired medicine that has been sitting in your medicine cabinet for the last three years needs to go. Medicines usually have a shelf life of two to three years. After that, the medicines not only start to lose their potency; they can even cause serious side effects.

So, there's no point in holding onto such medicines. You should always check the expiry date on all of your medications and get rid of the expired ones immediately. Do not forget to read the label of the medicines to find the safest way of disposal.


People usually take out some time to clean the most critical things in the bathroom like toilet, mirror, shower glass, sink and so on, but often overlook the significance of cleaning small items that complete the bathroom. If you can clean the bathroom items mentioned above, the bathroom will become a further cleaner and healthier place.