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6 Smart Cleaning Hacks Every Pet Owner Should Know

6 Smart Cleaning Hacks Every Pet Owner Should Know
  • Jessica Williams
  • Jan 29 2020

Keeping a living space clean for a pet owner is quite a challenging task. Looking after their health, daily routine, the environment and the mess they leave behind around the home is undoubtedly a full-time job. There is no denying the fact that pets like cats and dogs bring joy and happiness to our lives. They share a close bond with their owners and help in alleviating stress level.

However, pet owners must ensure that the surroundings are kept clean by accumulated and disposing of animal waste properly. If you want to keep your home clean and hygienic, then regular cleaning is a must. Make sure you remove pet hairs, dandles, and fur from furniture, carpets and other surfaces, especially if you have small kids too. You need to keep your floors free from germs and bacteria.

You can vacuum your carpets or sweep your floors on a frequent basis, but there are some smart cleaning hacks that will make your job easier. But before discussing these hacks, it is imperative for you to know that hiring professionally-trained experts for a thorough end of lease cleaning in Adelaide.

Instead of doing it yourself, you should take their assistance because they carry all the necessary cleaning tools and equipment for sparkling results. Make sure you hire them before the final inspection of your rental premises.

But if you are a pet owner and looking for some easy yet effective DIY cleaning hacks, then have a look at the following tips:

1. Use Duct Tape to Remove Pet Hair

This may sound weird, but duct tape can work wonders in removing embedded pet hair from fabric furniture and carpets. The stickiness of tape makes it super easy for you to get rid of pet hair or accumulated pet fur from upholstery.

This method works faster and effective than vacuuming. A cloth or sponge wrapped with duct tape works amazing for getting into tight spaces between the seats.

All you need to do is to wrap the duct tape around the paint roller cover. Make sure the sticky part is outside. Now, roll the paint cover over the carpet or furniture to lift the pet hair and fur. You can change the tape if the surface gets covered full of hair.

This is one of the best methods that give you desired outcomes without much effort.

2. Spruce up Upholstery with Baking Soda

Is there an unpleasant pet smell lurking in your upholstered chair? If yes, then try this cleaning hack using one of the best natural cleaning ingredients, i.e, baking soda.

Start by sprinkling a pinch of baking soda on the affected area and let it sit for 20-30 minutes. The baking soda not only kills bad odours but also removes light stains from the fabric.

After 30 minutes, you can remove the baking soda using a handheld vacuum or a hose attachment for your large vacuum.

3. Invest in a UV Black Light

Whether you have a rebellious cat or a dog, you may not always be able to find out where they have had an accident inside your house. Fortunately, this UV black lights work wonders in locating the urine stains in your home. You can use this technology to detect such stains and make your house look and feel fresh again.

4. Buy Doggy Door Mats

Your four-legged member can get muddy paw prints over a variety of surfaces such as floors, carpets or furniture. Cleaning muddy stains can be a tough and time-consuming task for you. Instead of scrubbing off stains, you can invest in doggy doormats.

You can put them at doors that your pet is constantly going through so you can wipe his muddy paws before he enters the living room.

5. Clean up your Pet with a Vacuum

Instead of using a brush to clean your pet, you can use a vacuum cleaner. You can use the vacuum with an upholstery attachment to brush the pet. This will help you remove loose fur without any mess.

The vacuum cleaner fetches all the loose hair so that you don’t need to spend extra time cleaning up your room. This saves you time and efforts so that you can spend your quality time with your pet.

6. Use a Drain Strainer

You can gather pet hair during his bath time with a strainer fitted on the drain area. You can use a basket strainer to gather pet hair. Make sure you invest in a good quality of strainer if your pet shreds heavily. Ask your local plumber in Adelaide to install it to protect your pipes.

It is always good to keep your pet as well as living space clean if you want a healthy home environment. Of course, pets can help people who are suffering from mental illness to manage their condition. But as a responsible pet owner, make sure you follow these hacks and other important cleaning tips religiously for a clean and hygienic home. Here are some quick cleaning tips that will help you a lot:

  • Prepare a homemade air freshener using baking soda and natural essential oil. This can make your home smell fresh all day long.
  • Hang your leashes on a wall-mounted key hook. This is a great place to store bags for collecting pet’s waste along the walk.
  • Run a squeegee over carpets and rugs to pick up loose pet hairs and stragglers.


These are six smart cleaning hacks for every pet owner that can make their work easier. You can follow these tricks and make your house look cleaner. In case you are moving out of your rental premises, then look for professionals who can perform the best end of lease cleaning in Adelaide. They can use the best tricks to keep your property looking sparkling clean before the final inspection.