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8 Simple Things People Miss during End of Lease Cleaning

8 Simple Things People Miss during End of Lease Cleaning
  • Jessica Williams
  • Feb 01 2018

Moving homes in Adelaide are stressful enough. If you are deciding on to end your lease and move to a new place, the first thing that comes up in your mind is getting the house clean before handing over the keys to the landlord.

You have to make your premise flawlessly clean so that it assures to get back your bond money. But there are so many areas to handle while relocating that nobody wants to take the pain of cleaning the premise thoroughly.

Moreover, there are some commonly ignored areas which most of the housekeeping cleaners or house owners forget to clean. These areas may be difficult to reach, or they are so out of sight that they do not catch your eye.

Making your house completely clean is vital if you wish to get your bond back. Landlords and estate agents are looking for a chance to point out a flaw in your cleaning so that they can deduct a significant amount from the bond money.

To save yourself from any such situation people prefer to hire professionals at the end of lease cleaning in Adelaide. They are experienced in this field and exactly know what the end of lease cleaning is all about.
However, if you are doing it by yourself, there are a few areas that you must not overlook. Let’s take a look:

1. Baseboards/Skirting Boards

We keep the floors clean, but baseboards or the skirting boards of your home acquire just as much as dirt and dust as floors do. These get most dirty and are present in all rooms, but we tend to overlook them. Wipe down these baseboards and trim. It will make your room brand new again.

2. Switches, handles, knobs

Doorknobs or switches get dirty quickly as lots of hands touch these elements every day the most. They tend to get mixed with the walls and doors and thus get ignored, which can make the whole room look dirty. So make sure you clean them during your end of lease cleaning. Telephones and other frequently touched surfaces should also be taken care in the same way.

3. Behind the toilet

Toilet itself gets filthy the most. You do clean the toilet and its floor area but tend to miss the back of the pot. The walls and floors behind the toilet should be adequately cleaned. Make sure that your bathroom and shower are in their best conditions before handling your home to the landlord.

4. Air Vents

Air vents collect a lot of dust and filter out, but a considerable portion of it gets stuck in the duct. As it is tucked away or up in the ceiling, it quickly gets unnoticed. Make sure to clean and wipe them down so that it looks cleaner as your landlord will have an eye for this area during the end of lease inspection.

5. Oven, Washing machine, refrigerators

Oven cleaning is a very tedious task and has been the leading cause of losing bond money. It’s not easy to clean the oven door, racks and side rack holders all by yourself. Same is the case with other home appliances like refrigerators, washing machines etc. People mostly clean the inside of the refrigerators, but they forget to clean it from outside. Food remains, dust and dirt get stuck on the outer doors of refrigerators, washing machines etc.

It is very common to forget cleaning behind and under appliances. We use these appliances daily, and they become grimy day by day. Many times, landlords may find horrible surprises from these crumbs and dirt developing behind the stove if you don’t take clean it properly.

6. Window blinds

Window blinds are the worst to clean. They get soiled very easily and quickly. Moreover, it is quite difficult to clean them as they cover large areas. Hence, never miss out on these window blinds at your end of lease cleaning. You have to wipe each slat separately starting from top to bottom. Then only your room will look bright again and be ready for inspection.

7. Painting it all over

When you start living in a place, you hang up a lot of photo frames or paintings on the shelves and the walls to make your house look beautiful. But once you bring these frames down, all you can see is a lot of holes and patches. Due to which your landlord can deduct a significant amount from your bond money to repaint the house. Hence it is essential to refill those holes by yourself and make it presentable again just as it was before. You can either get these holes filled or just give the place a fresh coat of paint. It will help in making things look brand new again.

8. Ceiling corners

Ceiling corners may not get much notice, but they look very untidy most of the times. You can reach the corners with one of your vacuum cleaner attachments, according to the height of your ceilings. If the room has a higher ceiling, then you can use a ladder. Do not forget to remove these cobwebs regularly, so that end of lease cleaning becomes more comfortable.


Leaving your house cleaned thoroughly is your responsibility when you have to do end of lease cleaning. Whether you are doing it yourself or you have hired professional cleaners, it is your job to check and take care that the entire house is polished.

The best resort for this is hiring professionals like Bond Cleaning in Adelaide, who are well-trained for the job, to clean the premise correctly. They are very well aware of the areas that get missed easily during cleaning, and hence they pay particular attention towards them. If you don’t want to take any chance, then you must seek their help and get the best results.