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9 Clever Cleaning Hacks For Hard-To-Reach Spaces

9 Clever Cleaning Hacks For Hard-To-Reach Spaces
  • Jessica Williams
  • Apr 05 2021
During regular house cleaning, it is common for people to neglect sanitisation of hard-to-reach spots. These areas can be the spaces under furniture or heavy items, nooks and crannies, tracks, ceilings, and many others.

Since these spots are regularly overlooked while cleaning, they can accumulate dust, dirt, moisture, mould, and various other contaminants that pollute the indoor air and cause bad smells. Sanitising and disinfecting these areas frequently is important to maintain the household hygiene and health of your family.

It becomes even more important when you are at the end of your tenancy and need to perform a deep clean. You can hire professional end of lease cleaners in Adelaide to spruce the entire property. Alternatively, you can use the following clever cleaning hacks for hard-to-reach spaces and make your home sparkle.

1. Wrap Microfiber Cloths around Tongs

Cleaning tracks, frames, and blinds of windows and doors in your house can be challenging even with the narrow crevice tool attachment of your vacuum cleaner. Try using thin microfiber cloths wrapped around tongs to collect dust, dirt, and moisture from these areas.

Microfiber cloths are often used by professional end of lease cleaners in Adelaide because they are anti-microbial and trap contaminants better than cotton rags.

2. Use Toothbrushes

Don’t have a cleaning brush small enough to remove scum from faucets, toilets, corners, etc.? Use old toothbrushes to scrub hard-to-reach nooks, crannies and bends of surfaces and fixtures in your home. Use brushes with narrow heads and bendable necks instead of regular ones to make it easier to jab them in cramped areas and clean.

3. Use White Vinegar for Descaling

It can be difficult to remove limescale and mineral deposits from the showerhead, drain rings openings, u-bend of the toilet, and various other areas. But you can wash away these stains without using harmful and harsh chemicals by applying white vinegar.

Whichever fixture you want to clean, saturate it with the solution and ensure it remains wet for at least 30-45 minutes. White vinegar can dissolve the mineral deposits naturally and without producing suffocating fumes.

4. Use Smart Cleaning Tools

Invest in smart cleaning tools that make sanitising hard to reach spots less cumbersome and time consuming for you. By using smart cleaning tools, you can sanitise and disinfect different parts of the house effectively and efficiently like professional end of lease cleaners in Adelaide.

For example, use a rubber squeegee and scrubber tool with a telescopic rod to clean high window panes. Similarly, you should buy tools like microfiber cleaning glove, extendable & bendable duster, etc.

5. Use Q-tips

Appliances, gadgets, fixtures, keyboards, and various other objects in your home collect dust, and you cannot wash or clean them with regular tools. Dip Q-tips in a multipurpose cleaning solution or rubbing alcohol to remove dirt and debris from buttons, bends, bolds, embossments and other areas.

Since the tips are small and soft they can clean various items in your house without any hassle or damage.

6. Use Baking Soda on Carpets and Upholstery

It is challenging to get rid of debris, allergens, and dust embedded deep into carpets and upholstery fibres. But if you sprinkle these surfaces with baking soda and let the powder dwell for 30 minutes, it can absorb dirt, moisture, and bad smells. After the dwell time is over, vacuum and clean the carpets or upholstery thoroughly.

7. Make Empty Toilet Paper Roll as a Vacuuming Hose

If your crevice tool cannot reach narrow tracks and spaces in your home, get creative and create a flexible hose with a cardboard tube of toilet paper. Since these tubes or rolls are pliable, you can cut or flatten them to fit into narrow spaces.

8. Use Cleaning Gel/Slime to Remove Contaminants

Cleaning keyboards, remote controls, appliances, and various other items with dirty crevices is easy with cleaning gel or slime available online or in stores. Press the product onto areas of the gadget or electrical you want to clean, and it will pick up dust, dirt, and debris immediately.

9. Get Microfiber Duster Sticks

To remove dust, dirt, and debris from carved surfaces, baseboards, grills, and various other areas, use microfiber cleaning sticks suitable for dusting and removing grime. Use the sticks dry or wet with cleaning solutions to sanitise without any hassle or worry. Even professional end of lease cleaners in Adelaide use microfiber cleaning products to spruce properties effectively and efficiently.


Clean your home like a pro by sanitising hard-to-reach areas using the useful cleaning hacks mentioned above. With the right tools and techniques, cleaning nooks, crannies, crevices, and various other hard to reach spaces is easy and manageable.

Cleaning and sanitising every part of your house is essential, especially if you are a tenant. Even if you plan to take the assistance of professional end of lease cleaners in Adelaide, it would be wise to regularly clean hard-to-reach spaces by applying these hacks.