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9 Ways To Get Your Home Sparkling Clean This Christmas

9 Ways To Get Your Home Sparkling Clean This Christmas
  • Jessica Williams
  • Nov 08 2021
The moment you think about Christmas, the first thing that strikes your mind is a thorough house cleaning. This time of the year is all about hosting sumptuous parties, inviting guests to the home and enjoying delectable delicacies with loved ones.

However, before the arrival of Christmas Eve, make sure you prepare your abode by eliminating unwanted stuff, accumulated dust, nasty stains, spills, mould, mildew and bad smell from every nook and cranny.

You can also prefer hiring professionals for an impeccable end of lease cleaning in Adelaide if you are moving during the public holidays. They will assist you in transforming your rented property into a sparkling abode so that you retrieve your full bond money.

If you want to achieve sparkling clean results this Christmas, consider the following cleaning tips. Here are 9 great ways that can make your home look clean, shiny and beautiful.

Let’s Get Started!

1. Choose the Right Day for Christmas Cleaning

It is important to get your entire family involved in the cleaning process. You can delegate tasks depending on the potential and age of each family member. If you want teamwork, you need to choose the ideal day and time so that everyone can assist you in different cleaning chores without making any excuse.

You can choose a weekend when your spouse and kids have enough time for deep cleaning. Make sure you spruce up the living room, bathrooms, kitchen area, patio area, bedrooms, etc. For that, you require a lot of time, energy and the right set of tools and products.

It is good to prepare everything in advance for quick and effective outcomes.

2. De-clutter Your Home

This is one of the crucial steps to help you achieve a well-organised and clean home with ease. Before getting into the cleaning phase, make sure you inspect all your rooms and get rid of unwanted items. It could be anything, ranging from your old clothing to furniture pieces, etc.

You can toss the broken or expired items while donating pre-loved and well-maintained items is the best way to celebrate this beautiful festival.

3. Keep Your Entryway Clean

Leave great first impression on your guests by sprucing up your entryway. De-clutter this particular area and add extra hangers for guests’ coats. Also, clean your shoe rack, wash rugs and spot clean walls.

4. Sparkle Clean Your Windows

Cleaning and washing windows, frames, and sills can uplift the entire look and feel of your abode. You can get rid of pollutants, build-up of soil, dirt and dust from the glass and frames using white vinegar and soapy warm water solution.

Use a microfiber cloth or an old toothbrush to get into the crevices of your windows. Also, use a squeegee to get rid of soap residue and excess water. This will allow natural light to penetrate inside your rooms and bring positivity. After cleaning your windows, you can decorate them for the Christmas party.

You can also hire professional end of lease cleaners in Adelaide if you are concerned about your bond money. They will clean everything, including your windows.

5. Spot Clean Walls

If your painted walls are losing their shine and lustre, deeply clean them instead of applying a new coat of paint.

Deep cleaning your dirty windows before Christmas can significantly brighten up your home. First, remove lamps, picture frames and other hanging so that you can easily treat dust and stains.

You can use soapy water using mild detergent to remove stains and scuff marks from your walls. Scrub the stained surface using a soft cleaning sponge.

6. Pay Attention to Your Kitchen

It is fun to cook and bake delicious dishes for Christmas Eve with your loved ones. So, before trying out new recipes, make sure you spruce up every inch of your cooking area from top to bottom.

It should look clean, organised and germ-free. For that, you can start by organising your cabinets and cupboards. Get rid of unwanted items, such as expired bottles and food contents.

Do not forget to clean your oven, microwave and refrigerator inside and out. Use biodegradable products to treat stubborn stains, grime, grease and bad smell. Also, wipe down the countertop, stovetop, sink and faucets for sparkling results.

7. Revamp Your Floor Coverings

This is the best time to deep clean your plush carpets and rugs. It is good to vacuum clean your floor coverings to fetch accumulated dust, dirt, grime, footfall and pet hair embedded deep inside its fibres.

After that, treat stubborn stains, grime, soil and bad smell using safe and sound products. Make sure you often clean your carpets if you have a pet at home.  You can apply white vinegar and warm soapy water to bring back the lost shine of your carpets. Make sure you blot the surface with a clean cloth instead of scrubbing with a harsh brush.

8. Clean and Disinfect Bathrooms

Don’t forget to tidy up your bathrooms if you are planning to host a party at home. They need to be cleaned thoroughly. So, start by cleaning the air vents, shower head, shower glass, bathtub, toilet seat, tiles, grout lines, counter, sink and faucets using proper tools and products.

9. Clean the Floor and other Hard Surfaces

This is one of the most neglected chores when sprucing up a home. Make sure you sweep and mop the floors and get rid of stains and grime using soapy water. Apart from this, wipe off the baseboards, light switches, cabinet tops and other hard surfaces to get rid of dust and grime.


Achieve a sparkling clean home with the help of these tips and make a good impression on your guests and friends. You can also hire trained people for a thorough end of lease cleaning in Adelaide if you are at the end of your tenancy for the sake of your bond money.