A Clean Home With A Dog: 9 Foolproof Tips

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A Clean Home With A Dog: 9 Foolproof Tips

By : Jessica Williams
Having a furry creature running around the house is the best therapy for anyone. But your beloved dog can also create quite a mess in your home and leave dog hair everywhere.

Bond cleaning professionals in Adelaide have recommended nine foolproof tips to help you deep clean a house with pets, that are as follows:

1. Give Them The Right Food

Most dogs with healthy diets shed the appropriate amount and have healthy coats. When your dog starts shedding more hair than the average amount, you should keep a check on their diet.

You need to check what you are feeding your dog so that they get the right kind of nutrients necessary to keep them and their fur healthy. If you feel like they are still shedding too much even after a healthy diet, you should take them to your local vet for a checkup.

2. Groom Them Regularly

If you are finding dog hair everywhere, you should start grooming your dog every week to collect the hair in one place.

You can do this in the following ways:

  • Cleaning experts who offer end of lease cleaning in Adelaide recommend getting an excellent soft-bristle brush that you can use to brush your dog’s hair and you must also keep a bag ready to collect all the hair.
  • This will keep your home free from large tufts of hair flying all over the place and make it safer and more breathable.
  • You should also brush out any fleas from your dog’s hair and keep them healthy.
  • You must remember to wash and clean your pet brush and comb so that it is not full of dust and germs.
  • 3. Vacuum Your Home Regularly

    Another way you can keep your home clean even with a pet is by vacuuming your house regularly. This is because:

  • Your dog will be running around all over the house, so you must sweep and vacuum all your floors to get rid of any dirt and dust.
  • It would be best to use a vacuum with a long hose to get all the hair out from your carpets and keep them clean.
  • You can also use a metal brush after you have vacuumed to make sure no hair is stuck on your carpets.
  • If your carpets have a lot of dirt and dog hair, you can hire a cleaning professional in Adelaide to clean out your carpets properly, thus protecting your home.
  • 4. Keep Cleaning Rugs Near The Door

    One of the easiest ways to keep your home clean with a dog is to keep cleaning rugs near your door. You can use this to clean your dog’s muddy paws before they enter the home and thus prevent them from spreading this dirt and dust all around the house.

    If your dog has wet mud on its paws, you should use damp rugs to wipe your dog’s paws before they enter the house.

    5. Give Your Dog A Bath

    One of the best ways to keep your house clean is to make sure your dog is clean. You should bathe your dog every six weeks to ensure that its fur is healthy and free of pests and ticks.

    Use warm water to make the bath more soothing and relaxing for your dogs, and wipe them down properly in one place afterwards.

    6. Change Your Bedsheets

    One of the best cleaning tips for pet lovers by bond cleaning experts in Adelaide is to change your bedsheets every week. This will keep you safe from catching any allergies from all the dog hair flying around that can settle on your sheet.

    If you keep your dog on your bed often, you should dust your sheets outside regularly to get rid of any dust and pests.

    7. Keep Your Dogs Fit

    If your dogs are at home constantly, they will get bored and start destroying the pillows and cushions in your house. Therefore, you need to make your dog stay fit and healthy by taking them out for walks or playing with them outdoors.

    8. Put A Placemat Under Their Bowls

    It is common for most dogs to spill food and water onto the floors, so you need to put placemats under their bowls. You can then take these placemats and wash them in your laundry or by hand regularly to keep the area clean.

    It would also be best to wash your dog’s bowls regularly to prevent any bad-smelling odour to maintain the indoor air quality in your home.

    9. Hire Professional Cleaners In Adelaide

    If you want to spend time with your dog and keep a clean home, you can always hire professional cleaners in Adelaide to help you out.

    These experts know how to properly clean every room thoroughly and ensure they get all the hair tufts out of hidden areas. They also clean and properly disinfect your home to prevent any allergies and keep you and your pets safe from any bacteria and viruses.


    Follow the above nine steps to keep your home clean so that your dog can keep running around happily.