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Carpet Cleaning Equipment: What to Know Before You Spend?

Carpet Cleaning Equipment: What to Know Before You Spend?
  • Jessica Williams
  • Jul 09 2020

If you have a lot of carpets in your home, then an efficient carpet cleaning equipment would be a smart addition to your cleaning arsenal. It is designed to eliminate deeply rooted dirt and debris that a vacuum cleaner is not capable of.That is why professionals who perform end of lease cleaning in Adelaide always use this equipment to make the carpet look as clean as a new one. However, before you purchase or rent the equipment, you should know the basic things about the machine.

It will help you to pick the best option that will give you value for the money. Here are a few things to know before you spend on carpet cleaning equipment. Let’s have a look!

Know Your Schedule

One of the most important things that you should know before you spend on carpet cleaning equipment is your schedule. Carpet cleaning is a time taking process, so you should have enough time for that. If you have a hectic office schedule and also have a large social circle, the chances are high that you will not get enough time to deep clean the carpets.

In this scenario, the best option is to do the basic dusting yourself while hiring professionals, who offer a reliable end of lease cleaning in Adelaide, for carpet cleaning.

Learn about types of Carpet Cleaning Equipment

Before you invest money on the carpet cleaning equipment, you should have knowledge about the types of equipment available in the market. Some of the major types include:

  • Steam Cleaner or Carpet Extractor: It pumps a cleaning solution into the carpet, and then suck the solution with a high-powered vacuum.
  • Self-Contained Carpet Extractor: It works similar to the steam cleaner, but it also has a brush that scrubs the dirt effectively.
  • Extraction Restoration: This type of equipment has rinsing ability that cleans the dirt and chemicals comprehensively.

Understand your requirements

Before purchasing any cleaning equipment, you should understand your requirements and then search for a model that fulfils your requirements.

Consider the factors like whether you need it for your home or office, are you also going to clean the hard floor, how old the carpet is or what kinds of issues you usually face. Considering all these things will help you to choose the right equipment.

Determine your budget

The cost of the equipment shouldn’t be the only parameter to take the decision, but it is al vital factor for sure. So prepare a budget and search the models as per that budget.

However, if you are getting a good model with all the facilities for a higher price, there is nothing wrong with spending a little extra. All you need to focus on is that you are getting a good value for the money you are spending.

Weight of the Equipment

The weight of the carpet cleaning equipment is also an important point that you must consider before purchasing a model. Industrial cleaners are heavy and work more powerfully, so it can be perfect for offices, but not ideal for the residence.

Larger models usually come with detachable wands, so it becomes easy to cover hard-to-reach places. Portable carpet cleaners, on the other hand, can be less powerful, but they are easier to use, particularly on the stairs and upholstery. So, you need to analyse all the sides properly before taking any decision.

Additional Features

You also need to know about the additional features of the carpet cleaning equipment. More features can make a carpet cleaning machine user-friendly and more effective, so look for the following features.

  • The appropriate length of the hose and cord can save you from constant unplugging and plugging of the machine.
  • If the size of the tank is large enough and have a separate compartment for cleaner and water, it will save refilling time.
  • More attachments in the equipment mean it will become more versatile. Professionals, who provide end of lease cleaning in Adelaide, have numerous attachments.
  • Carpet cleaning equipment that comes with adjustable heights gives the thicker carpets better cleaning.

Research about the manufacturer

When you are looking a carpet cleaning equipment, know about the reputation of the manufacturer in the market. It is essential to know if the company is in the market for more than ten years than you can rely on it. But if it is new to the market, then you must do a lot of research and read customers reviews about it.

You can also ask for recommendations and see if any of your friends or family members are using the brand you are considering to purchase.

Type of Carpets

You should also know about the type of carpets. In case you don’t know, the three major fibres that are used to manufacture carpets in Australia are polypropylene (polyolefin), nylon (polyamide), and wool. There is also a type of carpets are made with a combination of two materials.

One of the most common blends includes around 75 to 80% wool and 20 to 25% nylon. So you should know what kind of carpets to you have. It will help you to choose the right equipment to clean the carpets. There might be a specialised model to clean only polypropylene, nylon or wool.

Know What Professionals Use

Whether you want to purchase carpet cleaning equipment or rent it, first you should know what the professionals use. Experts, who provide end of lease cleaning in Adelaide use excellent equipment that makes your house look sparkling clean. So, you should know about such tools.


Cleaning the carpets is one of the most difficult household cleaning chores. Thus you need the right carpet cleaning equipment, which can increase the durability and maintain its beauty as well as comfort. But with so many options available in the market, it can be even more challenging to find the most suitable one for you. The key to have the best one is understanding your requirements and analysing the crucial factors mentioned above.