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Your Ultimate House Cleaning Checklist for July 2020

Your Ultimate House Cleaning Checklist for July 2020
  • Jessica Williams
  • Jul 13 2020
Want to deep clean your house but don’t know where to start? Have you always wondered how professional cleaners in Adelaide clean systematically and effectively? The answer to these questions is creating a house cleaning checklist!

The first step to getting started and purge your home in an organised and smooth manner is to have all the necessary tasks consolidated and sequenced according to priority. Many people require assistance because it is the middle of the year and several half-yearly lease agreements are over making it a time of end of tenancies for tenants.

Majority of lessees have to perform end of lease cleaning in Adelaide for which having a checklist is essential. Thus for people planning to purge their homes – here is the ultimate cleaning checklist for July 2020 by professional end of lease cleaners in Adelaide.

Regular Cleaning Checklist

Having a to-do task list for every day is necessary to maintain your home most efficiently and smoothly. Although each house is different, certain activities need to be performed daily for upkeep. Listed below are the tasks your regular cleaning checklist should have.

  • Declutter the house by carrying a container to keep all the things not at their designated place while going around. As you move around the house, put things in the container and take things out to place them correctly
  • Do a load of laundry daily to avoid piling of too many clothes which can cause the growth of germs and odour
  • Wash dishes after each meal
  • Dust all common areas of the house
  • Wipe countertops, tables, and other daily used flat surfaces in the house
  • Vacuum the carpets, upholstery, curtains, and beddings every alternate day
  • Sweep and mop floors

These are general tasks to perform for every member of a house daily, and additions or omission to this list should be made to have a personalised cleaning checklist for every day of the week.

Deep Cleaning Checklist for Your House

Deep cleaning is different than regular cleaning because it requires more time and effort. It can’t be done without having the right supplies and using the right techniques. One example of deep sanitation is the end of lease cleaning in Adelaide, which is performed at before moving out of a property.

Here is the ultimate cleaning checklist for people who wish to sanitise their entire property.

  • Downsize and declutter each room, closet, and area of the house to discard, donate, or resell items of no use. These things could be broken obsolete, not required, or haven’t been used for months. Also, include things that are not used at least once a year like Christmas decorations, flags, costumes etc.
  • Purge the kitchen first because it is the dirtiest areas of the house according to the professional end of lease cleaners in Adelaide. To clean the kitchen thoroughly, start cleaning from the top cabinets and walls making your way down. Clean the stove, appliances, storage units, sink, drains, and all the areas. Next tend to the floors by vacuuming or sweeping then mopping.
  • Target the bathroom next because it is the second dirtiest area of the house. Apply cleaner to the toilet bowl and while it works, clean the bathtub, shower head, mirrors, cabinets, and other areas. Next clean the sink, unclog the drains and wash the toilet area. Mop the floor starting for the innermost corner making your way out.
  • For the rest of the areas in the house dust from top to bottom, sanitise storage units, vacuum the curtains/upholstery, and wipe furniture. Wash the beddings and covers along with mats and rugs. Furthermore, vacuum tracks, frames, carpets, ceilings, corners, and all the hard to reach areas. For hard floors sweep then mop in a ‘w’ pattern which is used by many end of lease cleaners in Adelaide.
  • Don’t forget to spot clean all the walls of the property.
  • Dust, sweep and mop all the outside areas such as the porch, garage, entryway etc.

When to Hire Professionals?

Although by following this checklist, you can deep clean your property, it will require time, effort, and technique. However, if you are unable to perform these activities due to any reason, then hiring professional cleaners is an excellent option.

For people at the end of their tenancies whose lease agreements state they have to take the assistance of professional end of lease cleaners in Adelaide, hiring help is necessary. You can perform deep cleaning through this checklist, but it won’t guarantee the return of the security deposit or bond money.


By cleaning your house through the checklist mentioned above, you can ensure it remains free of germs, dust, grime, and other contaminants. Not only will cleaning your house keep it welcoming but also improve the indoor air quality and prevent household members from falling sick repeatedly. Therefore, make sure to use this ultimate cleaning checklist by professional end of lease cleaners in Adelaide.