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How to Clean Air Ducts in Your Adelaide Property?

How to Clean Air Ducts in Your Adelaide Property?
  • Jessica Williams
  • Mar 27 2018

Air ducts are the passages for heated or cooled air to travel all through a home and are connected with your HVAC: heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. Air duct cleaning is essential because these air ducts allow the circulation inside your house. However, its Maintenance gets often neglected because all the ductwork is often situated in places which are out of sight. The best way to ensure that you are breathing clean air is to clean the air ducts in your house which contain millions of elements of dirt, dust, hair, spider webs and other pollutants.

Grimy air ducts can cause long-term health problems with unhealthy air quality. Air duct cleaning helps in removing excessive home dust which is invisible. A clogged vent system can wear out your appliances much faster due to extreme heating. Cleaning the air vents and ducts enhances the efficiency of your house’s heating and cooling units. If you are not cleaning it for a long period, you may have to replace the whole air duct system with a new one, which will add up heavy costs.

You can clean the air vent system of your house using right techniques, but you cannot go as deep into your duct system as a commercial company can. These ducts are too dirty and cleaning them is a heavy task hence calling in professional End of lease cleaning company in Adelaide is the best option. They have trained and professional cleaners, who perform a thorough cleaning of air ducts. Also, they use green home solutions which offer affordable duct cleaning services that ensure maximum performance of your system and renovate your home's air quality.

Read the tips below and learn about how to clean the air ducts in your house:

Locate the Air Ducts in Your Home

First, locate all the air ducts of your home a day before so that it doesn’t waste much time on the cleaning day. Some Adelaide properties have ventilation systems situated very high on the walls, and some are located at the base of the walls.

Make sure you have properly arranged to reach high vents. You may use a stable chair, a ladder or a strong stool so that it can hold your weight and you don’t end up breaking your ankle or any other injury.

Under the ducts- Properly check underneath the ducts and cover or move out if there is any furniture, carpet, rugs or any fancy items etc. to prevent any other thing from getting dirty in the process.

Why Cleaning Them is Important?

Cleaning air ducts are important for your house if you wish to breathe properly. For those who have allergies, it becomes necessary. When these systems are clean, the life of your heating systems increases and they last longer because its components are no longer immersed in the dirt.

The air ducts of our houses are usually the dirtiest and most neglected place. Opening down the floor register will expose the bulk of dirt clogged, infested with vermin, or mould. If you don’t clean them, it will release air which is filled with dust, mould, insects spreading it all around the house, that’s why cleaning these systems of your house is important. If you use the right tools and the right strategy, cleaning out the air ducts of your house is not that difficult.

Things You Need to Clean The Systems

Here is a list of things you need to have to start the cleaning process of your air duct systems-

1. Vacuum- A typical household vacuum with a hose attached, however, a heavier one works better.

2. Cleaning Brush-A toilet brush will work best here, but even a stiff bristle brush will also do.

3. Paper Towels- You will need these while sweeping, as there will be a lot of dust that will release during the whole process. You can also cover some registers using these paper towels while you clean others.

4. Screwdriver- Usually a regular screwdriver to fit the fasteners that hold the registers of these air ducts.

5. Furnace Filter- This is a must after cleaning the vent as you will need to replace the older one with a new furnace filter. Make sure that you select the right filter option.

Cleaning the Air Ducts

Follow the steps below to clean your air ducts-

Cover Supply Registers

The first thing you need to do is cover up your supply air registers using paper towels. Lift the register and wrap up the paper towel over the top of it.

The air registers are the openings that supply heated air into the rooms. This will help in extricating the dust from spreading into the rooms as you clean.

Turn on the fan

While you are cleaning, don’t turn off the fan so that the dust moves along which will be released due to all the brushing and beating. Also, shut off the heat/cool option and let only the fan running.

Check filter

Check that the old furnace filter is in place so that the loosened dust doesn’t get pulled into the fan motor.

Release dust in ducts

Bang and lose any dust in the duct work. Tap down any reachable duct work using the brush. It will release the remains of moistened dust that may have been trapped into the inner section of the duct.

Clean Supply Registers

After losing all the dust, start scrubbing out the dirt out of your supply registers. Lift the register using the running vacuum and the end of the hose. Wipe into the register’s piping as far as your hose can reach. Scratch out the built-up duct in the register using your brush. Now you can remove and dump the paper towels as you sweep out the supply registers.

Brush off the return Air Registers

Sweep out your return air registers. You will need your tool to remove these registers as they might be fixed with a screw. Brush off as far as you can into the register piping.

Turn off Fan and Furnace

Turn off the fan now and shut off the power to the furnace through the breaker panel or the service switch. Remember to turn it off carefully as just shutting off the thermostat won’t turn off the power.

Clear out Blower Compartment and Return Air Boot

By Turning off the power, you can remove the panels from the front of the furnace and reach the blower section and return air boot. Now clean out the built-up dust in the blower section and return air boot using the vacuum. Be careful as this place will have heaps of dust. Clean out the furnace fan also while sweeping this section.

Replace Furnace Filter

After you have done all the cleaning, it is good to replace the furnace filter as it will cut down on the dust in your home. A dirty filter restricts the airflow to the fan which results in the hotter running of the blower motor.
This usually reduces its lifespan, and that’s why it is important to change these furnace filters frequently.


Dirty air ducts are hazardous if not cleaned regularly. It is essential to live in a safe and healthy environment, and air duct cleaning should be a part of your cleaning routine to ensure the well-being of you and your family. If you live in a rented house, keeping your house spotless becomes even more crucial so that you don’t risk losing your bond money.

When it comes to cleaning your properties in Adelaide, only one name that you can trust completely is Bond Cleaning in Adelaide. It is the best End of Lease Cleaning Company which is expert in cleaning houses, offices and other premises in and around Adelaide. They have professional state of cleaning systems to make things sparkling clean.