How To Unblock Clogged Drains And Eliminate Odours

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How To Unblock Clogged Drains And Eliminate Odours

By : angelina

It takes time, effort, strategy and money to clean your kitchen and make it look beautiful. However, clogged drains and bad odour can single-handedly diminish the beauty and hygiene of the kitchen. In no time, this minor issue can transform into a serious problem such as slow water drainage, sewage backup, flooding, corrosion and costly repairs.

Most of the people hire professional bond cleaners in Adelaide for thorough cleaning of challenging areas like the kitchen and the bathroom. These cleaners have advanced cleaning tools and expertise to deep clean and sanitise the entire bathroom or kitchen.

However, you can also make some efforts when it comes to clogged drains. But first, you need to understand the cause of blocked drains and bad odour.

Reasons For Clogged Drains

The common causes of clogged drains in households are:

  • Hair
  • Soap
  • Dirt
  • Food waste
  • Mineral build-up
  • Toilet paper build-up

Here are some effective ways to unclog the drains and eliminate the odours. Let’s have a look:

Try a Plunger

Food particles or other similar things often get stuck in the curved pipe beneath the sink, which is also known as the p-trap. This gradually blocks you kitchen drain and produces a bad smell. So, when you see the signs of a blocked drain, resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

If there are water splashes around the area, clear it first. Then, fill the sink with warm water halfway and give your sink an excellent plunging with the help of a rubber plunger. At last, rinse the drain with hot water.

Long Wire Hook Is Also Effective

Bathroom drains also get blocked when hair and other similar things get stuck in it. To unblock the drain, you need a hook made of a long wire. Take a long piece of wire and bend one of its ends using pliers or a drain cleaning tool.

First, remove the drain cover carefully and then take out any visible debris but before that make sure that you are wearing gloves to stay away from dirt, germs and bacteria. After that, insert the hook and pull it back to see gunk and a bunch of decomposing hair.

Repeat the procedure a couple of times to ensure you completely clear the debris. Dispose it in the garbage and pour hot water in the drain to clean the passage further and get rid of bad odour.

Use Liquid Dish Detergent And Hot Water

Cooking oil and grease fat narrow the pipes that gradually lead to clogged kitchen drains and produce an unwanted smell. People often hire professionals for budget bond cleaning in Adelaide at the end of lease to get rid of these stains. But you can always try this simple trick.

Heat around 2 litres of water until its boiling and add a few tablespoons of washing dish detergent in it and stir properly. Pour the nearly boiling water in the drain before rinsing it with hot tap water. The amount of detergent and hot water may vary as per the condition of the drain.

Larger quantity of detergent and water will be required for dirtier pipes. While the hot water will melt the grease deposit in the pipe, the dish detergent will dissolve the fat. It will let the drain pipes run freely. When you frequently use this technique, you will find the bad odour has also disappeared.

Go For Salt And Hot Water

The combination of salt and hot water is also quite useful to get rid of grease and soap deposits that are responsible for narrowed pipes and blocked drains. Pour around one and a half cup of salt in the drain. After that, heat 2 litres of water until it is almost boiling and carefully pour it in the drain.

Then use hot tap water to flush out the dirt. Depending on the condition of the pipe, it may require quite a few rounds of salt and hot water. It doesn’t matter what type of salt you are using – sea salt, table salt or kosher salt (all are available in Adelaide).

Every salt type has a rough texture that behaves as a natural scouring agent, which loosens the greasy build-up. After using this method, the drain pipes run more freely and freshen up the air.

Commercial Drain Cleaner

Commercial drain cleaner is by far the easiest option to get rid of clogs such as grease, soap and hair. These can be used once or twice every week to keep drains free of gunk, deposits and bad odours. Whenever you are using it, make sure you have read the instructions on the package.

Although you can use it whenever you want, experts recommend using it overnight when your drains are not being used. There are also certain cleaners in the Adelaide markets that contain enzymes or bacteria that consume the organic material in the clog, which makes the drain clear.


Clogged drains and bad odour are common problems in every home, but cleaning it is not as difficult as you may think. A little bit of know-how, sufficient time in hand and basic cleaning tools are all that is required to perform the task correctly.

The methods mentioned here are quite useful and backed by professional cleaners. So, next time when you find there is some issue in your drain, try these methods. If you are running short on time or are not comfortable doing the cleaning, you can always hire professionals for bond cleaning in Adelaide.