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Squeeze or Paper for Cleaning Your Window?

Squeeze or Paper for Cleaning Your Window?
  • admin
  • Aug 20 2015

If you are a consistent window cleaner of your house, you must be well aware of the tools and tips which you must follow in order to satisfactorily clean the window. Many a times you wait for the weather conditions to be right and then search for the best cleaner in order to clean your windows methodologically wandering from one room to another, in the same way you must also decide what to use in order to clean the windows like a squeeze, a paper, etc. Invest a few hours and get everything accumulated in one place to clean the windows effectively without getting trapped into any sort of muddle.

You must have felt relieved and placate as soon as you would have entered your house after cleaning your windows, and this can come easily if you use the right tools and tips for cleaning your windows. So stop getting annoyed, all you need to have is the right things, skills, equipment and techniques to help you accomplish the job amazingly well. You must have surely wondered about many things like different forms of window cleaners prevalent in the market? Which is the best type of cleaner and which one must be chosen for the purpose? What are the steps necessary to be taken in order to ensure streak-free cleaning of the windows? What are the basic tools and kits you must have in your hand in order to effectively clean the window panes and glasses? If you have the correct answer to these questions, you can spend a comfortable time in cleaning your windows and adorning your house like never before.

Before you start to overdo right by cleaning your window panes directly, it is suggested to clean sills and frames prior to cleaning the panes. Glass cleaners are available readily in the market to clean your windows.

Here are some tools that can be used to make your job an easier one:

Cleansers are undoubtedly the foremost priority while cleaning your window, but in order to have scratch-free window glasses or panes you must ensure that you have got the best-suited tools for your windows. They will definitely turn out to be the key to the problem of streaks and scratches.

Use a squeeze

Choose a squeeze for cleaning. The most effective way to get the window cleaned is by using a squeeze without any dilemma. The best feature about a squeeze is its rubber blade which clearly removes the cleaner or cleaning solution from the surface of the window when you drag it against the surface. Squeezes are designed well to wipe out the dirt, smoke, pollutants which settle down on the surface of your window. They can crystal clear your windows within no time as compared to other tools and materials used like linen cloths, paper etc. The rubber blades are replaceable and can be used over and over again until they become blunt.

They come in multiple sizes ranging from a few inches to several feet in length. In fact, you can get a bigger one and then cut them into pieces according to the size you choose is appropriate for cleaning your window. A normal blade size from 13 to 18 inches is sufficient for cleaning the window at home. They are not so expensive and one can afford to buy them easily. Squeezes will definitely lessen your burden which you feel while cleaning the windows.

Keep your squeeze fitted with the best and the sharpest rubber blade in it for the finest results. Although you can use the older ones too to clean the windows but the new rubber blades will add shine to your work. After you have thoroughly washed your window panes, smoothly run a squeeze in a vertical or horizontal direction from one side to another eliminating dirt and dust. The blade is the most important part so change it immediately if it becomes blunt on the edges, rounded or sliced after over usage. Also, if you feel that your squeeze is leaving scratches and streaks on the surface of the window then feel unhesitant to change them. If you are using a new squeeze, then simply reverse the edge of the rubber blade as it provides the facility to use it from both the sides. Use it with a combination of sponge with window cleaning solution for heavily soiled windows and get the best output and satisfaction after cleaning. It is one of the preferred tools used by professional end of lease cleaning companies in Adelaide.

In fact, you can use it in a swirling motion in order to wipe out the dust particles. This method seems to be faster than using it in horizontal or vertical direction. You need to put it on the glass and move it in the back and forth directions in one go and the window showcases a sparkling touch.

Use a Paper

Besides the usage of squeezes at home, you can prefer to use paper also. But undoubtedly squeezes are more effective to use. Paper towels, newspaper, and cloth pieces can be taken into use for the purpose of cleaning. They are easily available at home and are free to use. The paper can be found easily in your store rooms for free. If you are good at dealing with paper towels, even after they become wet due to the cleansing solution, then use it. But the work becomes tedious sometimes. They are dipped into the cleaning soapy solution and then taken out, and then you proceed further with the rubbing procedure thoroughly.

Even once you are done wiping out your windows with a squeeze; some creaks remain out of the blade, though. Use a paper towel, then to clean the remaining part of the window that includes its edges from all sides. Using a paper towel may consume a bit more time than a squeeze requires in doing the predefined task. But it feels great once you complete the task of cleaning windows.

Some tips to be taken into consideration

Squeezes rubber blade doesn’t last forever. So to increase its longevity, use it from both the sides. Flip it and use it before you replace it with a new one at a minimal cost of one to two dollars. Adding to its benefits, squeezes can be used both inside and outside house anytime. You can use a squeeze to wash your showers also. Do not use toxic conditioner in washing after using, it may damage the blades. . Be cautious while storing it. Make sure nothing touches the edges of the squeeze and does not ruin it. Thus, there are pros and cons of every tool you use. But choose everything well in time and appropriately whether it is a squeeze or paper according to your wish and have a better cleansing experience.