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Things to Know Before Booking End of Lease Cleaners in Adelaide

Things to Know Before Booking End of Lease Cleaners in Adelaide
  • Jessica Williams
  • May 28 2020
Getting the end of lease cleaning done accurately is crucial for tenants to move out of a rented property successfully and receive the bond money without deductions. At the end of a tenancy, lessees are required to perform a final clean-up to return the property in the same condition it was in at the time of occupation only with reasonable wear and tear.

Many people opt for hiring professionals to do this activity as end of lease cleaning requires time and effort. In addition, by hiring end of lease cleaners in Adelaide the chances of getting your entire security deposit increase substantially because the experts know to clean according to a cleaning checklist and expectations of landlord/realtors in Adelaide.

If you are planning to take the assistance of professionals for purging the occupied property, then here is a guide by experts outlining things to know before booking end of lease cleaners in Adelaide.

Do you have to Hire Professionals?

To know the answer to this question re-reading your lease contract would be the first step to see if there is any clause in the agreement regarding the end of lease cleaning. If it is mentioned that the final clean-up needs to be done by the professional end of lease cleaners in Adelaide, then you will have to hire them.

Furthermore, discuss with your landlord what additional services were performed before the start of the tenancy which you may have to get done by the specialists.

In case there is no clause in the agreement that professionals have to be booked, then you have the liberty to sanitise the property with or without experts’ assistance. However, seeking help is wise, considering that the end of tenancy cleaning is hectic and a major task.

How much will the Cleaning Cost?

Moving to a new home is not cheap since it has a significant impact on the savings of most tenants. Therefore, before hiring professional end of lease cleaners, knowing how much their service will cost and preparing a budget accordingly is vital.

Reputed end of lease cleaning companies in Adelaide offer free quotes which you can obtain to estimate the costs. These quotes can be generated online by filling a form or have a telephonic conversation with the sales representative of the company.

The free quote is sent to your email and phone containing details of charges of the end of lease cleaning services along with any additional services you wish to avail.

Do the Cleaners have Access to the Right Products and Tools?

When hiring professionals to perform the crucial task of end of lease cleaning, it is within your rights to inquire about the products and tools they use to complete the job. It is wise to know the cleaners use safe products and high-efficiency equipment to ensure the property is cleaned and disinfected adequately.

Cleaners not having access to the necessary tools and products can happen if they are freelancers or hired via an unregistered company. If you hire cleaners through a reputed company then upon asking this question, you can get complete details of what products and equipment may be used by them.

Do the Professionals offer Bond Back Guarantee?

Before booking experienced end of lease cleaners in Adelaide inquiring about the bond back guarantee is crucial to ensure your security deposit is credited without deductions. Don’t hire cleaners who are unwilling to assure that after they perform the final clean up, you can get your bond money.

It is best to book the experts via a registered and established end of lease cleaning company in Adelaide because only reputed and reliable companies are able to give assurance of getting the complete the bond money of tenants.     

What does End of Lease Cleaning Services Include?

This question is crucial to ask before booking the cleaners because it will let you know the tasks that will be completed when the professionals will arrive at the property.

The list of services included in the end of lease cleaning can be found on the company’s website along with the additional services they provide, which cost extra. In addition, the list is shared when a free quote is provided because the services are mentioned along with the rates. Common end of tenancy cleaning services include the following.

  • Vacuuming the property
  • Cleaning and disinfecting bathroom, kitchen, and other areas of the house or unit
  • Removing spots from walls and baseboards
  • Cleaning windows, doors, frames, glasses, mirrors
  • Removing contaminants and germs from high touch surfaces such as faucets, switches, handles etc.
  • cabinets, wardrobes and other storage units
  • Wrapping Up

    By hiring professionals to perform end of lease cleaning at the rented property, tenants can secure their bond money, save time and energy, and have the bandwidth to complete other moving-related tasks.

    It is a significant task which is why knowing the things mentioned above before booking end of lease cleaners in Adelaide is wise. By asking the right questions, one can ensure to choose professions that are reliable, experienced, and affordable.