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What Is the Importance Of Using A Checklist For End Of Tenancy Cleaning

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What Is the Importance Of Using A Checklist For End Of Tenancy Cleaning
  • Jessica Williams
  • May 13 2020
Among the prime responsibilities of a tenant is the one to ensure the rented property is returned in the same condition it has in at the start of the tenancy.

Considering this requirement as per the Residential Tenancies Association (RTA), end of lease cleaning has to be performed for securing the entire bond money that is usually one month’s rent submitted when signing of the lease agreement between the landlord and the tenant happens.

End of lease cleaning is substantially different than regular cleaning because it is performed after all the belongings of the tenant leaving the property are moved, and the entire property is purged either by the tenant or hired end of lease cleaners.

If professionals perform the final clean-up, then the tenant can save a lot of time and energy that can be utilised to complete other moving-related tasks. However, some tenants choose to undertake the strenuous job and complete it themselves.

In such cases, creating a checklist for efficiently and effectively performing the end of lease cleaning is required. Want to know what is the importance of using a checklist for end of tenancy cleaning? The reasons are mentioned as follows.

Helps Remain Organised

The prime reason why an end of lease cleaning checklist is necessary to make is to know which tasks are required to perform and how to complete them within a stipulated time.

There is already extremely stress and confusion at the end of the tenancy, which is why having a plan will help streamline the chores, assign ownership to them and get the tasks done on time. For people who have hired end of lease cleaners in Adelaide, making this checklist is not as important as for people who plan to perform DIY end of tenancy cleaning.

Assists in Getting Back the Bond Money

Whether you hire professional cleaners to clean the rented property or plan to do-it-yourself, cleaning according to a checklist is necessary. During the final inspection, landlords/realtors inspect the property and have a checklist which is referenced to see if different parts of the house are free of contamination, stains, mould, or germs.

Professional end of lease cleaners in Adelaide mostly purge properties according to a task sheet because they are aware of the tasks that landlords/realtors will check were performed during the final inspection. If the clean-up is not performed according to a checklist, the chances of losing the entire security deposit or having deductions made it are substantial.

Saves Time and Energy

When moving to a new home, there are several tasks to complete simultaneously that is physically and mentally draining. However, with the proper charting of tasks and completion according to a checklist, a tenant can reduce the amount of stress and confusion he/she experiences.

In addition, streamlining end of lease cleaning duties helps save valuable time and energy that can be utilised for completion of other moving-related tasks. Experienced end of lease cleaners in Adelaide can complete their jobs on time and with optimum results because they follow industry-approved checklists to organise their work.

What Tasks should an End of Lease Cleaning Checklist Include?

End of lease cleaning requires purging of the entire property, making it different from regular cleaning. It is a type of deep cleaning that is performed after the property contents are removed from the tenanted real estate. The tasks that are included in the checklist for completing this essential moving-related activity are as follows.

  • Clean and disinfect all areas, surfaces, and fixtures in the kitchen, bathroom, and the other regions of the property
  • Remove scuff marks, stains, grime, and dust from walls, floors, countertops, etc.
  • Clean windows, doors, frames, fixtures, and common points of contacts
  • Vacuum the carpets deeply and if required get them shampooed or steam cleaned
  • Remove build-up from frequently used appliances such as oven, microwave, dishwasher, and barbeque
  • Vacuum upholstery or get it cleaned professionally
  • Clean all the cabinets, wardrobes, drawers, and storage units in the house/unit
  • Remove dust and debris from air vents, grills, and other areas that aid in ventilation
  • Unclog drains and descale faucets, bidets, showerheads etc.
  • Opt for mould remediation if there is significant mould growth in the property. If the spots are small, they can be cleaned using DIY methods
  • Wipe all glass surfaces and mirrors
  • Remove dust, dirt, and debris from hard to reach places or areas that were not cleaned during the tenancy

Wrapping Up

Preparing a cleaning checklist at the end of a tenancy is essential to return the property is the same condition it was in when rented. It is a significant activity which is strenuous and labours requiring careful planning.

Therefore, it is important to have a checklist for end of lease cleaning, which cannot be performed without streamlining of tasks. Whether assistance of professional end of lease cleaners in Adelaide is taken or DIY cleaning understanding the importance of having a checklist as state above is crucial.