End Of Lease Cleaning Adelaide: Why You Should Hire A Professional?

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End Of Lease Cleaning Adelaide: Why You Should Hire A Professional?

By : Jessica Williams

For every tenant in Adelaide, performing end of lease cleaning or bond cleaning is crucial when they paid a bond at the start of a tenancy.

In South Australia, the maximum bond amount is up to four weeks of rent if the weekly rent is $250 or less and up to six weeks of rent if the weekly rent is more than $250. You lose the bond money entirely or partially upon failing to clean a rented property adequately for the final inspection. Most tenants hire professional end of lease cleaners in Adelaide for this strenuous task.

Thus, if you are ending a tenancy, have a look at this complete guide outlining the reasons why you should hire professional cleaners?

It is Economical

Contrary to popular belief, availing a professional end of lease cleaning service in Adelaide is economical. You save money, as the professionals bring the cleaning supplies and use high-performance equipment, so you don’t have to spend on getting the products or tools. What’s more, they can manage the tasks within hours that would take you days to complete.

Since most reputed companies offer a 100% bond back guarantee, your chances of losing the security deposit reduce substantially. But, when you perform a DIY clean, there is no safety net, and the risk of not getting a complete bond repayment is high. Therefore, hiring professional end of lease cleaners in Adelaide is a prudent and wise decision to help you save money.

A Professional Cleaner Is Qualified

Professional cleaners associated with a reputed end of lease cleaning company in Adelaide have the experience, expertise and training necessary for performing the important task expertly.

They are qualified and skilled, which is why professionals can sanitise your rental property adequately for the final inspection. Before hiring a professional, you can inquire about their credentials and verify details to ensure they are reliable and suitable for the job.

Their Approach Is Strategic & Systematic

Professional cleaners usually work in teams to complete jobs effectively and efficiently. They also work according to a plan to get the results without wasting time, products and resources.

Expert cleaners’ approach is strategic and systematic, as they refer to the original condition report to clean properties accordingly. What’s more, they follow a cleaning checklist to streamline their tasks according to importance and urgency.

Most tenants lack the discipline and structure required for performing a bond clean within a stipulated time and get optimum results. Therefore, hiring professional end of lease cleaners is always a practical choice.

You Save Time & Energy

End of lease cleaning is different from regular cleaning as it is demanding and extremely time-consuming. During and after a move, you have to complete various tasks simultaneously, which is why you should delegate the strenuous task of bond cleaning to professionals.

They can deep clean your rental property after you move out while you focus on settling in your new home. The professionals can help you save time and energy for other important things and prevent you from feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

Professionals Have Insurance

Reputed end of lease cleaning companies in Adelaide provides basic insurance coverage, meaning in case something gets broken or damaged while the professional cleans, there is reimbursement. Additionally, good companies hire or sign a contract with cleaners with medical insurance to ensure they are covered if any injury or accident happens.

Thus, always inquire about the company’s insurance policies and what kind of coverage they have while booking cleaners. It will help you have peace of mind while you move into your new home.

You May Not Have Another Option

According to the Residential Tenancies Act, tenants must vacate a rental property after ending a lease agreement and ensure the house or unit is reasonably clean.

You don’t have to return in a better condition than it was in at the start of your tenancy, and your landlord cannot legally force you to hire professionals. But, you are obligated to vacate the property and clean it adequately to return it to its original state, excluding fair wear and tear.

Thus, if the landlord or previous tenant hired professional end of lease cleaners in Adelaide to sanitise the property, you need to do the same. Ask the landlord to share the copy of the bill by the cleaners as proof they cleaned the property before your tenancy. Next, book bond cleaning experts and avail of the same services listed on the bill.


Ending a tenancy is stressful for every tenant because they have to manage multiple things simultaneously. Among these things, end of lease cleaning is an important one, and you need to ensure it is performed adequately.

You can manage the task yourself, but it is best to hire professional end of lease cleaners in Adelaide for the reasons mentioned above. By taking the assistance of professionals, you can complete the task without any hassle or stress!