How To Keep My House Smelling Good When You Have Pets?

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How To Keep My House Smelling Good When You Have Pets?

By : Jessica Williams

Furry friends are more than just pets. They are your family who can bring happiness in your life. Unfortunately, these family members can leave an unpleasant odour behind wherever they sit and play in the house. There is a possibility that you are used to their smell, but guests will notice as soon as they get into your home.

Apart from this, a house should smell fresh without the lingering of any bad odour if you want to achieve a hygienic indoor environment. Do not forget to hire seasoned experts for a reliable end of lease cleaning in Adelaide. Professionals will bring all the necessary equipment to tackle tough stains, grime, grease and bad odours from almost all areas to help you get the bond money back.

You can also identify the source of pet smell and treat it with the help of the following tips and tricks:

1. Vacuum Everything Regularly

It important to clean your surfaces, like carpets, rugs, upholstery furniture, curtains, mattresses and blinds on a regular basis if you have pets at home. A proper vacuuming can help you get rid of pet hair, dander, dirt and other debris that are embedded deep inside the fabrics.

Since dogs and cats love to spend most of their time on carpets and rugs, make sure you pay more attention to these areas. Do not forget to clean and change the filters of your vacuum machine.

Tip: You vacuum your house thrice a week if you have pets like dogs and cats. This will keep your delicate floor coverings clean and odour-free.

2. Pet Grooming is Must

There is no denying the fact that pet grooming is one of the ideal ways to keep a house clean and odour-free.

Shampooing and brushing not only keeps your pet groomed but also prevent the spread of hair on surfaces like carpets and rugs.

Waterless shampoo is a great way to keep the odours at bay. It will help you leverage the benefits of a pet bath without actually going through all the bathing processes. You can tune it with grooming wipes between baths to freshen up your dog coat and banish bad smell.

Tip: Make sure you don’t do it too much, as it can start creating problems for your pet.

3. Keep your Dog Items Clean

This is crucial if you want to keep your house free from the unwanted pet smell. Wash your pet’s blankets, toys, bedding and food bowl using a white vinegar and mild dishwashing solution.

Wash all the items once a week and consider changing their toys in every two months. You can also swap them out with other toys and disinfect them to keep the germs at bay.

4. Treat Pet Stains ASAP

If your home smells nasty, then check your carpets and rugs. Though pets are fully-trained, but you may witness pet stains over plush carpets. It is important to treat them properly to banish bad odour.

Use white vinegar solution and blot the surface with a damp cloth. Most professional end of lease cleaners in Adelaide prepare cleaning solution by mixing vinegar, mild dishwashing liquid, warm water and a few drops of essential oil.

You can also do the same to remove stains. If you are sprucing up the entire house, then create a routine and follow other tips to make cleaning less boring. However, this hack will work wonders for you because white vinegar can easily remove tough stains.

To remove odours, sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda and leave it overnight. This will breakdown the grime and tough stains and helps you banish bad odours.

Tip: Do not forget to vacuum the next morning to get rid of residue.

5. Install an Air Purifier

Of course, you love your pooch, but keeping a house clean, sanitised and odour-free should be your topmost priority. One of the best things you can do is to using an air purifier.

This is an ideal device that can help you remove dog or cat smells from your house quickly and efficiently. It not only purifies the indoor air but also identifies the bad odour and filters the fresh air.

This appliance can also help you eliminate airborne dog hair and dander without giving you a hint of stress.

6. Keep the Litter Box Clean

Clean and disinfect the litter box on a daily basis if you have a cat at home. A dirty litter box can become a breeding ground for germs and bacteria, which can lead to the bad smell.

You can use white vinegar solution and baking soda paste to clean the little box. It is good to replace it twice or thrice a year.


Pet grooming and regular cleaning are two important steps to keep your house smelling fresh all day long. You can try these hacks and banish unpleasant odours using safe and sound products.

If you are preparing your rental property for the final inspection, then hire professionals for a detailed end of lease cleaning in Adelaide to get the bond money back. If you are moving into the new rental property with your pet, then read the rental laws before signing the lease agreement.