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How To Get Rid Of Dust And Odours: A Few Helpful Strategies

How To Get Rid Of Dust And Odours: A Few Helpful Strategies
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  • Jun 18 2019

Cleaning your house in Blakeview can sometimes feel like a never-ending task because no matter how much you try to clean, the dust keeps coming back. And let’s not forget about the stinky smell that engulfs the entire house at some point in time.

People try to tackle the unwanted odour with room fresheners but it only covers the smell and does nothing to remove it. Opting for the best bond cleaners in Blakeview , a popular suburb of Adelaide, is by far the easiest option to deal with the problem.

However, if you have to maintain the standard of cleanliness on a regular basis, you have no choice other than getting involved yourself in the act. Your efforts can help to keep the dust and bad odours at bay. Here are some helpful strategies that can be useful in getting rid of dust and odours. Let’s have a look.

How To Get Rid Of Dust And Dirt?

Dust consists of various particles like plant pollen, fibres from paper and clothing, dead skin cells, and other similar things. When it accumulates, it can become a problem for people suffering from allergies and asthma. Do the following things to keep your home free from dust.

It is essential to change your bedding at least once a week because the sheets, pillows and mattresses get easily dirty and attract dust. Try to keep the beds clean as much as possible.

You should also keep the closets tidy because the clothes that you keep in your closet shed lots of fibre which gradually turns into dirt. So, clean it once or twice every week.

Clean the clutter on your floor. You should not ignore the pile of books, magazines, clothes, toys or anything else on your floor. Cleaning these things will also help you to remove the dust accumulated in and around them.

Take care of the carpets as they are one of the hidden germ-magnets in your homes. Thus, you should clean them regularly. People hire professional bond cleaners in Blakeview as they have modern cleaning tools, but you can also use a vacuum cleaner once in a week.

Choose your duster carefully. Feather dusters do not remove the dust. Instead, they spread the dust particles around your home. Thus, you should use a damp cloth to wipe down different surfaces.

When you are doing the dusting and cleaning always follow the ideal pattern, and the pattern is ‘top to bottom’. Always clean the topmost surfaces and work your way down. This will help you to capture all the dust and dirt.

An air purifier is another great option to minimise the deposit of dust in your home as the device purifies the air and removes all the dust particles floating around. But that doesn’t mean you can sit back and relax. It is essential to clean the filter from time to time.

How To Deal With Odours In Your Home?

Factors like humidity, inadequate cleaning and insufficient ventilation cause rooms to develop an unwanted smell. Also, remember that our pets, particularly dogs, bring all kinds of weird odours into the house. If you want to breathe some fresh air, get proper ventilation of your house and do the following things.

Try to identify the source of the smell. It can be anything – a piece of food, a wet towel, pet hair in the carpet, dirty drains of the bathroom, kitchen sink with dirty plates or something else. To eliminate the smell, you need to find out the source.

Simply opening the windows of the house may look effortless, but it is a fantastic way to minimise the bad smell present in the house. If you let the fresh air and sunrays come into your room, it will kill the bacteria that cause the odour. In case you don’t have a window (like in the basement), or fan (like in the bathroom or kitchen), bring in some electric fans and to improve the airflow.

Once in a while, you must do deep cleaning that includes every corner of the house. If you don’t have enough time to perform the cleaning, contact professional bond cleaners in Blakeview. They are equipped with all the tools and have adequate knowledge and experience.

If you have a pet, cleaning of your carpets becomes an essential task. If you don’t clean your carpets regularly, you will find a lot of per hair in it. And this promotes the growth of germs and bacteria that give birth to weird smells and result in infections and diseases.

You should focus on the kitchen and bathroom as we utilise these two places a lot but do not clean them frequently. The high moisture level in the bathroom and the remaining food particles in the kitchen – whether they are in the garbage can or on the plates in the sink, cause a lot of odour. So, clean these two places properly.

The air purifier absorbs not only the dust but also the bacteria and germs that cause the bad smell. Keep this electric appliance in the rooms that are warm, dark, or damp.


If you are aware of the effective dust removal methods and know how to prevent odours, you can solve all the problems related to sanitisation and hygiene in your home. It will allow you to live in an allergen-free and healthy home. All you need is awareness about the right strategies and the appropriate cleaning equipment to keep your home free from dust and odour. If you carefully read the methods mentioned above and follow them strictly, you are most likely to get the result you want.