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The Disinfecting Steps You’re Probably Doing Wrong

The Disinfecting Steps You’re Probably Doing Wrong
  • admin
  • Aug 21 2019

The flu season can become a matter of grave concern as it allows the germs and bacteria to spread from one person to another in your house. As every problem comes with a solution, this too has an effective solution which involves disinfecting the house properly.

However, the challenge is that most of the people are not aware of the right methods and thus make a lot of mistakes. In this post, you will read about the errors that must be rectified to disinfect the house effectively. If you don't have enough time to do it on your own, you can go for professional end of lease cleaning in Adelaide which ensures top-to-bottom cleaning and sanitation.

Let's look at the common disinfecting mistakes which should be stopped.

1. Using Too Much Cleaning Solution

There is a misconception that the more cleaning solution is used on a surface, the clearer it becomes. However, things don't work that way. Excessive use of cleaning solutions is not only wastage of resources and money but also makes a negative impact on the surface.

Commercial cleaning products are loaded with harmful chemicals that can not only kill germs and bacteria but are also dangerous for your health. Thus, you should only use the amount which is required. Also, before using a product, you should read the instructions properly. It will help you to use the solution to disinfect your home is a proper way.

2. Not Following Green Cleaning Methods

People prefer using commercial cleaning solutions for disinfecting their homes, but they forget that these products consist of harmful chemicals. Such chemicals pollute the indoor air and affect the health of the family members.

That is why many people opt for bond cleaning in Adelaide because they have experienced cleaners and modern cleaning tools. But before you hire a professional, make sure that the company is following green cleaning.

Vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice, etc. are some of the natural cleaning agents that can disinfect your home without causing any harm to you or the environment.

3. Overlooking The Essential Things

Another common mistake that people make while disinfecting their house is neglecting the vital things or spots. In the name of cleaning, people usually clean their kitchen countertops, walls, tiles, floor, etc.

However, numerous other things are loaded with germs and bacteria, such as your work table, the faucet handles, bed sheets, pillow covers, towels, blankets, toilet tank handle, toilet seat, switches, doorknobs, and so on.

These are some of the dirtiest spots in your home and require deep cleaning from time to time. Otherwise, these things can become an ideal place for germs to flourish and spread. Use natural cleaning methods to remove mould, dirt and bacteria from these places.

4. Using Dirty Cleaning Tools

Out of laziness, shortage of time, unawareness, or some other reason, people do not feel that they need to clean the cleaning tools such a duster, sponge, scrubber, etc. When you use them again and again without cleaning them adequately, they become dirty and full of germs and bacteria and cause infectious diseases.

So, if you are using them to clean a certain area, you actually make it dirtier. Thus, it is essential to keep the cleaning tools free from dirt, germs and bacteria. Use natural cleaning agents like warm water, white vinegar, baking soda, essential oils, etc. to clean the tools.

5. Not Disinfecting When It Is Required

You should disinfect your home when it is required the most. But people usually look for free time when they are not occupied with any other work. And this approach delays the cleaning process. For instance, if a family member is sick during the flu season, you should clean and disinfect your home several times to protect the other members.

A sick person can touch several places like doorknobs, switches, furniture handle, etc. before sneezing and coughing. This allows the germs and bacteria to spread.

Clean it using all required tools and effective solution, but in case you don't have enough time or are unaware of the right ways, opt for bond cleaning in Adelaide every fortnight. Their experienced professionals leave no stone unturned to ensure your home is free from dirt and harmful germs.

6. Not Taking Precautions To Prevent Germs From Spreading

Disinfecting the home to destroy the germs is not the only way to protect yourself. You also need to make some effort to prevent it from flourishing and spreading. Here are some tips to prevent the germs from spreading:

  • If you have a cough or fever, stay in your room.
  • Always remember to wash your hands after blowing your nose, sneezing, coughing, and touching used handkerchiefs or tissues.
  • If a person has flu, regularly change their bed sheet and pillow covers and wash the dirty ones.
  • Use a hand sanitiser from time to time.


Disinfecting doesn't have to be challenging as you don't need to scrub everything you see. Instead, concentrate on the frequently touched surfaces and make some effort to prevent the spread of the virus among the family members. Awareness about the mistakes mentioned here will help you improve your disinfecting procedure.