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Your Essential End of Tenancy Cleaning Guide

Your Essential End of Tenancy Cleaning Guide
  • Jessica Williams
  • Aug 05 2020
Before moving out, every lessee has to return the property in the same condition it was in at the time of occupancy, which is why the end of lease cleaning becomes essential to perform.

Unlike regular cleaning it is a form of deep sanitation that is performed through the property by the tenant or hired end of lease cleaning experts in Adelaide. Since, it is a challenging, hectic, and physically draining activity, most people prefer taking the assistance of professional cleaners.

However, if for any reason, you wish to perform this task yourself, it is manageable by following this essential end of tenancy cleaning guide. Explore it to learn valuable insights by experienced cleaners in Adelaide for the final purging of your rented property.

Have a Plan

Bond cleaning is a demanding activity that needs to be done with precision because it if not performed adequately, the tenant loses his/her security deposit partially or entirely.

Therefore, it is crucial to have a plan which will include creating a checklist of all the areas to clean in the house, make a time-table to have deadlines, and delegate the tasks among household members. Search to know what is expected from an end of lease clean in Adelaide and what mistakes to avoid.

Note: In case you are pressed for time or need to move urgently, then it would be better to hire professional bond cleaners to help you manage the move in time.

Get the Supplies

Before starting the process of the final clean-up having all the necessary sanitising products and tools is required. You may already have a host of cleaning supplies in your residence and might have to get some of them.

Keeping the cleaning supplies on hand will speed up the process and ensure you can perform the tasks effectively and efficiently. Some of the supplies you will need for completing a variety of sanitising tasks are mentioned as follows.

  • All-purpose cleaner
  • TGA- approved disinfectant for all surfaces
  • Natural ingredients like white vinegar, baking soda, coarse salt, lemon, etc. These items are useful for performing a green end of lease cleaning, especially in the kitchen area.
  • Spray bottles, brushes, sponges, and scouring pads of varied sizes
  • Microfiber cleaning products like cloths, wipes, dusters, and mops
  • Electrical equipment like a vacuum cleaner, steamer cleaner, pressure washing machine, etc. You can rent any equipment if it is not available at your home. By using tools like these, the end of lease cleaning experts in Adelaide save a lot of time and energy while completing cleaning jobs.
  • Disposable cleaning and disinfecting wipes, paper towels, tissues, and garbage bags

Which Areas Should You Pay Attention to?

When performing end of lease cleaning, not just the interior areas need to be cleaned, but the exterior spaces need sprucing as well. Here is a list of mandatory areas you need to clean when cleaning the property for getting our bond back.

  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Bedrooms, Lobby, Living room, mudroom, laundry room and other indoor areas
  • Carpets, upholstery, and curtains which are part of the rented property
  • Walls, baseboards, windows, doors, frames, tracks, corners, and attics
  • Fixtures, glasses, mirrors, accessories, knobs, handles, and switches
  • Outdoor areas like patio and garage floors, rails, entryways, stairs, and furniture.

It would be wise to have a checklist of areas and things to clean at the end of a tenancy. You can search for ones used by the expert end of lease cleaners in Adelaide online and follow them as is or with personalisation.

Should you do the Cleaning Yourself?

It is a commonly asked question, and in most cases, people usually don’t have a choice because nowadays landlords have a clause for hiring end lease cleaning experts in Adelaide. Most landlords require seeing a receipt to know you have gotten the rented property cleaned by professionals.

Therefore, before following this guide for the final purging, please reread your lease contract to be absolutely sure you have the choice to perform a DIY end of lease clean. Reading the contract will give you clarity as in some cases, only the carpets need to be professionally cleaned while professionals or the tenant can sanitise the rest of the property.

Make sure you make the right decision when it comes to the bond clean because it is necessary for claiming your security deposit which is usually up to 4 weeks rent. Without cleaning property, moving out successfully will not be possible.

The Bottom Line

Through this guide, you can learn valuable insights about the end of lease cleaning, which every tenant has to perform before moving. Also called bond cleaning, this type of sanitation is crucial to perform for every lessee to get their bond back. Thus if you are soon moving out of a rented apartment, this guide will help you plan, get supplies, and know which areas to pay attention to.